Equities First Holdings Is a Global Lender That Sees an Increasing Trend of Borrowers Who Use Stocks As Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a world lender and leader in offering optional shareholder financing solutions. The company is registering an expanded traction in stock-based and margin loans in an economic environment where traditional financial institutions have tightened their lending criteria. Thus, equities borrowing is getting more popular for investors seeking to raise working capital easily or even who may not meet the minimum requirements with conventional credit-based loans.

Despite having some alternatives that exist for these kinds of borrowers, over the recent past, most banks are said to have cut their loaning options, increased interest rates and tightened loan qualifications. The founder and CEO of Equities First, Al Christy, Jr. views stock loans as an innovative means of borrowing for potential investors who seek for working capital. Normally, stock-based loans have a greater loan-to-value ratio compared to margin loans and come with a fixed interest rate, thus giving certainty throughout the period of transaction.

According to Christy, within the normal three-year loan duration, fluctuation in market is inevitable. However, stock-based loans offer a hedge with borrowers reducing their investment risks in a downside market. Also, most stock-based loans bear a non-resource feature allowing borrowers to walk away from their loan at any time of their wish even when the stock value goes down. Hence, the borrower keeps the initial cash and is no longer held accountable by the lender and its Linkedin.

Also with stock loans, borrowers anticipate a fixed interest ratio ranging from 3 to 4% and a loan to value ratios varying from 50 to 75 percent. The loan comes with no restrictions and thus can be used for different purposes. Equities First has been established on the code of transparency and integrity with the firm depending on spearheading regulatory, legal and trading institutions for counsel. The mission is to offer the optimum benefit with small risks to ensure every investor can meet their professional and personal financial goals and more information click here.

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Oncotarget – Great Strides In Oncology And Cancer Research Papers

Oncotarget is a free content traditional journal that covers a wide array of oncology and certain aspects of aging, lymphocytes, neurodegeneration, neurons, and more. They publish these research papers online, on a weekly basis. Oncotarget publishes oncology and cancer research papers presented to them, as well as research papers on endocrinology, physiology, pathology, immunology, and diseases linked to certain ages, young and old. Oncotarget has other areas of research papers. There are sections of Advisory and Editorial Boards dealing with many fields of study including all fields of pathology, in or outside of oncology, including immunology, chromosomes, cell disease, and other related fields of study.

If you are interested in submitting research papers, in any of these sections of oncology or science, select a section relating to your research paper in order to submit the research to Oncotarget. If no field is related to your research, just choose “other”. If submitting an editorial, select “Editorial”, no matter the subject. Oncotarget is ranked highest in total documents within all Oncology journals for 2015 through 2016 in the USA, with 6391 documents.Oncotarget has a main mission along with these secondary missions.To quickly attain good scientific results and make them rapidly available to a wide audience, to make a great impact with the presented research papers.

Using a perceptive reappraisal, and permit the exceedingly exceptional research papers to be shared quickly and, to get rid of the boundaries among specialties in order to connect the various biomedical and science fields and to nurture diligence of chemical and basic science to combat disease. Oncotarget’s main mission is to achieve a life without disease.This Journal aids researchers in contributing to science’s progress, with the help of prominent scientists’ guidance and leadership. There are currently more than 250 research papers available from the Editorial Board. Oncotarget’s success has allowed them to launch other sections outside of oncology, bringing them closer to their main goal, a disease free life.

Jose Auriemo: How He Manages to Keep JHSF at the Top in the Real Estate Sector

In the real estate sector, JHSF is well known as a company. Over the decades since its inception in 1942, the company has managed to provide modern day solutions in the real estate sector. In fact, the company was the first to provide going green solutions in the real estate industry in Brazil. This is essential as it shows the company recycles materials for building as opposed to destroying the environment.

Who is behind the success of JHSF

At the helm of this real estate company is Jose Auriemo. A CEO who is innovative has great ideas and sets quality for the enterprise’s products and services at a high bar. JHSF’s stellar portfolio is owed to this CEO.

By improving the extensive retail and shopping portfolio, Jose has seen this company expand and now has branches all over South America as the as the U.S.A.

