Billionaire Charles Koch’s Donation to the George Mason University

George Mason University is located in Fairfax, Virginia approximately 20 miles from Washington DC. The university offers more than 208 bachelor’s degrees, masters and doctoral programs. George Mason University is a public institution that was started in the year 1972. The university prides itself as being the best research based institution nationally.

Mason undertakes to provide undergraduates with an opportunity to conduct efficient research that is overseen by its team of qualified professors in the relevant fields. The university has been a major beneficiary of the Charles Koch Foundation headed by billionaire and philanthropist Charles Koch.

Forbes magazine places Charles Koch as the 9th richest person with a net worth of around $42.9 Billion. He is 80 years old and lives in Wichita, KS in the United States. His wealth is from diversified business ventures. He is a holder of a bachelors of Arts/science and a masters of science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Koch is a philanthropist and runs a number of charitable organizations. He has set up quite a number of trusts that touch on cultural, educational and research fields. Majorly his foundation is focused on research, policy and advancing educational projects in schools with the aim of churning into the market professionals. He also helps fresh graduates build up their careers both in entrepreneurial and policy making.

One such institution that has been a beneficiary of the Charles Koch foundation is George Mason University which statistics show that it got the largest share of the funds. The major reason why Charles Koch chose this university is because of its reputation of producing the best graduates in the law and economics field.

Many people including students from the university have questioned the move by the Republican billionaire to fund the university with arguments over the independence of the institution being raised. On the response to that concern the CEO of the foundation stated that they do not interfere with any policy making in the university, theirs only being to write the check.

The money that the foundation donates to the university is used for a number of activities within the institution. One that is notable to state is channeled to the law school.

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