Freedom Checks: Ultimate Income Investing

While cryptocurrencies have been all the rage in the investment community, Matt Badiali shocked many in the financial world when he introduced “Freedom Checks” as a low-risk investment strategy that individuals of all ages can take part in and get a regular quarterly income. He claimed that the program was going to pay out over $34 billion due to the money companies would save with the current tax plan and that now was the time for individuals to position themselves if they wanted to take advantage of this investment opportunity. There are currently over 500 companies that meet the criteria required to pay “Freedom Checks” to its shareholders.

While Matt Badiali made “Freedom Checks” seem like this was the newest investment idea, the strategy is simply to invest in a “Master Limited Partnership”. Many MLP’s are involved in the oil and gas production. Transportation and storage industries. Companies that meet the standards to be considered MLP’s distribute their profits to their shareholders and this enables them to be tax-free businesses. These companies must distribute 90 percent of their earnings to shareholders.

Investing in MLP’s and receiving “Freedom Checks” is extremely easy. It involves having a brokerage account and buying company shares of an MLP. Investors will have the payments made directly to their account or have a check mailed to them. Investors can spend the “Freedom Checks’ or they can reinvest the funds to buy more shares of the company. A shareholder can expect both share appreciation as well as increased distribution payments over time. A benefit to this investment strategy is investors are not required to pay taxes on these distribution payments and if they decide to sell the Master Limited Partnership shares, they are only required to pay capital gains taxes. Paying the capital gains taxes is usually lower than the income tax rate.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Prowess as a Leader Leads OSI Group to Unimaginable Heights

In business, progress is all that matters. As for Otto Kolschowsky, he is the man behind the founding the company that is currently known as OSI Group. Initially, Otto just launched a small butcher shop after settling in Chicago, Illinois with his fellow immigrants. The butcher shop prospered and currently, the company is operating on a global scale. With time, the company also added various revered onto their team. The various leaders are such as Sheldon Lavin, the current serving CEO at OSI Group.

Background Check

The company that started out as a butcher shop is currently operating on a global scale. With a strong team of a dedicated leader such as Sheldon Lavin, the company has been able to prosper indefinitely. Nevertheless, the transitions were quite many over the years, from being a butcher shop that was only operated by one, Otto Kolschowsky, the business later turned into a family enterprise. The family enterprise would later be known as Otto & Sons.Otto & Sons would, later on, become the primary supplier of meat products to the McDonald’s restaurant. As McDonald’s grew, the company Otto & Sons also grew due to the enormous profits that would accrue from working with McDonald’s. McDonald’s also went global, and Otto & sons followed suit.

Additional Information

A time came when Otto & Sons had to expand their company by building more plants to serve their clientele more efficiently. Some financial hitches came in, and Sheldon Lavin helped Otto & Sons to get a hold of capital that would help them complete the construction of the various plants that were meant to serve the McDonald’s entity.Sheldon Lavin would later join the company as the CEO in 1975. During the same period, Otto & Sons changed their identity to OSI Group. Through Mr. Lavin’s expertise, they were able to expand on a global scale.


Sheldon Lavin is not only a good leader, but he is also a man who understands matters about finance very well. With such expertise, OSI Group has been able to prosper indefinitely. Far from that, Mr. Lavin Serves at OSI Group passionately.

Freedom Checks is Matt Badiali’s Investor Call for Huge Profit

Freedom Checks are the output from a solid investment in what it is known as an MLP. Companies that deal in MLPs do so because of the advantages they create. They are able to generate good working capital and they are also able to enjoy tax benefits. MLP stands for master limited partnership, and it acts as a tradeable investment commodity which is why companies benefit from it. It has no purpose other than to grant a percentage of said company onto the person that purchases it. One part of the MLP process is that companies have to disburse most of their cash revenue to their stakeholders before partaking in taxes. This leaves 10% of their income taxable, as 90% goes straight to investors. Over 500 companies currently participate in the process, many of them natural resource companies. Matt Badiali’s freedom checks are both a notification and invitation into the market.

