Boraie Development Focuses New Jersey’s Growth Via Infrastructure Improvements

Infrastructure is one of the most important parts of an area’s development. With developed buildings and structures, there are overall safety, productivity, and chances for opportunities. Partnering with other people, Boraie Development is planning to develop New Jersey into a more prosperous state. Among its projects for infrastructure development in the residential building called “The Aspire” located in New Brunswick.

In just a few minutes of walk from the New Brunswick Train Station is “The Aspire”, a luxury apartment building which was built to accommodate 238 residents through its 238 residential units. The apartment features a 27/7 doorman in the lobby and an elevator that goes from the parking lot through the highest part of the building, which is a sundeck and garden. This space can be used for people who want to have BBQ parties with their families and friends. There is also a fitness center and a yoga space for people who want to stay fit by exercising or doing Yoga. For those who want to socialize, there are resident clubs where neighbors can meet together and talk.

The building is also near medical institutions like the Children’s Cancer Institute. Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System is also near the building. There is indoor bike storage for those who like cycling. For those who like to party, a nightlife party is available for the neighborhood.

Boraie Development’s other finished project is the CityPlex12, a renovated old theater which was one of the places the former basketball professional player Shaquille O’Neal would go during his childhood. It is located in Newark near Springfield Avenue. O’Neal spent his childhood during the 1970s on Newark, particularly in the old theater where his parents used to bring him.

The renovation of the old theater, which is now CityPlex12, is estimated to be $7 million and was completed in 2012. O’Neal partnered with Boraie Development to make this possible. A future partnership is expected among them in order to build more infrastructures in New Jersey, especially in the more financially distressed areas. The two is expected to work on more residential and commercial infrastructures around New Jersey in the future.

Boraie Developmentv is known as a real estate company which focuses on real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management. In working with their projects, they like to partner with great talents in architecture, engineering, and financial institutions. They believe in quality over the quantity when it comes to projects.

Vijay Eswaran Career Investments

Vijay Eswaran is a prominent businessman in Malaysia who has accomplished much through hard work and determination. He comes from a humble background, but the financial situation of his family did not hinder him from earning much and even paying for his higher education. Vijay Eswaran worked part-time jobs while at the university in London to ensure that his school fees were paid for a degree in Economics. He was able to balance both studies and work as he understood his set goals and objectives. He worked in various businesses after graduation where he earned leadership skills and investment skills.

Vijay Eswaran has earned his wealth from being the CEO and co-founder of QI group of companies that has its headquarters based in Hong Kong. QI Group is a well-known multinational level business serving a wide range of customers across 30 countries across the globe. The company also deals with different sectors that aim at development and creating a better world for everyone. Some of the industries QI Group deals with include; telecommunications, provision of luxury products, investing in the healthcare sector, corporate investments, travelling, media connections among others.

Vijay Eswaran as the top leader of the company is responsible for overseeing the completion and success of various significant projects. He has led to the establishment of other subsidiary offices in Thailand, Singapore and his birthplace among many others. this expansion is to ensure that they serve a wide area in the QI city and across the globe. Over the years Vijay Eswaran has overseen the establishment of residential areas in various places including Malaysia, Ipoh, Perak and Bandar. This project was worth approximately RM 1.2 billion. The project provided homes for thousands of people giving them a sense of belonging in the country.

Vijay Eswaran is also well-known for his philanthropic acts funding many charitable organizations.

Matt Badiali’s Natural Resources Wealth

Matt Badiali is a well known name when it comes to natural resource investing. He is the editor of “Real Wealth Strategist“, an investment publication that covers natural resources and provides information on which are the best commodities. He is also the editor of “Front Line Profits” which is another investing publication. Mr. Badiali is the Chief Resource Investment Expert at Banyan Hill Publishing in the area of natural resources. He is also a regular natural resources and his investments contributor on

About Matt Badiali holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences from Penn State. And he received his Masters of Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He worked as a geologist and this has given him much insight into natural resources and mining. He uses this background to help people invest in those natural resources industry. Currently Zinc is what he has termed the “Magic Metal”. He has provided solid statistics and proof of why investing in Zinc will reap people very nice rewards. Simply put, zinc is used in most things today, including phones and for its rust inhibiting properties. Zinc is in everyone’s daily lives from the food eaten to the parts and pieces used to build houses and other building.

