Matt Badiali : Buy Gold Stocks Now

Matt Badiali is among the professionals who command respect in the investment world. The Banyan Hill employee has been influencing the lives of many individuals in the market by helping them to access the investments that will help them to acquire wealth without major challenges. The scientist has a great reputation. Many years ago, the renowned scientist chose to abandon his career so that he could concentrate on finance. Although the decision seemed to be tough for him at the start, the businessman has been so successful, and he does not regret it.

Matt Badiali is always in the limelight because of the kind of advice he offers his followers. Most of his audiences are the people who want to earn money using natural resources. His social media platform has been used as the perfect place for the businessman to spread more information to the people in the world. Just recently, Matt Badiali used his Twitter profile to educate the investors about gold stocks and how they are going to benefit if they take his advice in the right way. According to Matt Badiali, if you have not yet owned a gold mine stock, then you are not doing yourself any good. The businessman is asking all people to take up this challenge because they are going to benefit significantly in the recent future.

The prices of gold have been increasing in the recent times, and this means that the people who own gold have chances of earning profits in the future. The value of gold is always given a top priority in the international community. In the last five years, the prices have not been doing well, but this is not going to be the case in the future. Sometimes, gold investments seem to have a very bad reputation, especially when the investors do not have the right background in natural resources. When you learn when to purchase and dispose your precious metals, this investment can be the perfect way of earning a lot of wealth. Matt Badiali is not a stranger in matters concerning gold and other natural metals. The businessman understands this industry so well.

Fortress Investment Group’s Services Fit the Market Uniquely

When it comes to investing, venture capitalists seek companies that offer them the best deals especially in private equity and investment advisory and consultancy. Losing money due to spending blindly and not involving knowledgeable institutions can be devastating hence the need to seek external support. Additionally, one should invest after having identified a reliable and competent partner to manage their investments. Fortress Investment Group is one such institution that offers operations controlling, investments based on assets and capital markets as well as profitmaking mergers and procurements. In that case, clients seeking any of these services can approach the group for guidance as it has a remarkable reputation. The firm was founded in 1998 by Wes Edens, Peter Briger and Randal Nardone as well as Rob Kauffman who retired early. The Fortress Investment Group could be said to have the best management as its principals are experienced individuals with prior expertise to its founding.

The Fortress Investment Group happens to be the first large-scale privately owned Equity Company to go public through the initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. Currently, the firm has more than 1,750 investors globally in private equity, stable capital vehicles and hedge funds worth $43 billion. In that case, its growth over the years since inception is evident in its investments and the clients they have won. To help the company achieve its objectives and serve its clients better, it acquired other companies such as Intrawest, RailAmerica, Florida East Coast Industries, and Penn National Gaming. In that case, Fortress Investment Group is diverse in its investment ventures and is not limited to any kind of business.

In regards to its long-term achievements, the Fortress Investment Group became acquired by SoftBank at a tune of $3.3 billion which makes it a big deal. The best thing with the acquisition is that all the three principals retained their positions which means that their expertise would still be of value to the firm. The company continues to set the pace for other institutions in the same business especially after being the first one to launch an initial public offering. The firm has as well received awards such as credit-focused fund of the year from the institutional investor magazine for its innovation and success in its field of business. Additionally, Fortress Group won the discretionary macro-focused hedge fund of the year which means that various entities have noticed their remarkable work.

Jeremy Goldstein and Assistance With Mental Conditions

The Associates Committee of Fountain House organized a Fall Fete that took place on November 1st, 2012, a pleasant Thursday. This was the group’s number five “fete” in a row. These fetes take place each year without fail. The objective behind the gathering was to help ambitious youths learn all about the organization’s in-depth mental health approach. It was to teach them about its effort to battle perceptions that relate to mental concerns as well.


There were a number of individuals who functioned as Chairs for the Fall Fete. These individuals were Jeremy L. Goldstein, Katie Zorn, Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, Sarah Simmons Goldstein, Byrdie Bell, Reha Kocatas, Kathleen Kocatas, Li Phillips, Jennifer Oken, Katie Tozer, Alexandre Desmarais and, last but certainly not least, Madeleine Potvin. The gathering had the backing of both Lilly USA, LLC and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


The group’s Supported Education Program was a big component of the evening. It showcased the Associates Scholarship Award Fund as well. This was launched in 2011. Jeremy L. Goldstein operates as a Co-Chair and board member. He indicated that the group honors two people who are part of the Fountain House on a yearly basis. It honors them by giving them scholarships. These scholarships aid individuals who have experienced educational setbacks that were brought on by mental conditions.