A Freedom Check is actually personal checks. Issued to stakeholder for return of capital. They can be cheaply purchased, are open to anyone regardless of age, and bring in a percentage related to the amount purchased. Freedom Checks are regularly delivered in monthly to quarterly payouts depending on the company. As a legitimate investment the stakes only fare as well as the company itself, but the provision of benefit an be staggering depending on the market.

This is one reason why Badiali is so adamant about Freedom Checks, because recent developments are bringing increased profits to American natural oil and gas companies. Primarily legislation and declining oil rates in the Middle East. This means more business for American resource companies, higher volume, and much more profit. Profit that can be allocated to smart stakeholders who secure their percentages in a timely fashion. Freedom Checks are a call to arms, or rather a “come and get it” for a big pile of money.

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OSI Food Solutions expansion plans

OSI Food Solutions is a company that is pushing for food production capacity in the world to be improved. The company which has a plant in Toledo, Spain has increased its chicken production capacity as a way of countering the high demand of chicken products that has been witnessed in the past few years. From statistics, the demand has been going up and up every year, placing the company in a position where it might be overwhelmed by the high demand. The company has however moved with speed to stop the matter before it gets any worse. It has expanded the plant in such a way that it is now producing double the amount it has been producing. From 12,000 tons of chicken products, the company is now producing 24,000 tons. There will also be an increase in the total production from the plant.

The OSI Food Solutions plant has increased its floor space by 22,600 square feet. This space will provide more space for operations within the facility. There will be more working space which will reduce congestion. The facility has also been built with a special test kitchen which will be used to create new products depending on the taste and preferences of the people

OSI Food Solutions has built this facility because they want them products to spread to a global audience. This is not the only project that they have executed in recent years especially in Europe. They are on a plan of being the biggest food production company in Europe they have acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Europe as they try to take over control of the food business.

OSI Food Solutions has made sure that they incorporate the latest technology in the new facility. The facility has been installed with state-of-the-art equipment which will improve efficiency in the facility. There are security cameras and fire suppression system which have been incorporated. The facility has also been built in such a way that it is going to lower the energy consumed by 20 percent.

According to David McDonald, the president of OSI Group, LLC, the move taken by the company will increase food security in the region as well as creating job opportunities.

José Auriemo Neto, The Executive Behind The Success Of JHSF

JHSF Participacoes SA is one of the companies that has been in the real estate industry in Brazil for about four decades now. It started as a construction company before growing into a top company that shaped the direction of the real estate developments in the country. Currently, the company has large projects which are changing the real estate landscape in the country. For instance, in the city of Sao Paulo, the company is behind some of the biggest real estate projects. JHSF has been building the largest real estate projects for the past one decade. It deals with high-end projects that can only be afforded by high-income earners. They have been in commercial as well as residential building platforms.

JHSF is currently under the management of Jose Auriemo Neto, one of the brilliant minds in this industry. The fact the JHSF is considered one of the biggest companies in Brazil has all to do with the impact of Jose Auriemo Neto. For the last two decades, there have been key real estate projects that have been created. These projects can be seen in Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manus. There are high-end shopping complexes in these cities that have been built by JHSF. Under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, the company has also invested in the international real estate market. They have investments in the United States and Uruguay. According to José Auriemo who is the Chairman and CEO of the company, the plan is to reach every global city in the world.

Jose Auriemo Neto joined JHSF in the 1990s. He was behind the creation of a parking lot management company known as Parkbem. He was later appointed to lead the business by his father who was the founder of the company. Over the years, he has proved that he deserved this position with the development record he has made. In 2009, he ushered JHSF into the world of retail brands. It is working closely with luxury brand companies to set up shops in the shopping centers they are building.

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NGP VAN and The Valuable Creative Solutions It Offers For Campaign Managers

Companies that understand the value of growth and providing invaluable solutions to other companies most likely succeed. The companies that address the most difficult problems in various industries are also the ones whose longevity of operations is sustained and even expanded. One example of such company today that offers valuable services to its clients is NGP VAN, and its real value comes in the form of helping organizations with their campaigns and fundraising programs using state-of-the-art technology.

