Here’s A Review Of The Great FreedomPop Services

Listed here will be a FreedomPop review of their different services, and it’s completely up to the potential customer to decide if they are interested in the services or not. FreedomPop has been in business for several years now and joined with Sprint to widen the range of people they would be able to service across the United States. Working with Sprint proved to be an excellent decision because they’ve been able to get millions of customers, compared to when they used to have a smaller network. Also, great data coverage is available because of their merger with Sprint.

Cell phone service is the most popular service from FreedomPop, and just about anyone can use their services. Those who previously had Sprint service can still FreedomPop as well as those who have an unlocked phone that takes a sim card. Even persons who want to use their phones internationally can still get a calling plan from FreedomPop to make phone calls when they are in many countries around the world. FreedomPop exists in the UK as well, which is a very popular country that’s frequented by those who are from the United States, so using cell phone services there will be easy for FreedomPop users.

International calling is also available, and those who want to can add an international calling plan onto their regular cell phone plan, no matter which one they choose. FreedomPop offers free plans, a paid plan, and several unlimited plans that also have 4G LTE data. The $20 plan that’s unlimited is by far the most popular plan, but additional plans that have more 4G LTE data is also available. The free plan that’s offered is completely free of charge and includes text messages, data, and minutes. Those who need home Internet service can obtain it from FreedomPop as well.

The home Internet service will include 1 GB of free data every month, and the service can be used with a hub that provides Wi-Fi too. Those that need Wi-Fi service away from home can download FreedomPop’s application that gives unlimited Wi-Fi service wherever it’s available around the USA for only five dollars each month. Anyone who’s in need of a portable hotspot can find several of these hotspots that are extremely small and pocket-sized from FreedomPop, and 500 MB of data is also included. The portable hotspots are also enabled to get up to 4G LTE speeds.

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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Has Been Created To Protect Whistleblowers In The SEC

A qualified Security Exchange Commission (SEC) attorney will have experience with this very complex law. Labaton Sucharow was one of the first attorneys in the industry to devote his entire practice to fighting for the rights for a whistleblower. A SEC Whistleblower lawyer is trained in the laws of the SEC and can get clients the compensation that they deserve because they aided in a prosecution or need to protect their job rights. Often times, once information is reported to the appropriate authorities a whistleblower is in jeopardy for losing their job or they experience some type of retaliation that can be corrected with the proper attorney.

When a whistleblower decides to break their silence they can save the SEC millions of dollars in fees, time, and resources. For this reason, the courts have mandated that any whistleblower that assists the SEC in recovering one million dollars or more is entitled to up to 10-30% of the money that is collected from the courts. SEC laws require more than just an employment attorney. Moreover, any other agency that decides to enforce the laws and collects additional money is expected to compensate the whistleblower that aided in the prosecution of the SEC law violator with their information. Learn more:

The Dodd-Frank Street Wall Street Reform was enacted to ensure that whistleblower’s rights are being protected. Again, a SEC Whistleblower attorney is experienced in this unique structure of SEC laws. This is a fairly new law that takes experience and someone that has the competency to dig deep into the SEC laws to benefit the whisteblower. These incentives were created to encourage SEC employees to speak out against fraud. A whistleblower attorney, the whistleblower, and the laws are meant to put the trust back into the public with the insecurities of the economic financial market.

In fact, a SEC attorney can help clients maintain their confidentiality. The only way to remain private is to hire an attorney. You should never try to fight the SEC on your own. A lawyer can offer you a free consultation and determine if you have valid case or not. They can sit down with you before you decide to report the information and give you insight on where you stand. They also provide assistance with international whistleblowers by providing them with a translator. If you think that you have information on a SEC violation you should contact a SEC attorney right away and remember that you’re protected under client-attorney privilege.

SEC Whistleblower Attorneys are Here to Help

Not everything illegal will involve brawl and weapons. Some will involve legal violations, fraud, and corruption. That is why on 21st July 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act were put into place. The Act contains whistleblower provisions that increase awards and protections to individuals assisting the Securities and Exchange Commission in enforcing the securities laws and regulations. Whistleblowers are people who either alone or jointly with others, gives information to the SEC relating to the violation of the securities laws, that has happened, ongoing, or about to happen.

Bounties and Increased Eligibility Whistleblower are now available for securities law violations by both private and public companies for any judicial or administrative action brought by the SEC under the securities laws where the resulting monetary sanctions exceed $1,000,000. Whistleblowers are entitled to receive bounties of a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 30%. The Whistleblower’s Act establishes new bounties and protections for whistleblowers who report violations of the securities laws which could happen in government offices, formal organizations, and corporations. It is essential for them to report such illegal activities for the purpose of punishing the people who do illegal business, promoting honesty, and preventing public danger. Though, it is not easy to capture the white collar criminals who could have performed the act.

People would have qualms in giving information as they would fear job loss, discrimination, or retaliation. The whistleblowers Act prevent these things by setting up laws governing and protecting them. These encourage people to submit information anonymously, and it helps to minimize the potential for career harm thus helping the insiders who have access to critical information come out. For the whistleblower that opts to give out information anonymously, the Act requires him to obtain counsel, who can submit the information on the whistleblower’s behalf.