Matt Badiali introduced the business world to ‘freedom checks’. Freedom checks are the returns from master limited partnerships with public stock companies. These MLP’s have a much higher return because of the tax advantages from the limited partnership. They are very lucrative for those who can afford the initial investment. Matt Badiali has a very accessible online presence. You can find his articles not only in the publications he edits and writes for or Banyan Hill Publishing but he also provides information and articles of interest on his Facebook page. If you ever become interested in investing in energy, agriculture or other natural resources his vast knowledge will be invaluable.

What’s the Future for Organo Gold

Did you know that one of the top-tier coffee brands in today’s society is located right in Canada? Have you ever heard of Organo Gold? Organo Gold is a global supplement brand that specializes in producing high-quality coffee. This high-quality coffee has garnered plenty of attention as of late, and it has grown into a cult-favorite in a sense. In addition to being a supplement brand, this company is well-rounded in network marketing. By using network marketing, many more consumers will get a chance to experience the products of this Canadian-based brand. The idea is rather brilliant, and the idea has certainly worked.

Organo Gold has thousands of distributors. These distributors are independent, and they’re the engine that makes this vehicle move. The trajectory here is on the up and up because the premium coffee is loaded with beneficial ingredients. Organo Gold’s premium coffee proficiently uses ancient-herbal medicines. Yes, this is categorically correct, and ganoderma lucidum is the weapon of choice. This powerful mushroom hosts a plethora of health benefits as it strengthens the immune system as well as provides weight loss solutions via flushing the system. This premium coffee’s top attribute by many people is its rich taste, and that speaks volumes.

Organo Gold epitomizes what a 21st century company truly is. The company possesses great leadership, and it uses some of the finest of ingredients. What more could a coffee lover ever want? In addition to that, Organo Gold is a proud sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation.

Which Anti-aging Creams are Right for You?

Many people(especially women) are worried about the appearance of their skin. If the changes on your skin are making you feel or look older, don’t worry because there are solutions to the problem. All you need to do is find out what is causing the skin changes and then find products with the right ingredients for such skin issues. You can get such information from a reliable source like Renew Youth. This is a company that helps women get the solutions to the skin changes caused by menopause. You can trust them to give accurate information about your skin because they have been doing this for almost two decades.

How Should Healthy Skin Look?

Collagen, elastin, and moisture are the main elements that make the skin look firm, healthy, youthful, and smooth. Collagen creates the structure for holding different tissues together. Elastin gives the skin its resiliency, which brings the skin back into shape when its pulled or pressed. Moisture keeps your skin cells hydrated and plump.

Different Anti-Aging Creams Components

Choosing one of the anti-aging creams from the market can be tricky because the products are many. Some of the products show almost immediate results, others take longer, while others don’t show any results at all. When looking for anti-aging products, these are the ingredients they should have:


  • Moisturizers:

Moisture is essential in keeping your skin young, healthy, and hydrated. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally on the skin and helps in moisturizing it.


  • Exfoliants:

You can exfoliate the top dry layer of your skin to show new, fresh, and even skin. For this, go for products containing retinol and hydroxy.


  • Antioxidants:

Some of the ingredients in anti-aging creams that are antioxidants include Vitamin C, Retinol, Vitamin F, grape as well as green tea extracts. Such products will help reduce wrinkles.


Hormones trigger and control many processes in your body including collagen production. You need to have a lot of collagen to look young. By applying a type of estrogen called estriol and progesterone on your face, you will start to see the effects. The wrinkles on your face will reduce greatly. To know more about the company click here.

