Sushi Itto And Omar Yunes Make The Perfect Team

Omar Yunes, Franchisee of Sushi Itto, was the name heard all around the world when the winner of 2015s Best Franchisee of The World award was announced. The contributions Omar Yunes made with Sushi Itto really stood out when compared to other franchisees. He completely revolutionized the role a Franchisee has with their franchise and the results were nothing but positive. He was able to better manage and control the franchise as well as understand the inner workings of the network a lot better than most. CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelo, even spoke up at the event saying that the joint effort between the two has had a positive impact on employee and customer relations.

The main purpose of the Best Franchisee of The World event, is to showcase franchisees from all around the world. In 2015s event, more than 34 representatives from different countries attended the competition. It was held in Florence, Italy and people traveled from all across including areas such as Brazil, Portugal, and Hungary. The main purpose of the competition is to showcase some of the most innovative and inspiring franchisees the different countries have to offer. Participants are judged based on the role they play as franchisee and how much they are able to transform their individuals franchise networks. Both Omar Yunes and another finalist from Mexico named Ivan Tamer were able to demonstrate that.

Ivan Tamer was another finalist from Mexico that was mentioned for the work he’s done with Prendamex. Prendamex is a series of pawnshop busniesses located all through out the country of Mexico. Ivan Tamer was able to successfully intorduce a new marketing system for all of his Pawnshops to use. There are now multiple companies, similar to pawnshop, who are using the same tools and systems to market and grow their own companies. Both Ivan Tamer and Omar Yunes are transforming the way Mexico does business.

Jason Hope Talks About The Latest Trends In Technology

Jason Hope has a lot of belief in the Internet of Things. This is because he considers it as the latest tech trend that is going to make a big impact in the world. Jason Hope has a reputation for being an entrepreneur besides being a frequent writer on the latest that is happening in the world of technology. People consider him an authority on this subject. Hence whatever he writes and says is listened to and accepted by all. Recently he wrote about the Internet of Things extensively on His articles are able to define the direction in which the new technology is heading.

Basically, the Internet of Things is the technology that promotes various devices to be in sync with each other. Now, this would include all those devices that are a part of our daily life. This would include our phone, kitchen appliances, car, home alarm system, street lights, and such other electronic devices. With this technology, these devices can connect to each other by making use of the same network. In the same way, data is shared too. This helps to increase efficiency as well as decrease waste. This helps on the domestic front and in commercial applications too. Hence individuals are able to access and share their data from any place at any time. In the same way, businesses do not have to duplicate work. This will save on resources. Besides, it will also lead to lesser chances of committing errors.

Jason Hope explains that the Internet of Things can completely change the way in which businesses operate due to the reasons explained above. This is committed to becoming biggest advancement in the technology industry for years to come.

The impact of the Internet of Things will be massive. This is the largest corporations in the world will be willing to make massive investments on it. Once these global players in the economy start embracing these technological advances that are being offered by the Internet of Things, the other companies will have to join in to keep with the pace. So we move towards the world where all conceivable devices are connected with each other.



Petrello: Nabors Secret Weapon

Anthony Petrello, Tony to his friends, is a successful businessman with a long history of education and work excellence. Anthony Petrello obtained his bachelors and masters degrees in mathematics from Yale University and got his Doctorate in Law at Harvard Law School. He began working at Baker & McKenzie in 1979 and ended his career there serving as the Managing Partner of the New York City Offfice from 1986 to 1991. He then joined the Nabors companies in 1991 where he continues to contribute today. In 1991, Petrello served as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries Limited. He then transferred to the Nabors Exchange Company in Canda and served as is president from 1992 to 2011. In 2011, Anthony Petrello was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Limited and continues to serve in that capacity as well as on multiple Boards (some within the Nabors portfolio).