Dodd-Frank provides significant protections to whistleblowers against retaliation. Specifically, the employer may not demote, discharge, threaten, suspend or in any manner discriminate against a whistleblower for a legal reporting. In fact, any event that an employer retaliates against a whistleblower, the Act provides a substantial relief like double payback, reinstatement, and proper compensation for the related litigation cost and reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Indeed the work of the SEC Whistleblower lawyer is remarkable and beneficial to all companies and the world as a whole. It reduces the fraud rates by making sure that ethics and dignity are maintained in all spheres of the economy. Hence, the establishment of the Act and the huge emphasis on their protection is recommendable.

Twenty Three Layers is a Great Choice for Event Planning

When it comes to having a party or get together of any kind not everyone is looking to celebrate with everything arranged right down to the last minute detail. If you want to just make sure your guest are enjoying themselves, and you are able to also enjoy it, Lauren Conrad has all the best tips and tricks to make sure everyone including you, the host or hostess, enjoy the event too.

Lauren Conrad’s goal is to help you make sure that your party has everything it needs to be a great success without people feeling uptight, anxious, or uncomfortable when they attend. You want your guest to feel comfortable from the time they arrive until they leave. That is why Lauren and William do what they call easy themes for their parties or events.

If you were planning an elaborate formal celebration or event, Twenty-Three Layers would be an event planner to check out. This event planner is located in NYC and has done the planning for many functions and celebrations. Whether they were corporate or personal Twenty Three Layers is pristine with details and demands perfection. All made to impress your clients, friends, or family.

Twenty-Three Layers is known for having a great working relationship with some very exclusive establishments and the most sought after vendors. Their event planning will take you from picking the venue to setting the environment you would like. Whatever your premiere event may be, Twenty-Three Layers is your best go to event planner.

Lauren knows that anybody can present their table and food in a special way, but it should be enjoyable and specific to whatever the theme is so it is fun too. Let’s face it, if you are having a high school graduation party for your child at your home, who is going to want an elaborate 5 course sit down meal with candle sticks, fine china and crystal. You may not have to do anything to prepare for the event, but no one will be having any fun either including you. So sticking with the simple themes only makes more sense.

Doe Deere ‘s Cosmetics Company Vision

Once upon a time, all the major makeup brands were gravitating towards beige. For a while there, it seemed as though all that was offered was various makeups and lipsticks in varying shades of beige. Yes, the “nude and natural” look was in, but what about women who craved something with real color in it?

Luckily for makeup-loving women everywhere, an entrepreneur named Doe Deere decided it was time to make a bold move, makeup-wise. Deere launched an online makeup company back in 2008 called Lime Crime, and she used it to make her colorful makeup line dreams come true.

Bold Colors, At Great Prices

The Lime Crime makeup line uses bold and beautiful colors in its lipsticks, blushes and shadows. The effect is stunning, even as some of the colors are unusual. Deere isn’t shy about her love of vibrant colors. Her Unicorn lipsticks from Lime Crime use unusual colors like yellow, orange, blue and green for lip colors, along with many shades of purple and pink. Yes, it is a bold choice to wear these colors (Deere wears all these colors in her hair as well, switching up her look frequently), but when worn with confidence, they are striking and very beautiful.

Instagram Followers

The women who love Lime Crime’s colors are making it known on the Internet. Lime Crime’s Instagram page now has over 2 million followers. One of the keys to the success of the page is its interactive quality. Doe Deere wanted followers to be able to share their looks in Lime Crime makeup, and as they shared their personal photos of themselves wearing the brand’s bold looks, the brand’s online presence skyrocketed.

Product Innovations

Deere is also an innovator as far as her products go. She created the unique Velvetines Lip Color line working in a lab with a dedicated technician. After a long period of trial and error, they were able to create the right combination of ingredients for this liquid to matte lip color. It’s the first of its kind on the market, and it’s all vegan, too. The popularity of this unique lip color is proof positive once again that Deere is an innovator to be reckoned with.

Yes, Doe Deere is someone who has made her dream come true of bringing bold colors into the makeup world. Her many followers are proof that her dream was worth following.

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Lauren Conrad: Celebrity Turned Party Planner

Former MTV reality show star Lauren Conrad has all the great ideas you need to plan your next party. All you’ve got to do is follow Conrad’s rules for entertaining, and you’ll have a wonderful celebration.

After debuting two successful fashion collections, LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s and Paper Crown and conquering the publishing world with nine books (eight of which were New York Times best sellers), Lauren is bringing the success of her lifestyle empire into the homes of consumers. She has recently introduced The Little Market, a fair-trade retailer based online, as well as a new book, “Celebrate.” Some are even saying that Lauren Conrad is Martha Stewart for millennials. Conrad, however, says that Stewart’s shoes are way too big to fill, and she’s not trying to compete with the queen of all things domestic in any way.

However, Lauren does have some tried-and-true tips for planning a great party. Her most important suggestion is to stop obsessing over making everything perfect. She says that decorations that appear too put-together could be an indication that the party will be “fussy,” and she tries to avoid this when decorating. According to Lauren, a great party is one that makes people feel comfortable and welcomed.