Fashion Market

Through partnership agreements with groups such as Pucci, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, the company saw the opening of these brands’ retail outlets. Other collaborations have included JHSF and Valentino to open up Valentino stores. Therefore, the CEO’s main aim is to expand the company through partnerships and innovative ideas.

Emerging Markets

Venturing into emerging markets has also helped Jose see the rise of the company. From just selling real estate, the group now provides property development services as well as administration of the said properties.

The company manages its growth through looking for development opportunities. This is Jose Auriemo’s sole responsibility. Considering the growth of JHSF, it goes to show without any doubt that it is owed to the company CEO.

Economic growth

With the improvement of the company, the growth of real estate is possible. With the growth of real estate in both South America and USA, the economy of Brazil is significantly improved. As such, we get to see that the CEO focuses on development projects not just for the company’s growth expansion, but the growth of Brazil’s economy.

With a presence in Salvador, Sao Paulo, Manaus, Punta Del Este, New York, and Miami, the companies rise has just begun with Jose Auriemo at the helm.


Here are Three Things Rocketship Education Relies on to Boost Students’ Performance

CEO Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education alongside John Danner in the Golden State one decade ago. Rocketship Education (RSED) is currently a network of eighteen public charter schools, administrated independently of metropolitan areas’ school boards, allowing its particular students to obtain the education they deserve. RSED has schools all across the United States, from Washington DC to the San Francisco Bay Area. Unlike most public schools suited in low-income, impoverished regions, RSED’s students consistently contribute high test scores, achieved through a number of unique strategies not employed by most other educators.

So, what are these strategies?

Parents must be included in regular schooling functions

Administrators, teachers, and students are the three central groups directly involved in schooling. Although parents and guardians learn lots about students’ experiences at school, along with their thoughts about teachers and peers, many schools don’t value their inputs. One of the many ways Rocketship Education’s eighteen schools sticks out among competitors is through involving parents in the interview process.

Each year, every facility that plans on hiring new instructors asks several parents to conduct group interviews with applicants. They’re first trained to carry out panel-style interviews, each applicant being reviewed by an average of six parents, then administrators solicit notes taken and the opinions parents have towards potential candidates. While parents don’t control the hiring process, their opinions are as heavily valued, if not more than, administrators’ opinions.

Staying away from stowing away special students

Far more students than most people realize have learning, social, or developmental disabilities. Rather than leaving students within their normal, everyday, generalized education classrooms other educators require students to spend a bulk of their time at school with special education teachers. While RSED employs these special education instructors at every facility, more than 80% of their days are spent in their normal classrooms, facilitating a normalized, confidence-boosting learning experience.

Teachers are subject to certain standards

An important function of teachers at Rocketship Education is to visit each child’s home at least once a year, helping detail personalized education plans. Instructors must also be pliable and receptive to criticism, as parents’, students’, and administrators’ feedback is a key aspect of what makes RSED, Rocketship Education.


Helping More Families Save For College By Acquiring College Savings Bank

In late 2015 Nexbank,a leading regional bank headquartered in the beautiful city of Dallas, TX, took a huge leap of faith and acquired College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey.

Being that College Savings Bank specializes in 529 college saving programs, this acquisition will give Nexbank the ability to better serve their current clientele by making it easier for families to save money for college.

By working with College Savings Bank, Nexbank clients will now be able to take advantage of the tax benefits that come as a result of investing in a 529 college savings plan.

College Savings Bank will not undergo any re-branding. Instead the company will act as a division of Nexbank and continue to maintain is name and current operations. They will continue to provide multiple FDIC-insured CD investment options and high-yield savings accounts as well.

According to Nexbank Capital President and CEO John Holt, acquiring College Savings Bank is a very important move because it helps with the overall funding strategy. It is therefore a win win for both companies.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Matt Siekielski said the acquisition is a “unique opportunity to expand our platform responsibly and position us for growth in the short- and long-term.”

To learn more about Nexbank and how they are helping families save for college, visit them online at www.NexBank.com


Borrowing Money with Equities First Holdings

Running a business requires a lot of capital. Some business owners are looking for ways to expand their company in the months ahead. Borrowing money to grow a business is risky, but sometimes this is the best financial move.