Steve Ritchie’s Leadership and Apology Sets the Right Tone for Accepting Responsibility

When a person apologizes, most people look to the intentions of their actions going forward for deciding if the person apologizing is authentic. When you’re Papa John’s CEO, Steve Ritchie, not only are people going to look at your actions closely, but they’re also going to hold you to a higher standard – as they should. The consequences of racially insensitive comments by someone else actually resulted in Steve Ritchie having to quickly apologize to more than 120,000 corporate and franchise team members, who reside and work all around the world, but he still took the responsibility as any good leader would. It was a huge undertaking, even by someone who has the right intentions.

There are some people who felt that Steve Ritchie’s initial apology fell short. Some of the sentiments were from those who read the apology after it was posted on the company’s website and sent to those who receive automatic notifications for Papa John’s regular promotions. That did not stop the CEO from moving the company forward through one of the most challenging times in its 34-year history. When Steve Ritchie issued a second apology, there was no doubt that his vulnerability, empathy, and acceptance of the responsibility to lead the company through the ordeal was completely clear. “This past week was the hardest week in my 22 years with Papa John’s. To be clear, [inapproriate] words in no way represent my views or the values of our company. As the leader of Papa John’s, I’m sorry,” said Ritchie.

Steve Ritchie also gave precise information about the actions that he would take as CEO, such as hiring outside consultants to assess the pizza chain’s culture for racial diversity, sending senior management to franchise locations to listen to employees’ concerns, and making sure there is complete transparency going forward. Steve Ritchie is also part of the senior management team who will be traveling to get feedback and finding a path forward.

While there is much to be said about an apology, when the actions take place as those of Steve Ritchie, there is very little doubt in the authenticity or the sincerity.

Career Journey of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is the president of Gulf Coast Western. He was raised in a family that was business oriented and having gained a lot of skills from his father, he made up his mind to venture into the field. The duo showed a lot of commitment in his studies and while in the university, he engaged with bright students to gain more knowledge from them and move together towards accomplishing their dreams. He was one of the well known and influential students at the University, and many students looked up to him for advise and help in their school work. Upon graduating, Matthew worked in various companies where he conducted financial roles and other small jobs.

Matthew Fleeger gained appraisal form many people for the exemplary work he did as well as the commitment he shows towards his work. He continued to influence the careers and lives if many people and as a result, he became one of the most sought out workers in the country. Though many companies wanted him as their employee, the duo chooses to venture into his family business where he focused on helping his father grow his firm into one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world. With the help of his efforts, the company gained a lot of popularity and it is still among the largest oil and natural gas providers in the country. Before becoming the president of the firm, Matthew Fleeger also founded his famous firm MedSolutions, which focused on recycling medical waste products. The firm grew tremendously before he later sold it. The duo is still among the well-known entrepreneurs in the country, and many people rely on his guidance to run their companies. He has gained fame for his commitment to helping other people live better lives by encouraging them and sharing his life story with them.

How The Leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides has Led to the Success of InnovaCare Health

The success and growth of a company is not only dictated by the team that works for the company but also the leadership of the company. Proper administration lays the foundation as to how each department is to carry out their duties regardless of the workforce. An example of a company that runs like a well-oiled machine thanks to its leadership is InnovaCare Health. Apart from setting itself apart from a competitive health service sector in North America, InnovaCare Health has also received recognition for its professionalism and adequate provision of healthcare services to its members.

The vision of Innovacare is to offer its clients cost-effective and reliable plans and models when it comes to health care. These plans and models are designed with the perspective that Innovacare always upholds quality when providing health care services. These plans and models also help to enforce their objectives as a company when it comes to building long-lasting relationships with clients. The man behind these ideals and principles is Dr. Richard Shinto. He is the President, Chairperson, and Chief Executive Officer of Innovacare. He has worked at NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer. He has also worked at Aveta Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer, and he held this position until 2012.

The beginning of his career in the Medicine world began at California University where he graduated, and he later moved to the State University of New York and then graduated with a medical degree. His vast knowledge about Medicine and his remarkable leadership has earned him plenty of awards. Some of them he has earned include the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare Award. He also received the Access to Caring Award.

