Goettl Provides Cooling Air For The Hot Southwest

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business since 1939 when brothers Adam and Gus Goettl moved to Phoenix, Arizona and realized the need for a means to provide indoor cooling. It is more than an air conditioning company, although with locations in warm weather cities like Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas that particular service is in high demand. The company offers the three services for both heating and air conditioning that are essential for its customers. Those are repair, replace, and maintain. These services are available to both residential and commercial customers.


Maintaining an existing system is crucial and Goettl has the expertise to service heating and air conditioning equipment to keep it running. If there are problems discovered during maintenance, Goettl will provide the necessary repairs. When a system can no longer function, or is not economically worth maintaining, Goettl can provide the necessary advice on replacing the existing unit. They are a full service company dedicated to ensuring that all parts of a heating and air conditioning system are energy efficient while providing the best indoor air quality.


Goettl utilizes modern technology to communicate with the public. For example, a potential or existing customer visiting its website is offered the opportunity to chat live with a representative of the company. This feature allows a person to have direct contact over the internet, and receive advice on how to solve their particular problem.


Goettl has a separate website for each of its locations. This allows specialized treatment of its customers in Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas. A customer can also interact with the company on Facebook and Twitter. Use of both of these social media platforms allows for easier access to the company and its services. It also provides a platform for the company to relay the latest information in a timely fashion.


Goettl has moved with the times and maintained itself as a modern relevant company.

David Osio’s New and Innovative Real Estate Application

Recently, Davos Real Estate Group’s executive team, led by David Osio, said they were launching a new application for mobile phones known as Davos Cap Calculator. This application aims at assisting clients estimate their returns on real estate investments in a more accurate and convenient manner. Davos Real Estate Group (Davos REG) serves as one of the independent subsidiaries that form Davos Financial Group. For more than two decades, Davos Financial Group has been the leading firm in the large American market. This company provides comprehensive financial advice to different clients internationally. Furthermore, it focuses on formulating high quality investment strategies that meet the needs and expectations of clients.



Significance of the Application



For a period of six months, Mr. Gonzalez who is the executive director of Davos Real Estate Group, has been working hand in hand with the firm Tecknolution on the development and design of this useful tool. Davos Cap Calculator is designed to help clients calculate their capitalization rate, cash flow as well as net income for various investments in real estate. This application can be accessed on iPhones and Android devices since it is created using the latest and most advanced technology. Davos Cap Calculator is a clear reflection of Davos REG’s determination and commitment to fulfil its great mission of providing financial solutions to its clientele. This company looks forward to creating a series of unique and amazing applications in the near future to complement Davos Cap Calculator. According to Mr. Osio this application is a perfect fulfilment of the firm’s objective. On the other hand, Gerald Gonzalez contends that this great tool will allow investors have a clearer financial mission and vision when purchasing real estate properties.



A Man with Great Insight



David Osio is a graduate of Catholic University Andres Bello, a prominent university in Venezuela where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in law. With a deep passion in education, he enrolled at Finance Institute New York where he focused in studying equity portfolio management. Upon graduation, he began his career as a legal advisor at MGO, a law firm situated in Caracas. Additionally, he worked at Miami-based Commercial Banking for Banco as the vice president before founding his own company in 1993.



Under his direction, Davos Financial Group has grown to become one of the successful firms in the world. With dedication and hard work, he has been able to assist the company raise its income levels and enhance its expansion objectives. Currently, Davos REG has several offices located in Miami, Lisbon, Geneva and New York among others.






George Soros – a principled capitalist

George Soros was born in Hungary, in 1930, to a large Jewish family. His father had decided to change the family’s surname from Schwartz to Soros amid a general ambiance of severe anti-Semitism that pervaded the Hungarian countryside in those times. This foreboding zeitgeist got ever uglier as the 30s wore on into the 40s. Finally, the Soroses fled their native land. Unfortunately, their departure was not hasty enough for some members of Soros’ family as some of the young Soros’ aunts and uncles were sent to their deaths in Nazi camps.

This early brush with toxic nationalism and xenophobia had a profound, lasting impact on the young George Soros’ intellectual development. He gravitated towards philosophy as a means of understanding the world and preventing the cataclysmic outcomes caused by imbalance and ideals run amok.

In 1947, he was accepted to the London School of Economics. There, he was exposed to the ideas of famed philosopher Karl Popper on Forbes, who had gained international acclaim for, among other things, his seminal philosophic work, “The Open Society and Its Enemies”. Soros would eventually name his flagship philanthropic organization after this book’s title, calling it the Open Societies Foundations. Throughout this period, Soros became ever more fascinated by the power of ideas to shape the societies in which people live. The Popperian view was not so much one of detached idealism but instead relied on firm empiricism and a focus on abiding by the practical limitations of any program. Its chief concern was not creating utopias but in minimizing harm and maximizing the personal freedom of all. These ideas on Politico would come to form the centerpiece of Soros’ worldview.

Soros graduated in 1954 with a master’s degree in philosophy. For a time he labored at unsatisfying trades before realizing that he longed for something more consequential on opensocietyfoundations.org. Unable to find work as a philosopher, he resolved to go to work on Wall St.

He was hired at a small trading house on the recommendation of a college friend. Over the next 15 years, he skipped around Wall St., from firm to firm, eventually rising to the rank of vice president at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. Throughout this time, those who knew him said that he was little interested in the mundane routines of the trading office, instead opting to spend the bulk of his time and considerable talents on formulating his own ideas of how markets work. By the age of 40, George Soros had developed a novel theory, which he called reflexivity, that explained the inner workings of financial markets.

Finally, in 1973, he was able to begin running his own hedge fund, Soros Management Fund. Again, people who knew him during this period attest that his motivations lay primarily not in the acquisition of personal wealth or even the recognition of his peers, but as a means to test his theories on the operation of financial markets.

Over the next 40 years, those theories proved spectacularly sound. Soros has made annualized returns in excess of 25% since 1973, earning him recognition as being one of the greatest traders of all time. And yet his entire career has seemed to be colored not by the love of money but by the love of ideas.

OSI Group Ranks at the Top of Food Processing Industry

OSI group is a privately-owned food processing company, located in Aurora, IL. They provide protein items and other products to retail companies and other food service companies. They offer bacon, hot dogs, cooked beef items, smoked meats, chicken products, pizza and dough products, cooked beef patties and other items to the food industry. Their products are used to make meals, entrees, desserts and snacks. OSI Group was started in 1909.

OSI spent $7.4 million dollars in 2015, to buy Tyson Foods, Chicago facility. The plant is in the Back-of -the-Yards neighborhood, and provides an additional 200,000 square feet of space to OSI. They plan to use it for future growth of the company. Currently the firm has over 60 plants in 16 countries.

OSI’s UK division received the Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour Awards from the British Safety Council, for their efforts to improve health and safety practices at their factories, as well as focusing on eco-friendly operating methods. Their Scunthrope plant makes sausage and beef products that are used in the restaurant sector.

OSI is a family owned and operated business, with the goal of providing the top services and products possible to their customers. They try to help their clients keep their overall costs low, while still providing high-quality food products for them. Over the years, they have developed and maintained a reputation for being reliable and honest.

In addition to helping provide their customers with high-quality products, they help their own suppliers maximize their farming processes and therefore, their profits. They are experts at processing food and help companies and people at all levels of the food chain

OSI focuses their business on sustainability. There is a limited amount of space to grow food, and there are many people who are starving in the world. Using the strategy of sustainability, allows them to provide a steady supply of food to customers. You will rarely have to wait for your order to be filled. Working with OSI will give you the best quality products at the lowest prices available. This is why they are ranked in the top 100 food companies in the U.S.

Click here to view OSI Group’s profile on Hoovers.


With Christmas looming, Securus raises awareness of video visitation

Over the last decade, leading inmate communications firm Securus Technologies has been rolling out its innovative video visitation system. This system is a quantum leap over in-person visits and has enabled many inmates to stay connected to their families and loved ones who would otherwise have not had the opportunity to do so. As Christmas nears, Securus recognizes the vital importance this new technology plays in connecting inmates with their families during a tough time of year.



No place like home


For many families, the first few holidays during which a loved one is incarcerated can be particularly hard. Younger children have difficulty understanding why their fathers aren’t around and even for the grown-ups, knowing that they’ll someday be reunited can be little comfort during a traditional time of togetherness.


Making matters worse, many families with incarcerated loved ones simply don’t have the funds to come visit them at the prison. Video visitation from Securus solves these problems. The relatively low cost video visitation system allows for inmates to spend virtually unlimited time with family over a high quality video phone connection. Whereas all in-person visits are time-limited, video visitations are subject only to the inmate’s privileges and money on their calling plan. This makes a video call the next best thing to being there in person.


Because of the enormous psychological benefits of inmates being able to participate in the lives of their loved ones over the holidays, Securus has undertaken a campaign throughout all of its institutions to spread the word about the many benefits of video visitations. They’ve put together mailing campaigns to family members and have even done a number of touching, real-life video visitation testimonials such as this one.


Jail is a hard enough place to be. Securus believes in second chances, that most inmates just made a few mistakes and deserve to be treated in a respectful and humane way. There’s no better way to diminish the chances of recidivism than to allow inmates to be an ongoing part of their families lives. Hope will keep them going on the inside and it will keep them from going back once out.



About Securus


Securus Technologies is a diversified prison services company specializing in inmate communications and prison operations and management solutions. It has an extensive range of high tech products. With over 700 patents, Securus Technologies is the market leader in the U.S. prison services space. For more information please see securustech.net.