In a recent blog post from NGP VAN’s website, it is revealed that one powerful tool from NGP VAN that helps its clients and the campaigns that it supports is the VoteBuilder platform. This tool is a fantastic addition in improving the already promising tools for any Democratic campaign that will be organized. The good thing about the new tool is that it has the ability to publish events and canvass shifts automatically and without the added costs.

People can also phone banks publicly and get a more transparent system of generating donations. This also gives volunteers the ability to sign themselves with the use of an online form, making it easy for them to do their work in the best way possible. This addition also enables any volunteer to create a fundraising event just by simply checking a checkbox, with no need to use the other main digital tools in NGP VAN’s pipeline. This new tool is indeed giving more people access to what NGP VAN can offer without the technical expertise and knowledge reserved mostly for experts.


The Bloomberg website has everything one needs to know about NGP VAN Inc. For starters, it is there that people can learn that NGP VAN Inc. is now a leading technology provider that both operates and develops integrated platforms for any type of fundraising and social campaign.

Some of the main tools that are in the pipeline of NGP VAN Inc. include solutions for social network integration, compliance reporting, online actions, fundraising, targeted email and online contributions.

Formerly known as Voter Activation Network, Inc, NGP VAN was founded in 2001 but just recently changed its name last January 2011. It is based in Washington, District of Columbia, with its additional location coming from Somerville, Massachusetts. The CEO of the company is Mr. Stuart Trevelyan and its founder is Mark L. Sullivan. The managing partner of NGP VAN is Jim St. George, and its Chief Technology Officer is John Lee.


Igor Cornelsen Is An Investment Banking Guru

Early Start Into Investment Banking

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor who started out in engineering school and quickly switched over to economics. He started working at an investment bank after he finished college and never looked back. Igor quickly established himself in the investment banking world and moved up fast through the ranks. First he became a member of the board of directors after only 4 years of service, and then by year 6 he was the CEO of Multibanco. After Bank of America acquired Mulitbanco, Igor moved on Unibanco for about 7 years, taking advantage of the high inflation rate. He then spent some years working a couple London banks, where he was introduced to working with US dollars. He gained vast investment opportunities in these years. His last move is still his current one. He opened his own investment firm, offering the same services he gained experience working with at the London banks. He puts personal efforts into his firm by working there daily as an investment manager.

Success As An Investment Banker

One trend that really excites Igor Cornelsen is when he is one of the first to spot a market changing trend. What helps him with investments is the speed at which he gets information from Reuters. He doesn’t rely on other investors and analysts to produce an opinion. Advice he would give his younger self is to read instead of listening to other opinions. The key is to look to world as a whole as see how things will be affected. One strategy that has helped Igor grow his business is being the fastest to find out assets depreciated. One failure Igor had as an entrepreneur was closing all the commodities he was short. Instead he was supposed to sell the expensive stuff and keep the cheap the stuff. The only web service Igor really uses is Reuters. He likes them because they just report the news and there is not bias. One thing that Igor likes to live by is to not be influenced by other investors, analysts, or professors. He feels it is better to make up his own mind, reading the facts instead of opinions.

OSI Industries: Rising to the International Stage

The OSI Industries is a company that was established in the early 1900s by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. Back then, the company is only a small meat shop, which eventually grew into a prominent family business as they entered into a partnership with the McDonald’s Corporation in the 1950s and the 1960s. The rise of McDonald’s Corporation in the international market became a domino effect for its business partners, and the OSI Industries was one of those companies which have significantly benefited from the success of the fast food restaurant. The OSI opened up their first facilities overseas in Germany and Spain, and it became the company’s stepping stone into becoming a multinational company.

After Otto Kolschowsky and his family sold their shares, the company went under the hands of Sheldon Lavin. The founder of the company knows that the new chapter in the history of the OSI will be handled efficiently by Sheldon Lavin because of his background in the investment sector. He focused on tapping other businesses to become its partner, and he was aggressive in opening up new facilities abroad. His leadership also gave the needed boost for the company, and because of his unique approach in managing the business, the OSI became one of the most profitable companies in the United States, being able to post a sales of more than $6.1 billion in the year 2016.