Another leader we cannot lack to mention when talking about Innovacare is Penelope Kokkinides. She is the Chief Administrative Officer. She previously worked as the Chief Operating Officer before rejoining InnovaCare Health in June 2015 and receiving her current position. When it comes to running health care programs, she has invaluable experience, and this has made it possible for her to contribute to the success of InnovaCare. She also has an enormous amount of knowledge in the management and development of health care operations. Her knowledge makes it possible for her to run and contribute the organization appropriately. With Penelope Kokkinides and Dr. Richard Shinto at the helm of InnovaCare Health, its success will surely continue.

Stream Energy Makes the Case for Giving Back

Those who’ve made a home in Texas are stranger to dangerous weather, particularly the occasional intense hurricane. Hurricane Harvey was a monster of a storm that cut a path through Texas, leaving major cities like Houston vulnerable to flooding. The state got assistance from businesses and charitable organizations from all over, looking for ways to assist in recovery. That includes Texas’ Stream Energy, an energy company known for its charitable attitude.

This is a company that has been steeped in charitable activity for years, which has resulted in the establishment of a new foundation, Stream Cares. A decade of philanthropic activity across communities in Texas and other parts of the world, has become intrinsic to the Stream Energy brand. Stream Cares Looks to continue that.

Rather than follow the crowd Stream Energy is looking to approach their philanthropy differently, opting to start their own foundation rather than sticking to working through established organizations. They have standing relationships with certain legacy foundations like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. These kinds of working relationships work to the benefit of those in need. When tornadoes touched down in North Texas, Stream Energy was able to work with Salvation Army to help those who needed it. Having their own foundation will allow them to continue to be an essential player in Texas charities and continue to promote the company in the public eye as one that is invested in their welfare.

Stream Energy has a proud culture that promotes caring down to individual employees, which means there are many causes that are at the forefront of their mind. There are issues that have sizable impact on communities across Texas, like homelessness. In the city of Dallas, Stream Energy’s host company, has seen a spike in homelessness, jumping by 24%. Stream Cares was able to have an impact on this by joining forces with the Hope Supply Co. Together they hosted the Splash of Hope event, providing resources and aid to homeless children and their family.

Senior Event Manager Kimberly Girard sees the foundation as a force for good but also an opportunity to mobilize the state’s business community. If this new foundation can get other companies to become more generous a real effort can be made towards caring for all Texans.

How Hussain Sajwani Takes Risks as CEO of DAMAC Properties

Operating a real estate company is a stressful process for anyone. Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties over a decade ago. Since that time, he has worked tirelessly to make the company a leader in the industry.

Dubai is a thriving city. Hussain founded DAMAC Properties in Dubai because he felt like the city would continue growing. At the time, it was a risky decision to start a company in the area. Some people speculated that the real estate market in Dubai was in a financial bubble. If real estate prices collapsed, Hussain’s business would fail.


Hussain worked in the construction industry for his father when he was young. He enjoyed the construction industry, and he learned as much as possible from other business leaders. Instead of going to college, Hussain decided to start a company. His first company failed, but he learned numerous lessons in the process.

Hussain founded DAMAC Properties and became the CEO. He decided to focus on building luxury homes in Dubai. Dubai has a large population of wealthy citizens who are willing to pay exorbitant fees for a luxury home.

Business Decisions

Hussain has always been willing to take significant financial risks to improve his company. In the first few years as CEO, he had to decide whether to expand his company to other cities. Instead of expanding to new cities, Hussain decided to offer new services in Dubai. He had to make a significant financial investment in the company to provide the new services, but the company has become much more profitable since that decision. Financing

Hussain recently started offering financing options for clients purchasing a home. Offering home loans can be a risky business. If someone defaults on their mortgage, DAMAC Properties loses a ton of money. However, Hussain tested his idea for over a year before implementing it on a larger scale. He is confident that DAMAC Properties will continue expanding at a rapid rate in the years ahead.