Keith Mann Gives Money For A Scholarship For Brooklyn Teens

Brooklyn teens are going to need all the help they can get going to college, and Keith Mann is going to pay $5000 for one teen every year. His Scholarship for Professional Achievement is going to help kids going to college, and it had its first look in Business Wire. The idea behind the scholarship is to help kids who thought they were not going to go to college, and it is going to give them hope of having a place to go. Someone who needs help can get it, and Keith reads over all the applications himself.

He knows that a lot of people got help when they needed it, and the help that he has given people has shown them that they will be able to go on with their lives and do great things. Keith wants to get to know the people who win the scholarship every year so that he can help them in the future, and he wants to get in touch with the people who are going on to do great things with his scholarship.

The best part of the scholarship is that it comes with friendship from Keith Mann. He and his wife and fully invested in the scholarship, and they want to create a communities of kids who have been helped by the program.

These kids have a dream of college that could really be helped by the $5000 they get from the scholarship, and Keith wants to show these kids that they can get out of their neighborhoods to do great things. They may not make a lot of money in the future, but they are going to go on to change the world. Keith Mann knows that anyone can do anything if they really want to, and he wants to have a chance to get kids to colleges that will help.

Avi Weisfogel and Operation Smile Helping Children

Avi Weisfogel began a dental practice in 1999, but his interest has turned to the field of sleep disorders and their connection to dental and physical problems. Weisfogel founded Healthy Heart Sleep, a company that works with dentists and physicians around the world, in an effort to establish, train and manage facilities dealing with the problems of sleep apnea and other sleep related disorders and their proper treatment.

He has set a goal of $2000. for this charity, which is specifically for the treatment of cleft palates and lips and other various facial deformities. The recipients are children and young adults who can not afford the remedial surgery. Watch his educational YouTube video below!

Operation Smile is an international charity working with medical and dental professionals, governments, hospitals, and other charities to correct these deformities, which hamper the happiness and future success of those young persons afflicted with these deforming conditions. Every year Operation Smile sets out to improve the lives of as many children and young adults as funds and support can provide, They work around the globe and incorporate professionals who speak the language and understand the culture of the people in the area being served.

Operation Smile was the brainchild of Bill and Kathy Magee, who founded the charity in 1982. Their very first mission was in the Philippines, to help the children suffering from these deformities. Since then, they have established a network around the globe in 80 different countries and incorporating the assistance of thousands of professional volunteers. Operation Smile has successfully performed more than 220,000 surgical procedures, which are provided free of charge to the young sufferers. The charity, also, puts into place a working structure for future medical procedures through the training of local, dedicated medical professionals.

Operation Smile and Avi Weisfogel should both be congratulated for their efforts:

Talk About Communication, Talk Fusion Has It All

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. As this company grew, they built a strong commitment to helping family, community, and the environment. When they launched the first ever Instant Pay Compensation Plan, they knew they would achieve great success. With innovative products and marketing strategies, they soon developed a stellar reputation.

Talk Fusion is a global leader when it comes to marketing solutions, especially when video is incorporated. They help nurture and develop businesses through this video technology.

Recently, they launched a video chat app and the results have been amazing. Ranking high all over the globe, this video chat is compatible with all other devices. It’s HD quality is remarkable. It allows people all over the world, with different forms of technology, to communicate and collaborate. The results have been so overwhelming, that Talk Fusion has decided to add a 30 day free trial so everyone can see how wonderful this app is. It doesn’t matter what devise you have, you can down load the app through I Tunes and get started using it with no risk involved. If you find that you wish to continue using this app, then you follow the outlined procedures for purchasing the app.

Talk Fusion is so excited about this app, they are considering putting many of their other apps on a Free Trial basis so people can see just how innovative and productive these apps are.


Argentina Has A New Government And Highland Capital Management’s Jim Dondero Thinks The Country Is A Good Investment

Argentina is one of the South American countries that has it all, according to investment expert James Dondero. Dondero is the president and co-founder of Dallas-based Highland Capital management. Over the last 20 years, Highland Capital has managed to build an impressive list of assets under management.

James Dondero has played an important role in making that happen. Dondero opened offices all over the world, so Highland Capital could identify the right assets at the right time. The Sao Paulo office of Highland Capital had been watching Argentina for years, and that office kept Dondero up-to-date on the bond default story that ruined Argentina’s chances to be part of the international bond market since the 1997 default.

The Sao Paulo office of Highland Capital felt that former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was going to lose the 2015 election, and Dondero wanted to get a piece of the debt before other investors saw what was taking shape politically speaking. Jim decided to invest $4 billion in Argentina debt bonds in 2014, and that decision was a good one. The return on that investment was recently calculated at an annualized rate of 20 percent. Mr. Dondero got word that the reformist candidate Mauricio Marci could beat Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in the 2015 election, and he was right. Almost immediately, Marci decided to make a cash deal with Elliott Management to retire the old bond debt. Paul Singer of Elliott management knew that Argentina was a good bet going forward because of Marci, and Dondero felt the same way.