Equities First Holdings is a company that specializes in helping business owners with their financing. This company has a track record of success in the lending industry. Not only does the company have great loan options, but they are focused on customer service as well and learn more about Equities First Holdings.


Financing Tips

When borrowing money in business, it is vital to have a plan to pay it back. Business owners can get into financial trouble by borrowing too much money at one time.

Debt reduces the amount of financial flexibility a business owner has. Not only that, but it also increases the risk of default. Financing is a great way to improve a business, but you have to have a plan in doing so.

Working with Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a company that has been in business for many years. During this time, the company has helped hundreds of companies get to a new level.

Many business owners enjoy working with Equities First Holdings because the company concentrates solely on business owners and people with a lot of capital. Equities First Holdings is also investing in an online platform to make borrowing easier. This is a great way for business owners to borrow money quickly and read full article.

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Jose Borghi: a Force to Reckon with in the Advertising Industry

Jose Borghi is a Brazilian businessman and an advertising guru. He is a graduate who majored in advertising. Borghi initiated his career in 1988 at Standard Ogilvy. He has also worked at FCB, DM9/DDB, and the well-known Leo Burnett. During his tenure in these agencies, he served as the head of creations and president and learn more about Borghi.


Borghi’s career history

Having worked for Leo Burnett, he later left the company to establish his firm, BorghiErh Agency. In 2006, new partners came on board and merged the companies, forming Borghi/Lowe. He then took over the presidency of the corporation and helped in the restructuring of the enterprise. After a couple of years, the Mullen group came on board, and the company was renamed to Mullen Lowe Brasil. By 2015, Borghi became the co-chief executive officer of the agency. This agency has since served a variety of clients, including Unilever Knop, Ducoco, Omo, Clear, Close up, Di Santinni, Surf, and Boehringer Ingelheim.


Jose Borghi takes credit for launching some of the most influential media campaigns, such as Fiat’s “Rever Conceptos,” Honda, Parmalat’s “Mammals,” and “Carlinhos” for the Down’s syndrome Association. Borghi has worked in collaboration with major stakeholders in the advertising market, such as FIAT, BankBoston, Honda, America On Line, Grupo Folha, American Express, Bunge Group, Leroy Merlin, Shopping Iguatemi, LG, and Delta Airlines. Borghi has won various awards, including 15 at the New York Festival, 20 Lions at Cannes, the Archive editor, 11 awards at The One Show, and the 12 Clios Awards and Borghi’s Website.


Borghi speaks about design and marketing

Borghi has an interest in designs and how they are incorporated into marketing. He has collaborated with entrepreneurs, such as Jaako Tammela, in developing designs used in branding. These two business people have been discussing on the prospects of using latest models to communicate a product’s specialty. According to Borghi, the incorporation of branding and design creates campaigns that are real and can reach out to more clients. This is the basis of a successful advertisement campaign. Borghi believes that there are three layers of a creative campaign. The first layer involves what we feel, see, and sense. The other layer is comprised of originality of the marketing ad. The last and most important layer is the ability to give meaning to the things that we visualize. Based on his vast experience in advertising, Borghi feels that when all these aspects are put into consideration, one can create some of the most elaborate ads.

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Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Spark Rumors for Bigger Deals with Jay Z

10 Years ago, Jay Z made headlines when he sparked a deal with Live Nation for $150 million dollars. This deal is now coming to an end and he is looking for new music industry leaders to place a mark in his recorded music business known as Roc Nation. The original deal with Live Nation was signed in 2008.

The original deal brought with it the deal known as the 360. This deal is what is triggering talk about the sell-buy stake of Roc Nation. This could allow for the business to be purchased by one of the companies. It could mean that Roc Nation purchases the complete deal or that Jay Z could purchase the whole business.

For Jay Z, the portion of Live Nation which tours with Jay Z is still maintaining its position for touring with Jay Z however they no longer want to participate in the recorded music side of the deal. Someone who is close to the situation has said that the deal with Live Nation is no longer going to be extended for the purchased rights to artists and their recorded music as they are no longer extending into the relationships with those artists. More to read on runninglip.com.