Petrello has served in leadership positions with Nabors for the majority of his career. Nabors is in the oil business ass a contract driller and oil-field service company that has a huge apetite for acquisitions. The company’s services remain in high demand especially in the shale-fracking business. Petrello is also affiliated with many other organizations as an advisors and member of many boards. The companies he is most known for working with include, Yale University, Texas Children’s Hospital, Stewart & Stevenson, Harvard Law School, and the Nabors companies. His association with the Texas Children’s Hospital is extremely personal and he serves ass an advocate for research programs that address the needs of children with neurological issues and more information click here.


As a member of the Nabors executive team, Anthony Petrello is highly compensated. Petrello’s annual salary is listed as $1,575,000 for based salary, but he is also compensated through multiple stock options, other compensation factors, and exercisable options that were valued at 12,134,707 during 2015. His total compensation figures are over $15 million, but that does not place him on lists for highly compensated individuals and learn more about Anthony.

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Career History of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties, and his Philanthropy

Hussain Sajwani has been the CEO of DAMAC Properties since he established it in 2002. Sajwani is an Emirati who graduated from the University of Washington and then ventured into the business and management sector afterward.

His first task was a contracts manager at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (GASCO), a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Sajwani then ventured into real estate business where he constructed hotels in the 1990s and subsequently founded DAMAC in 2002. Read more: Hussain Sajwani Family | Celeb Family

Properties and businesses for Sajwani and his companies

DAMAC Properties is a parent company to several companies all owned by Hussain Sajwani family. Sajwani and his companies have been working with different kinds of properties and businesses. The most notable ones include leisure, residential, commercial, and real estate properties and businesses. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

A flagship company by the name DICO Investments Co LLC also owned by Sajwani deals with private equities and mergers and acquisitions and is also active in major holdings.

Sajwani’s Relationship with Donald Trump

The relationship between Sajwani and Trump started back in 2013 when the two entered into a deal to put up two Trump-branded golf courses. Trump International Golf Course Dubai was launched in February 2017 while Trump World Golf Course is expected to start operating by late 2018. Trump invited Sajwani to New Year’s Eve celebrations after winning the presidency and described him as a wonderful person.

DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties deals with the development of commercial, leisure, residential and real property development. It is mainly based in the Middle-East and has its headquarters in Dubai. DAMAC Properties was developed in 2002 and has since then developed well over 16,800 homes and boasts of a development portfolio of above 44,000 units.

Philanthropies supported by Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC

Hussain, the DAMAC owner, is a known philanthropist who strives to support the government of UAE in its effort to support the poor around the world. He gave out two million AED as a contribution towards to be used for buying clothes to children from poor backgrounds around the world. DAMAC also gave out one million AED to support the refugees from Jordan and Lebanon who were affected by instability in the Levant.

Kabbalah Centre History of Teaching Universal Wisdom

The study of universal wisdom, known as Kabbalah comes from Zohar (ancient texts) and writings of Rav Isaac Luria. During ancient times, Adam, Abraham, and Moses were taught the knowledge of Zohar, which was traditionally restricted to Jewish law scholars. In the 13th Century, the study of wisdom united Jewish rituals, beliefs, and the concepts of Esoteric. Access to the writings of Kabbalah was forbidden without supervision of kabbalists and rabbis in the 18th century. Its texts were coded, cryptic, and handwritten knowingly to prevent others from misinterpreting its knowledge.

Rav Shimon Bar Yochai authored the book of all wisdom, which was written in Aramaic by his student, Rav Abba in second century CE. Between the 1500’s and 1800’s, kabbalist studies expanded to the Jewish communities in Middle East and Europe. During those times kabbalists practiced Judaism in worship, rituals, and the study of Torah. Their strongest beliefs were that everything in the universe is connected and earthly actions have an influence on matters in existing realms. Traditionally, they pilgrimage to spiritual sites, studied at midnight, and practiced meditations.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag was among the men who studied kabbalah in Jerusalem to increase their knowledge, in the 1900’s. He moved to Israel in 1921 and one later, to Jerusalem where Kabbalah Centre history began and kabbalist teachings transformed to modern 20th Century. Rav Yehuda translated the ancient Aramaic language of Zohar into the modern Hebrew language. After his passing, two students, Rav Berg and RavBrandwein became leaders of the Centre and its Linkedin.