Lauren may also be more at ease with putting parties together these days because she’s organizing events with her husband, William Tell. She shares that Tell enjoys easier design themes and doesn’t want to have friends go out of their way to add decorative elements to a celebration. Conrad says working with her husband has taught her the art of compromise.

To get a laid-back feel and expert design that is similar to so many of Lauren Conrad’s celebrations, contact Twenty Three Layers to get the job done for you. The design and event planning firm is based in NYC, and features a team of dedicated and creative professionals. Whether you want a one-of-a-kind birthday or are organizing a corporate event, Twenty Three Layers can put together a colorful and impressive celebration that will keep your guests talking well after the party is over.

Twenty Three Layers has connections with top-notch establishments and vendors, so planning an event can be a stress-free experience for you. For more information on how you can start planning your next event, visit

George Soros Shares His Opinion on the Crisis in Ukraine

George Soros, an American-Hungarian billionaire investor and entrepreneur, has always been involved in the liberation of isolated societies and communist communities under authoritarian rule. Today, he runs the Open Society Foundations, a non-profit organization that has donated billions of dollars to various charities across the world. On October 2015, George Soros released an op-ed that concentrated on the political situation in Ukraine and what the European Union could do to help the newly established Ukraine.

According to Soros, the European Union is famed for going through successive crises without actually tackling the underlying issues that cause these crises in the first place. This leaves the EU vulnerable to repeat crises in the future. As at October 2015, the EU faced 4 major internal crises and an external one. The internal crises included the falling Euro, the debt crisis in Greece, the British referendum and the continued immigration of refugees from the Middle East. The external crisis facing the EU was the situation in Ukraine.

A new Ukraine was born after the Maidan revolution that occurred back in February 2014. The new Ukraine is determined to introduce and sustain a strong democratic system of government. In addition, the new government is trying to introduce sustainable economic and social reforms that will allow the country to move forward.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Russian Aggression against Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has led a strong Russian aggression against the new Ukraine in a bid to topple the country’s political and social reforms. The Kremlin is afraid that if the new state succeeds in embracing democracy and capitalism, then other communist states in the region will follow suit. This would inevitably cause Russian citizens to start questioning the socialist policies upheld by the Putin administration.

Soros holds the believe that, in order to win the policy war against Putin, the European Union needs to offer economic assistance to the new Ukraine while at the same time increasing economic sanctions against Russia. This would empower Ukraine to defend itself politically, economically and defensively against the Russian onslaught.

Soros feels that he is well invested in Ukraine in part because he runs the Ukrainian Foundation and also because he has had a personal investment in the country. This led Soros to formulate a winning strategy designed to help Ukraine rise up from the clutches of Russia.

What Soros Recommends

The most important move that the European Union could take would be to increase financial assistance to Ukraine. This would provide the country with enough political risk insurance. It would also increase the country’s security against any external aggression. This would boost investor confidence in the state and revitalize the sluggish private sector.

Other than financial assistance, the EU should support the country’s efforts in coming up with an honest, competent and independent judiciary. This would go a long way in fighting corruption, which has long crippled the country.

Soros argues that supporting Ukraine should be a top priority for the EU because it would show the world that the union supports democracy. It would capture the spirit of solidarity and cooperation that the EU stands for, while dealing Vladimir Putin a huge blow in the region.

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How White Shark Media has Streamlined Operations Through Customer Complaints

White Shark Media is an established digital marketing agency that offers marketing solutions through online channels. The company has been mentioned as one of the fastest growing agencies in North America, deriving growth from the positive reputation that has been earned over the years. However, these achievements have not been without complaints from customers. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Of course, every business receives complaints, but this is not to mean bad news since how the information is handled is what matters the most. White Shark Media has managed to successfully turn customer complaints into successful strategies and here are few examples.

Adequacy of reporting procedures

At the very beginning, White Shark Media offered few reporting procedures, so customers could not understand what was going on in their small businesses. This raised several complaints, something that encouraged the company to respond with a solution.

Therefore, White Shark Media introduced a new system that would allow customers to receive in-depth explanations about their marketing strategies and to offer information about the progress of their businesses. There are several sections that offer information about certain keywords used in a marketing campaign and the user can get information about the performance of the keyword over time.

Communication streamlined
At establishment, White Shark Media was still in the process of developing their system to fully accommodate the needs of all their users. Communication is one of the things that many users found quite unreliable, so they had to post complaints about the lack of a proper system. The company was careful about how users were handled, so this information came as an idea to help develop the company.

More communication features were made available to serve the needs and suggestions posted by customers. It is now easer to reach and engage support since there are many active channels for customers.

AdWords performance tracking
Additionally, many questions were raised regarding how one could effectively track the performance of AdWords, because to some people the campaign would appear so confusing without real statistics. With this complaint, White Shark Media implemented the conversion tracking and Google Analytics features, which would be available to customers free of charge.

This was done to help users better track the performance of their results and to help in the optimization of AdWords campaigns to yield better performance. All these useful additions to the company have been as a result of the complaints posted by customers, which White Shark Media has utilized to streamline the system.