FreedomPop Lands Fundraising Landmark

For years the world of mobile cell phones has been evolving in a rapid but relatively linear way. Cell phone companies are now at the point where they are packaging exorbitant data plans with their expensive cell phones in order to lure customers into long contracts. These long contracts and expensive monthly fees might be the death knell of an industry, but freemium phone carrier FreedomPop had other plans. FreedomPop is an L.A. based start up with eyes on changing the phone industry in a dramatic fashion. FreedomPop recently offset talks of a merger and raised a huge chunk of change, $30 million to be exact, in a sign of things to come.

Fundamentally what FreedomPop offers their customers is simple: a chance to get a cell phone plan that offers everything they could need without any of the excess baggage of huge monthly bills. FreedomPop offers their core line up of limited data, talk, and text completely free. The only time that customers are ever expected to pay into the plan is when they use in excess of the limitations on their account. If you aren’t a heavy phone user or can curtail your needs then you’ll never spend a cent on your phone. Sounds pretty nice, right?

At face value what FreedomPop is offering is pretty astounding and it has brought in customers from all over the country. CEO Stephen Stokols has been in the public eye for years as he has crafted a route to success for his company. Of late there have been rumors of a merger going around and Stokols was quick to face up to the rumors. Stokols said, “It would be premature to sell at this point”. Stokols expounded by saying that his goal was to guide FreedomPop into becoming a billion dollar company as their success continues to be elevated throughout the United States and overseas. Stokols claims that their decision not to merge was done in order to maintain independent control and the freedom that goes with it to grow FreedomPop how they wish.

We’ve seen FreedomPop expand their market share by creating other products to give to customers. A WiFi network has been spread across the United States over the past year and it will allow customers to buy into a WiFi only plan. This is just one of the few decisions that FreedomPop has made in order to help grow their company in a different way.

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Ways to Increase your Company’s Online Brand

Online reputation management is a growing field of public relations. It is about the correction or creation of an online digital footprint. Many big businesses do not worry about their online reputation. One negative review can hurt a company and be hard to rebound from. ORM helps to establish the brand they want or fix their digital reputation. However, most businesses do not consider their brand until it is too late.


When online reputation management becomes a topic of conversation, it is usually because something terrible has happened to tarnish the company’s name. Companies take for granted the huge impact negative reviews can have on their company, especially when all the reviews are positive. But one the shift happens, they begin to see their costly mistake. There are ways to recover from this costly mistake.


Make sure you are a part of the conversation they are having about your company and your brand online. See what you are doing well by your positive reviews and respond to your negative reviews. By taking part in the discussion, you are showing your customers you are listening to them and caring about their concerns. Listening is a big key and it can be done data wise now. Many blogs and sites breakdown key words to let you know what customers are saying.


Negative comments will happen. Be care about how to address them. They should be address with a well thought out response and if the company is wrong, take ownership. Make sure your website is update and maximizing its search engine capabilities.



Doe Deere Helps Users Find Their Own Unique Look

When it comes to makeup companies, there is only one CEO and founder that makes a bold statement like no one else. I’m talking about the founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere. She’s a woman who has always spoken her mind and been passionate about makeup. She’s a firm believer in the power of makeup and that everyone should be able to express themselves. She sees makeup as an art form. Deere doesn’t feel like everyone should look the same and do their makeup the same. That’s why she’s created a unique line of makeup products.

One of the best parts about Deere’s company Lime Crime is that it doesn’t discriminate. Her makeup is for men and women of any age. She’s created a line of makeup that has fun colors and styles. She specializes in having a line of lip products that are every color. She’s got blues, pinks, reds, oranges, and all different shades. Deere decided very early on in her company that she didn’t want to be like the others.

If you ever see Doe Deere out and about, you will see that she truly represents her products. Deere always looks flawless in her makeup. She’s got a pale complexion which makes it easy for her to rock an array of colors. Not only is Deere talented with her makeup, she also has great hair! Deere likes to rock a bright color that usually coincides with her makeup choice. That’s why Lime Crime even sells hair chalk so people can get the fun color that matches their mood.

Deere is also very outspoken. She will say what’s on her mind and fight to uphold the reputation of her makeup. She has a makeup line that is known to be for those who are on the creative side. But the beauty of Lime Crime and Doe Deere, is that anyone can enjoy her products. Her makeup products are actually vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. They are long lasting, vibrant colors, and affordable! Deere has even put together a lookbook on her Lime Crime website to help those out who struggle to find their look. It’s full of people who have used the Lime Crime line and created a unique look. People can see what eyeshadows go with what lipsticks and how to expertly apply any shade. Deere has made all of this possible because she firmly believes in her product and she wants everyone to look great.

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Securus Video Visitation Changing Lives and Outcomes

The goal is to make you and your incarcerated inmate’s life more interesting and happy using the power of digital communication technology. Sadly, the happiness level of many people who have loved ones in prison is quite low. Securus Technologies’ goal is to change that by helping people connect using video visitation software. With low rates ranging from $5 – $20 a session,Securus Technologies is helping families recover from the shock of having loved ones in the criminal justice system.


Watch your loved one while you talk with them in the comfort of your own home. Video visitation software takes away the frustration of waiting in long lines. The goal is that you and your family would be reunited in an environment without competition from other eager families.


Video visitation is helpful, because it can give you an idea of your loved one’s health. If they seem to be suffering from abuse or neglect, you can report it to the appropriate authorities. Although video visitation may seem expensive compared to some other options, the total cost of an in person visit, including transportation and days off from work, far exceeds a typical phone call courtesy of Securus Technologies. That is why Securus offers this option for desperate families.


Securus Technologies has trained customer care staff that you can talk to if you have questions while doing your video visitation. If there is a disruption in the service, the Securus personal representative will make sure that you know about it. Securus total objective is 100% customer satisfaction with all their products.


Securus Technologies recently partnered with Apple to produce video visitation software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Now, you can chat with your incarcerated friend or family member while on the go. Flexibility and innovation are Securus Technologies’ absolute goal. Video visitation saves time and worry for its users. That is why Securus Technologies is always glad to hear back from so many happy users of the software. Many prison staff report that the products offered by Securus Technologies greatly reduce workload and help them be more effective with their work.


Securus Technologies is happy to have just added John Bell as Senior Vice President of Sales. The goal is that people would understand how Securus is helping people with all of their innovative product line. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and it is proud to serve more than 1,200,000 inmates.

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