Today, the Kabbalah Centre has extended its existence to locations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceanic, and Middle East. The non-profit organization teaches students the principles of kabbalah to use as life tools for the formation of joy and lifelong fulfillment. The Centre offers studies at all locations through classroom settings, online courses, audio, books, and lectures. The secrets of Zohar are now available to the world and translated for easier understanding to apply to everyday life circumstances. KabbalistRav Yehuda is the master mind behind the interpretation of the ancient texts to modern teachings of wisdom, practiced and studied by millions of people and learn more about Kabbalah.

Kate Hudson Builds the Marketing Strategy For Fabletics

Kate Hudson is growing strong when it comes to building her Fabletics brand. She is getting people excited about the VIP membership, and she is opening more stores in order to get sales consultants to promote this VIP membership even more. This is going to be one of the best ways that she can compete with Amazon, and she shared with CNBC how this plays a part in her marketing strategy.


She knows that there are an abundant amount of marketing opportunities out there, but she realizes that in order to identify these one must know who they are actually marketing to. What Kate has done is extend her sizes from extra small two plus sizes for 2x and 3x customers. This is a great way to build a brand and also extend the customer base quickly.


Another thing that Kate Hudson has realized over the years is that it takes someone to look at the sales numbers in a way that can tell you what garments are actually selling. Kate has stated that she looks at the numbers for sales every week and she is noticing what items from Fabletics are not moving off the shelves. She considers the benefits of checking the clothes that aren’t selling so she can revamp her marketing strategy. She believes that customers are going to gravitate towards things that are new and innovative so she makes a habit to bring in new collections every month. She is building a bass line of clothing, and she knows that she can always revamp and update her collection for the clothes that are not selling very well.


Hudson definitely has a lot of different things that play a part in her marketing strategy. One thing that she has done over the years is determine prices based on how well the inventory is actually selling. When there is a certain demand for products she knows that it may be possible to sell these items at full price. If there is not a lot of demand for certain things, however, she is well aware that she can sell these at discount prices in order to lure new members to Fabletics.


Kate Hudson also gains a lot of inspiration from what the competition is doing. She knows that Amazon is one of her biggest competitors, and she makes every effort to also check out what the competition is selling.

Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime cosmetic company, was born in Russia and currently lives in Los Angeles after living in New York City for many years. Her philosophy on beauty is that if you are happy and feel good about yourself, you will look great! Lime Crime was created by Doe when she could not find the bold color palette that she so loved. Her love of bright and eye catching colors was shared by many other people in New York, and Lime Crime was an almost immediate success. Doe Deere is an inspiration to young people all over the world and Lime Crime continues to grow from one success to the next.


When Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008 as an all-encompassing fashion brand. The creation of the make-up products became necessary as the style at that time was mainly muted colors and neutrals. Deere continues to do all of the day to day duties as Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime, and has not slowed down at all. She is a firm believer that success takes a lot of hard work, and even if you have been very successful in the past, you will need to keep working hard to create even bigger successes in the future.


It is the up and coming Generation Z that excites Doe the most. This generation has been “plugged in” since birth and are by far, the most tech savvy cohort of all time. This age group is also very well known for their individuality and bold expression, especially with their personal style. Ms. Deere believes that true individuality is one of the most important aspects of life, and she is excited to work with these young people now and into the future. Generation Z seems almost tailor made for Lime Crime!


In addition to their great makeup, Lime Crime is also very well known for their temporary hair dyes that are available in a range of outrageous colors. Doe believes that these fun and bold shades for temporary hair color are becoming more and more accepted. In fact, it is not uncommon for both a mother and daughter to have matching purple hair!


Doe Deere is excited to see what the future holds for the brand as its CEO. Lime Crime is a passion project for her, and she loves to connect with people of all types through their products!

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EOS Lip Balm Sweeps the Nation

Chapstick, as we know it, was nothing more than a way for us to keep our lips from looking dry. It really wasn’t much to talk about. It didn’t have any fancy smells or

bright colors. EOS is breaking through and making history. EOS lip balm is a makeup brand of lip balms. They aren’t your typical lip balms. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. It was founded by Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky and later Sanjiv Mehra, co-founder and managing partner. It is a must have in the beauty and fashion industry. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are both seen wearing EOS lip balm. The founders have decided to have a sit down with Fast Company and discuss the strategy behind their brand. They felt like it was time to tell their loyal supporters their story and why they created EOS.

Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky simply got tired of seeing the boring, old school, unisex lip balms on the shelves of the neighborhood drugstores. They wanted to create a variety of lip balms that came in different colors and tastes, even better, the quality of natural ingredients. For women, having a lip balm was an essential product needed for a makeup regimen. EOS founders realized that women were their perfect consumers to target. It then allowed them to create fun and feminine lip balms with different colors and shapes. They wanted to form an emotional connection with their buyers.

Their strategy also included the fact that they didn’t want to overpower other products that were already on the Amazon online market. They feared that would turn their brand into more of a gimmick and nothing long lasting. They have worked hard to build a presence on social media outlets. They have more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and almost 7 million followers on Facebook. They sell over 1 million lip balms a week. What a success!

What Is It Like Making Money With The Traveling Vineyard?

Making money with the Traveling Vineyard has never been so easy with this new form of how they conduct business. They work closely with their team of wine guides to give them all the support they need. Not only do they give you great marketing tools and resources, but they back it up by giving their guides the help of the experts in their cities. So wherever you may live, there is most likely a couple of wine guide experts in your area who can help show you the ropes in a group or private setting. It’s great to receive these insights because they can help so much.

The first step turning selling wine into a career is to make sure that you go out there for your first wine tasting event. After you have the courage to do, it will continue from there and you will see results take place day after day.

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It’s scary for the first time, but you will receive how many important it is to really be out there and constantly be talking to the right people. You can also make direct sales with friends and family if ever the discussion comes up. It’s about learning to feel comfortable with people and really showing what Traveling Vineyard has to offer them.

Traveling Vineyard provides great flexibility in terms of handling success, accomplishing growth and development, alongside reaching new goals in your financial life. This is the way to do it because of how supportive the company can be.

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Doug Levitt’s Political Campaigning Turns Into ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ Art Project

Doug Levitt first began riding Greyhound buses across the U.S. as part of a job he had taken to try and register voters in favor of Democrat John Kerry during the 2004 Presidential election, but the need to ride the bus has continued even after Kerry lost the election to President George W. Bush. ‘The Greyhound Diaries‘ has developed into a multimedia art project that includes a web series, music, book, and a live stage show that combines all the work Doug Levitt has so far undertaken.

Understanding the issues facing the people of the U.S. is something the Washington D.C. born musician Doug Levitt hopes to do and bring those living in major areas of the country a view of U.S. citizens that is largely hidden from view by the mainstream media; Doug Levitt has completed around 120,000 miles riding Greyhound buses he states are largely used only by those with few options. Levitt believes ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ shows just how unequal U.S. society really is and explains he has met a number of former prisoners from the U.S. prison system who are often given a bus ticket from the jail they are released from to the scene of their crime.

Doug Levitt has spoken of how therapeutic it has been for himself to discuss his own life with the people he meets during the journey’s he undertakes for “The greyhound Diaries’ project; Levitt believes his own history that includes the suicide of his father when Doug was 16 allows him to feel a sense of closeness to the people he meets living in poverty across the U.S. and learn more about Doug.

Prior to working as a musician and artist, Doug Levitt enjoyed a successful career as a foreign correspondent for major news networks, including CNN and ABC in the U.S. Coming from Washington D.C. Doug has often spoken of the fact the U.S. capital protected him from seeing much of the poverty seen across the U.S., but his travels to Europe and beyond inspired Doug to explore the issue of inequality seen across vast portions of the U.S. and more information click here.