Katie Tozer is another Co-Chair. She positively acknowledged both Alexis Preston and Heather Hynes. Preston is a student who goes to The New School University. She studies the subject of early education. Hynes, on the other hand, is a commercial photography student who goes to LaGuardia Community College.


LC International’s Vice President is called Mario Maccioni. LC International is the name of an eatery group that’s in charge of Le Cirque. Maccioni showed up at the gathering in order to conduct a discussion. He shared many thoughts that revolved around his battle with depressive disorder. Maccioni was an example of true bravery. Severe mental conditions impact millions of Americans annually.


Jeremy Goldstein works for Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. He’s a partner for the legal practice. The firm works to assist management crews, Chief Executive Officers and compensation groups.


Goldstein got his education at the School of Law at New York University in New York, New York. He’s equipped with a JD (Juris Doctor). He went to the University of Chicago, too. That’s the school that gave him his master’s degree. He even went to Cornell University.


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Discover How the Academy of Art University Introduces New Pieces!

The Academy of Art University and more specifically, The School of Fashion, is pleased to publish the introduction of FW/19 and SS/19 collections at New York Fashion Week with Pier 59 Studios. The runway exhibit will debut a new rank of designers, giving a stage to showcase their determination, talent and hard work through the internationally esteemed fashion week.

The School of Fashion has shown collections designed by recent graduates and select students throughout New York Fashion Week since 2015. This time, seventeen creators from the programs of the Master of Fine Arts will display an overall of two menswear and eleven womenswear collections; of the thirteen collections, three were made using collaborations in knitwear, fashion and textile design.

The sets will launch at 8 PM on Saturday, September 8th with Pier 59 Studios. The 2019 works will be observed by an audience of international and national media, fashion industry recruiters, executives and associate designers.

This will be the first period that the School of Fashion is going to host a two-day exhibit in New York as well, enabling industry professionals to see the designers’ portfolios and collections close up and to join the creators in person. The display is going to be on Monday, September 10th and Tuesday, September 11th, through 9 AM – 7 PM at Kimball Studio.

Executive Director of the School of Fashion, Simon Ungless, had this to say:

“The works reveal the designers’ talents to explore their own spirit while mastering the craft. They have esteemed the heart of our vocation and carry conscientious disciplines into three-dimensional design, textile design, construction and tailoring techniques. Simultaneously, they have skillfully integrated the application of sustainable concepts and technology into their products. It was a delight for every one of us at the School of Fashion to guide them through their fashion instruction, both online and onsite. We are looking forward to seeing them shape their careers in the industry.”

Malcolm CasSelle Looks to Blockchains as The Future of Cryptocurrency

Malcolm CasSelle has a vision of the future, and it involves what he has come to call internet 3.0, blockchain technology. In a recent interview with IdeaMensch CasSelle, an international entrepreneur and current CIO of OPSkins, referred to blockchain tech as the next phase of the internet. Internet 3.0 is the new innovation that will change everything. According to CasSelle it is at the forefront of a new billion dollar business, and he is excited to take part in it. CasSelle became CIO of OPSkins, a global leader of in-game asset sales, in 2017. He is also the president of a new P2P platform operating in a decentralized marketplace. WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange is the innovated gaming network that finally allows gamers a decent return of investment. The marketplace uses blockchain technology to legitimize its transactions.

Before OPSkins CasSelle was CTO of New Ventures for Tronc Inc. In his interview CasSelle spoke about his newest venture WAX and the blockchain technology fueling it. “Blockchain technology is the problem solver for cross-border micro-transactions,” He explained. The technology records transaction data in long lists. The lists serve as an identifier of fraudulent sources, allowing users of decentralized markets protection. According to CasSelle the technology was an obvious innovation. “Others would have eventually invested in the idea, so we are essentially creating our competition.” CasSelle says.

Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of MIT and Stanford, holding both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Sciences. His first company was founded in 1995, and was a media production website called NetNoir. CasSelle’s experience. in the digital world is vast, and has allowed him to be at the forefront of many advancements. He served as a top level executive in payment solution companies when digital transactions came about. He was the CEO of Xfire, which was a social network developed during the early days of social networking. He was also an early stage investor in Bitcoin, Facebook, and Zynga. According to CasSelle he has experience both internet 1.0 and 2.0 in his career. Internet 1.0 occurred during his time at PCCW, while internet 2.0 occurred during the collaboration of Tencent and Groupon.

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