But there were several hurdles to overcome before Marci could get Argentina moving again from an economic standpoint. Marci had to reform the government, so he replaced the people in the central bank and the finance department with knowledgeable Wall Street veterans. Marci also decided to offer more than $12 billion in new bonds once all the red tape had been cut. That red tape included lifting a U.S. court order, and getting Argentina’s Congress to agree to the new bond offering. Marci still doesn’t have a majority alliance in Congress, but the word is members of Congress will agree to the new offering.

The expected yield on that investment is between seven and eight percent, according to a recent article.

Billionaire Charles Koch’s Donation to the George Mason University

George Mason University is located in Fairfax, Virginia approximately 20 miles from Washington DC. The university offers more than 208 bachelor’s degrees, masters and doctoral programs. George Mason University is a public institution that was started in the year 1972. The university prides itself as being the best research based institution nationally.

Mason undertakes to provide undergraduates with an opportunity to conduct efficient research that is overseen by its team of qualified professors in the relevant fields. The university has been a major beneficiary of the Charles Koch Foundation headed by billionaire and philanthropist Charles Koch.

Forbes magazine places Charles Koch as the 9th richest person with a net worth of around $42.9 Billion. He is 80 years old and lives in Wichita, KS in the United States. His wealth is from diversified business ventures. He is a holder of a bachelors of Arts/science and a masters of science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Koch is a philanthropist and runs a number of charitable organizations. He has set up quite a number of trusts that touch on cultural, educational and research fields. Majorly his foundation is focused on research, policy and advancing educational projects in schools with the aim of churning into the market professionals. He also helps fresh graduates build up their careers both in entrepreneurial and policy making.

One such institution that has been a beneficiary of the Charles Koch foundation is George Mason University which statistics show that it got the largest share of the funds. The major reason why Charles Koch chose this university is because of its reputation of producing the best graduates in the law and economics field.

Many people including students from the university have questioned the move by the Republican billionaire to fund the university with arguments over the independence of the institution being raised. On the response to that concern the CEO of the foundation stated that they do not interfere with any policy making in the university, theirs only being to write the check.

The money that the foundation donates to the university is used for a number of activities within the institution. One that is notable to state is channeled to the law school.

Fabletics Brings Out Swimwear Style

Kate Hudson is one of the entrepreneurs that are very passionate about bringing about new styles in fashion. This is why she has helped with the launching of Fabletics (according to a report from The Lazy Coupon), an athletic brand that is all about bringing about greater style to athletic wear. Now there is a swimwear line that allows people to enjoy their activities in the swimming pool while feeling stylish. People will be able to dress in a fashionable way while being on vacation. This allows people to feel better about themselves at all times. Kate Hudson is all about helping people feel beautiful.

There are also some complementary dresses that are in the planning stages for Fabletics. Of all of the seasons, Kate Hudson loves summer the most. Therefore, she prepares fashion for her favorite season. She and her production team has taken their time to bring out perfection in their swim styles. They have also not only looked at sizes, but they have also worked to provide different cuts for the various body types. In other words, people can wear some of the clothes that they are interested in without having to worry about feeling awkward. Kate Hudson is definitely thoughtful when it comes to bringing out clothes for everyone – source:

In this article released by Elite Daily, people will learn about the different available styles that come from the athletic wear selling stores like Fabletics which has started as an online clothing shop where people subscribe and find the styles and products that they like. Kate Hudson makes sure that the website shows a wide variety of products that give the users something to choose from.

Real Estate In New York:The Bubble The Tools

New York City is the largest metropolitan area in the United States. As such they have many houses, apartments and condos for sale within the city. But how is the market for all these dwelling places doing? Today we will find out.

The New York City real estate is experiencing a housing bubble in the luxury market. With many high-end apartments for rent the price of a domicile in New York city is going up. This is indicative of a housing bubble.

This housing bubble according to Ron Insana is about to burst. Data shows the demand for condo apartments over 3 million dollars to be poor. Buyers are opting for cheaper living quarters or residences outside the city. This has been an ongoing trend that shows no sign of reversing.

However, if someone is in the market for a home in New York City, especially a luxury home, there are many tools. Tools that make looking for a home in New York City easy as can be. One of these tools is Town Residential.

Town Residential is a site that lists luxury residences for buyers and house hunters. At town residential there are many residences available in all the neighborhoods of New York City. Town residential also has employees and services to help you with renting, becoming the owner or selling out your home.

One of these services is the guides. At town residential there are guides for renting, selling, buying and financing a home. These guides cover many things like the different forms of property ownership, the timeline for buying a home and closing costs.

In conclusion the bubble in the New York City real estate market is an ongoing problem. This problem is showing now sign of getting better.