The sources close to the situation add that the long standing relationship with Jay is very appealing and they wish to continue their end for a number of years down the road. Jay Z and his partner with Roc Nation, Desiree Perez have began talks with other labels which would give Jay Z the ability to pull together more resources in order to place more artists on the streaming services. The meeting took place between the Universal Music Group when he met with them on the Santa Monica, California offices where the talks are that Universal would purchase a portion of Roc Nation.

Additional article to read here

The insiders who are with Universal say that there is already a deal with Roc Nation that allows for distribution however this is said to only be a small portion of the business with Roc Nation. The talks are to allow for more and bigger investments into Roc Nation. Related article on hitsdailydouble.com.

Desiree is very much into social media, check her page, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/desiree-perez-b9451222.  For updates on Desiree’s recent timeline activities, click on crunchbase.com.

OSI Group – The Leading Global Food Solution Services

OSI Group is the chief global food provider which works together with the leading retail food firms and foodservice brands to satisfy the needs of clients all over the world. With the establishment and fiscal resources of one of the greatest autonomously possessed food providers, OSI Group gives clients different wide products with the company having broad ability to produce, source, develop and deliver custom food solutions and services across the world.

At the focal point of the association are an entrepreneurial eagerness and spryness that brings intrigue and a can-do ethic to customer composed endeavors. You can rely on OSI Group for new approaches to bring cutting edge food solutions. OSI furnish clients with custom food plans made to your correct needs, effective and tried inventory stock system capacity, and special culinary ability and global flavor information. The company also ensures, innovative research and design facilities that assist in coming up with a new menu and meal ideas, quality assured exercises and top notch food security practices, and maintainability all through the firm’s wide framework.

OSI Group serves its customers by holding fast to different core values such as acting with integrity, accomplishing the best for the company, working together as a team, coming up with innovative solutions, continuous improving services and seeking of partnering associations.

OSI Group ensures custom food taking care of, which incorporates vegetables, proteins, meats, and natural products. At OSI, all that is made is in line with the request of the customers’ amazing solicitations, correct particulars, and operational essentials. Click here to know more.

OSI Group has a great time providing pork, pizza, seafood, hamburger, poultry, baked items and different commodities to the market far and wide. The organization point is to guarantee that all items provided to customers meet their extremely needed necessities. The organization works as an inseparable unit with you to guarantee they convey custom food products as ordered.

Thier LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Clay Siegall’s Biotechnology-based Research Work at Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is among the science experts who are greatly appreciated for making tremendous contributions towards cancer treatment. He is a specialist in genetics and biotechnology and been hired by the government and various private institutions. Siegall has spent the last three decades working as a researcher, and his work has bettered he pharmaceuticals industry. He joined efforts with various biotechnology experts to establish Seattle Genetics in 1998. The primary focus of the enterprise has been to develop safe cancer treatments that do not have harsh side effects on the patients. Chemotherapies are currently used in curing cancer, but they lead to hair loss and many other problems.

Seattle Genetics has now become a research hub that has employed many biotechnology experts to developed cancer cures. It has secured FDA licenses for various therapies that it has created. The company is recognized for being the pioneer in the development of antibody drug conjugates. This technology is used in cancer treatment and is safer compared to chemotherapies. Seattle Genetics has made a lot of money from ADCs through the internal production of drugs, licensing corporations to use the technology in making drugs, and partnering with companies to manufacture drugs externally. The firms that it is currently working with include Takeda, Bayer, and Genentech Pharmaceuticals.

Siegall has been an excellent administrator for the past two decades that he has served Seattle Genetics. He is the firm’s CEO and the chairman of its board. He has guided it in developing different targeted cancer therapies and is still working to improve them. Clay trusts the expertise of the company’s employees since they have assisted it in developing top-notch cures and have been approved by the FDA.

The biotechnology expert has gained a lot of experience in the past three decades that he has been a researcher. He currently acts as a board member of companies such as Mirna Therapeutics, Ultragenyx, and BioPharmaceuticals. Clay has made significant accomplishments in his career. This includes developing 15 patented technologies and writing more than 70 research articles. He is a holder of a Ph.D. in genetics and a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology.