Hurricane Harvey Brought Out The Best Out Of Texans & Tony Petrello

No one can ever predict a natural disaster, and the United States has had their share of them. The people of Puerto Rico, for example, are still dealing with the aftermath left behind by the hurricane that ravaged the island. Families are still without power and some without water, but the people of this island are fighting together. This is something the people of Houston are also dealing with because they are fighting against the aftermath left behind by Hurricane Harvey. This Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, and it left a lot of devastation. Many people in the state lost their homes and livelihoods.

It is strange but also heartwarming to see how people naturally help each other when tragedy strikes. The city was full of people who helped others during this time of need. It was heartwarming to see people offer each other shelter and monetary assistance. Humanity shined when churches lived up to the teachings they believe in, and it was beautiful to see organizations like the Houston Food Bank really make a difference when it was needed. Houston even saw businesses step up to the plate and help, such as Nabors Industries. The CEO of this company, Tony Petrello, made sure their company helped Houston out.

Of course, Tony Petrello knew that his company was not going to solve every problem, but that did not stop him or his company from helping in whatever way they could. One thing the people of Houston truly appreciated was the company’s large kitchen. In this kitchen large meals were prepared every day to feed people who needed food. The people were able to eat three meals a day, which definitely gave people one less thing to worry about. This gave people enough energy to continue helping others and neighborhoods to rebuild their lives.

Tony Petrello has helped the communities in many ways before. The company has been instrumental in several community projects and has also donated money to ensure Houston’s prosperity. What the company was providing in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey was just an extension of the kinds of acts the company already did for Houston. It is pretty obvious that people care about good corporate citizens now more than ever before. Some could say that the actions taken by this company were just done to promote the company, but those who know Petrello and those working with him will say these individuals are just naturally good-hearted.

Petrello sponsored his employees by providing paid leave to help at the Gulf Coast and to help feed people. Some employees tended to their families and their friends as they were affected by the hurricane. These employees were given the freedom to do what was in their heart without worrying about paychecks, thanks to Tony Petrello.

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Dr. David Samadi – Innovator of Urology

Dr. David Samadi, M.D., is well known for his constant innovations as a surgeon in the field of urology. Not only is he a regular contributor to major national news outlets such as Fox News where he discusses important issues such as healthcare reform, he is also an expert in the treatment of prostate cancer. Although Dr. Samadi’s life may seem glamorous now, he has had to overcome plenty of adversity in order to get where is today.

Dr. Samadi had always been an excellent student and enjoyed obtaining new knowledge that would get him closer to reaching his goals. He was forced to flee his home country of Iraq back in 1979 as Saddam Hussein’s regime took control of the country. This led him to travel the world and study abroad to gain the skills necessary to make his dreams of becoming a medical doctor a reality. Dr. Samadi eventually settled in the United States with his family and attended Stony Brook University. He first achieved a degree in Biochemistry, and later enrolled in the medical program at the Stony Brook School of Medicine, where he was able to complete his dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Throughout his many years working with patients with prostate cancer, Dr. Samadi has been able to come up with some of the best treatment plans and advice for patients that are dealing with the deadly disease. He highly recommends opting to have surgery if the cancer is localized to the prostate over undergoing radiation treatment. Patients that go through with radiation have a much greater chance of death or developing a secondary cancer in another part of the body. Notable prostate cancer patients that have taken his advice on getting surgery to remove the cancerous prostate include high profile politicians such as Colin Powell, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney.

Along with his innovative work in the treatment of prostate cancer, Dr. Samadi also has many years of experience in treating kidney and bladder cancer. His approach to working with patients and practicing medicine follows a quality over quantity approach. He prefers to take his time really getting to know his patients in order to get a true understanding of their unique situation. This allows him to tailor his surgical approach perfectly for that individual patient so they can achieve the best possible outcome with minimal risk involved.

Today, Dr. Samadi is the chairman of the Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, located in New York City. He has held the position since 2012 and it is one of biggest accomplishments. He also teaches a new generation of medical doctors at the Hofstra North Shore School of Medicine.

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George Soros And His Continued Attempts To Aid In The Creation Of Open Societies

Philanthropists come from various walks of life, while some have been blessed with ample amounts of finances from the beginning, others work hard, toil away, and when they make something of themselves, they carry their people with them. George Soros is a self-made man, humanitarian and philanthropist who had a humble life, but when he soared high as one of the most important hedge fund managers for significant accounts, he decided to share his success with those who weren’t as fortunate as him.

George Soros, at 87 has done a significant amount of good in the last few decades, with his first act of selflessness in 1984 through a substantial donation to foundations. Over a period he has funded various causes and charities with over $32 billion, and one of his significant contributions in 2017, was to the Open Societies Foundation where he handed them $18 Billion, over a short span of time. This funding was done with his own assets and with the intention to found a society that is devoid of judgment and discrimination. This foundation works towards the goal of supporting the real sense of democracy as well as improving human rights for everyone, but mainly for minorities. With his help and support, these foundations have helped numerous people in more than 100 nations.

As a believer of open societies and the concept of unified rights for people, and better systems than merely the free markets, this philanthropist has always made attempts to walk the talk. He has aided in making policy changes that ensure justice and equality for minorities from around the world. He supports any minority suffers public and police brutality and helps them get a voice and be empowered. Not only has he supported various groups that represent Europe’s Roma people but also those people that have been forced to become victims of drug and the skin trade. He actively engages in assisting the lesbian, gay, transgender and similar communities by helping them fight discrimination and helping them get empowered and be accepted by the people that they are.

George Soros also supports higher education and has funded various institutes to aid in better K-12 education systems. He has also made various attempts to ensure that students that wish to study can pursue their dreams despite their economic background. This humanitarian has founded as well as financially supported the Central European University of Budapest that teaches social sciences. He has also engaged in the fight for the right of freedom and expression, on an international level to ensure that societies work on just principles and not on pre-conceived notions.

As a philanthropist with liberal thoughts and the belief for real peace and justice on this planet, he has actively supported various charities, foundations, and organizations that include but are not limited to The Institute for New Economic Thinking, the International Crisis Group, and Global Witness. He advocates the importance of positive policy reforms and has tied up with leaders throughout the world to make these improvements to better the lives of numerous people in various locations, with diverse economic and social backgrounds.

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Securus Technologies Continues to Grow

Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, announced in early 2018 that the company has reached a deal to acquire payment processor, GovPayNet. This comes less than two years after Securus acquired JPay, another payment processor. The move will now allow the company to have the capability to process over 4 million payments per year, making it perhaps the largest processor of government debit and credit payments in the United States.


GovPayNet will continue to operate under their name, maintain their main office in Indianapolis, and CEO Mark MacKenzie will remain at the helm. Any other terms of the agreement were not made public. GovPayNet has over 20 years of experience in processing bail, tax, commissary, traffic and criminal fines, and many other payments made to government entities. They have over 2,300 government agencies under contract as of 2017.


Securus Technologies is the premier player in the prison technology sector, with a number of subsidiaries operating under its control. Some of these subsidiaries include Guarded Exchange, Modeling Solutions, Evercom, JLG Technolgies, JPay, and Archonix Systems. The company has been in existence since 1986 and has acquire over 20 companies since they began operation. The headquarters of Securus are located in Dallas, Texas and they have three other locations, employing over 1,000 people, in both Texas and Georgia. The COO and President is Robert “Bob” Pickens, who has lead the company in these negotiations with GovPayNet. They have contracts with over 3,500 corrections facilities in North America and provide services to over 1.2 million inmates. Some services offered include phone and video conferencing, email and education services, biometric analysis, inmate and parolee tracking, and a host of others.