How Michael Zomber has become a Major Antique Collector

A common saying exists that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Collectors of vintage items often have this in mind as they go around searching for old discarded items ranging from cars, furniture, coins and even clothes. Collecting such items is fast gaining traction with famous personalities such as author Michael Zomber also involving themselves in the activity..

The collection of these vintage items has become so common to an extent that it has even been documented in films. These include Bargain Hunt, Flog It and the Antiques Roadshow, which has been aired for almost four decades. It features vintage evaluators travelling to various parts of the United Kingdom and beyond to highlight the various antique items owned by people living in those regions. These shows have shed a lot of light on the issue and made many people change their perceptions about old items. Others have taken this up with gusto and are even using it as a source of income through buying and selling of the vintage objects.

Important Notes about Michael Zomber

Michael is a notable author, vintage items collector, filmmaker and humanitarian. The Washington native was brought up in the cities of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and interacted with people from different cultures, which aroused his interest in the arts. He has been a collector, mainly of vintage arms for over forty years. This has made him an arms expert, with concentration on Japanese Samurai swords.

Mr. Zomber is also a peace advocate, which is ascribed to his extensive knowledge about arms and conflict. His close association with weapons has made him have first-hand information about the terrors and vainness of armed conflict. His resolute support for nonviolent co-existence has made him take part in peace-making initiatives initiated by organizations such as UNICEF and Amnesty International.

Michael attended the University of Illinois for his Bachelors’ degree in English Literature and Psychology. Thereafter, he attended the University of California Los Angeles for a Masters degree in English Literature.


An Overview on POP’s TV Series, Queens of Drama

On April 26, 2015, The Queens of Drama TV series premiered on POP at 10:00 PM upon the completion of the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, which was aired exclusively by POP. After its premier, the Queens of Drama was scheduled to air each Wednesday between 8:00 and 8:30 PM on 29th of the same month. The first season had a lineup of ten episodes.

Information about the Queens of Drama

The series features six prime-time and daytime soap actresses who opt to take charge of their career in entertainment by starring and producing a TV series. Donna Mills is dubbed as the true queen of the TV series. Her role in the show depicts the character of Abby Fairgate Ewing on Knots Landing. She blends this character with her very own to bring out an outstanding personality.

The show begins with Lindsay Hartley reuniting with Chrystee Pharris, the star of Passion. Consequently, the two reunited starts later meet Crystal Hunt and Vanessa Marcil. During the meet up, the stars make plans to create their show. Donna Mills notices that Marcil is inexperienced to develop the desired series and, therefore, she opts to join Marcil to assist with her expertise in the business.

The premier episode ends with an unhappy Vanessa Mills. Primarily, this is due to the manner by which Mills discards her ideas for their series.

Details about Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt, American actress, was born on February 5, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida, United States. She is well-known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light and as Stacy Morasco, which is a role she paled on One Life to Live. FamousBirthdays says her role in Queens of Dram depicts a very talented and experienced actress. On the show, she is among the girls who think of the idea of starting the show together with Lindsay Hartley and Vanessa Marcil. She is also makes judgmental assertions about Jason Shane Scot, Lindsay’s boyfriend.

Apart from her star roles in popular television series, she has also featured in numerous television commercials including an anti-drug advert with NSYNC and the 25th anniversary celebration for the Walt Disney Company. Hunt has featured in other numerous films, which include, The Derby Stallion, Sydney White, NYC Underground, 23 Blast, Magic Mike XXL, 2015’s Queens of Drams and her own production Talbot County.  There’s a good acting reel on YouTube that showcases Crystal Hunt’s range.

Securus Technologies Comes Up With Another Communication Technology To Serve And Connect

Video visitation app is the new application released by Securus Technologies as a solution to the improper connectivity and communication in most inmate correction centers. The company launched the application for Android smartphones and Apple devices and has already recorded 60,000 downloads for the Android smartphone app and 5000 downloads for the Apple devices. Securus video app is an efficient and free application to download also easy to use. After downloading and installing the app, one is only required to synchronize their calendar to the application and will constantly receive notifications of scheduled video visit communication. Download the Google Play app here or find it in the App Store for Apple products.

Not only connecting but reconnecting has Securus done to many families especially those whose incarcerated friends and relatives are in correction agencies far away from them. All one is required to have is to connect to a Wi-Fi network and work with a device with high-quality video. Video communication will help pass messages and feelings that mere inmate phone calls are not enough to do. It also prevents families from facing the wrath and rigidity of many prisons when visiting the inmates. Inmate’s safety too is enhanced as harmful materials and substances cannot be passed over to the inmates. Now the prisoners can play a part in important family events like birthdays and holidays.


Securus a firm located in Dallas, Texas has managed to serve 3,450 correctional agencies in safety promotion and more than 1,200,000 prisoners. The company has also created solutions that are not only promoting safety but rehabilitating the prisoners through technology. Prisoners can now learn more about technology, and they will be able to use it when out of prison to get themselves a job. Securus services have been for more than 30 years especially all over North America and have even made the work of prison agencies very easy.

Through technological solutions, Securus conducts public safety, monitoring of products, information management, inmate communication and criminal investigation. The firm has also promoted the connection of emergency situations to the required safety providers and share information on delicate issues to the required safety providers. Securus manages all the services through a team of patents, sales persons, software developers, customer service reps, engineers, and programmers. Their leaders are also on the toe on matters of innovation and creativity; it is the most and only outstanding firm concentrating on communication with the incarcerated and prisons.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the Securus product on Amazon nor is it affiliated with the Securus America website.



With the ongoing trend about dogs eating tasty and delicious meals, the dog food industry has now resorted to designing the fanciest diets for dogs. Dogs are also beginning to realize the need to stick to only fancy and tasty meals. One cannot think of feeding a dog with stale food anymore. The dogs are intelligent and understand the difference that is there between stale and delicious meals. Pet owners and pet food manufacturers have equally contributed to this state whereby the dog is being fed better meal than humans. The highest skill is being employed by dog food manufacturers so as to see to it that the products from their companies beat those that are produced by human food manufacturers.

There are many companies who are trying to give the pet owner a reason to pay more. Companies like Purina are doing this by improving their production quality. Dogs are being manufactured using many advanced principles that had earlier been seen to work only in the human food manufacturing sector. Most dieticians are now using their skills and professionalism to bring new recipes for dogs. This industry has proved to be more paying than the human food manufacturing sector because dog owners are willing to cash out more for the fanciest dog diet.

Beneful has diets that can help dog owners to practice weight control and keep their dogs fit. The mixture of different food varieties brings about the most balanced and delicious diet for the dog. There is an impromptu tasting of meals at baneful which is aimed to check on the quality and determine whether the production achieves its goal. The goal of the production in Beneful is to manufacture dry dog food that beats human food. The slogan is ‘Dogs eating like their owners.’ This implies that the food manufacturers should fit and surpass human consumption. Beneful and other modern companies are therefore striving to give the dog a fancy bite that is better than that of the owner.