More overseas facilities started to appear one after another, and a series of ventures with the largest food manufacturers in Latin America, Europe, and Asia made the OSI Industries a global powerhouse in the field of food manufacturing. The OSI Industries expanded into Taiwan in 1987, the Philippines in 1990, and China in 1992. With the rise of China’s economy in the contemporary history, the OSI Industries managed to gain the advantage once again, and they had to invite new businesses to join their growing business empire. Today, the company operates in 17 countries, and they have built 65 facilities that would help in producing high-quality meat and protein products. There are also 20,000 people working for the company in the present.

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Eric Lefkofsky Helping Change The World

Most people know someone who has battled or will battle cancer. Battling cancer is difficult for everyone involved, obviously, it is most difficult and life change for the person experiencing its often-deadly grip; however, it is also difficult for their loved ones who have to watch the suffering and pain, wishing they could take it away. These reasons are precisely why Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus.

Simply put, Tempus is a technology company that has created an operating system that aids in the fight against cancer. What Tempus strives to do is gather all the clinical and molecular data and input it into their operating system, thus, allowing doctors to access the information to ensure they are offering their patients the best treatment options.

Outside of his work at Tempus, and various other endeavors he is involved in, Eric Lefkofsky is deeply involved in philanthropy work. He, along with his wife Liz, founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. The foundation has the ultimate goal to improve the quality human life; which they achieve in a number of different ways.

First, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation has the goal to improve the access to education. They have two programs dedicated to education. The first is dedicated to people who are entering high school. High School Bound provides students with wide-ranging and accurate information about high schools in Chicago, this allows students and their families to determine which school will best meet their needs. The Second program is called Success Bound, which helps students find success in, not just their education, but also in their life. Second, the foundation strives to improve human rights, particularly for women, girls, and communities that are underserved. They achieve this by offering support and resources to a number of different charities, some of which include, Center for American Progress, Planned Parenthood, Medical Missions for Children, and Everytown for Gun Safety. Third, by supporting a number of organizations, like, American Brain Tumor Association, MD Anderson, Stanford Medicine, the Lefkofsky foundation is dedicated to the encouragement of innovative medical research. Fourth, Eric Lefkofsky’s foundation provides support to organizations and charities that are dedicated to expanding cultural initiatives.

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Ricardo Tosto Greatly Contributes To The Brazilian Legal System

The Brazilian legislative system is founded on the Civil Law tradition. A written Federal Constitution is the supreme ruler of the country. Lawyers are certified to perform different roles in the system after qualifying in a five-year course in law. Among the duties of lawyers in Brazil is creating laws and defending suspects in court proceedings.

One the most prominent lawyers operating in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto. He is a veteran lawyer prosecuting on criminal, business, civil, and banking law among others. Who’s Who Legal, Legal 500 and a string of many other Brazilian publications have recognized Ricardo Tosto as one of the best lawyers in industry. He has accomplished significant milestones in his career that other lawyers still dream about, he has achieved many things that other lawyers have not. For example, he has been an advocate for large groups in Brazil, politicians with different ideologies, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Laws in Brazil have been formulated with the contribution of Ricardo Tosto. He has also mentored numerous law students who have later grown to be current associates in law firm. Unlike lawyers who would be quick to implement laws that are not beneficial to citizens, Ricardo Tosto has mainly participated in creating laws that benefit the economy of Brazil as well as the welfare of its citizens.

Who is Ricardo Tosto?

Ricardo is a well-known lawyer and market leader in Brazil. He has performed excellently in the Leite, Tosto Barros Advogados law firm in which he is a core founder. He studied a Bachelor’s degree in law at Mackenzie Presbyterian University as well as an extension in Business Administration. Winning in complex cases has been a significant influence on Ricardo’s prominence. He has also previously worked as the Judicial Modernization Committee president.

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