Brian Bonar: Capturing the Flow, Financial Industry To Fine Dining

As the principal for MG2 partners, Scottish born, Brian Bonar possesses an insightful vision for architectural designing, planning and management. His highly visible projects include, Costco Wholesale Retail Buildings and the corporate campus at Costco Headquarters. Bonar is fully accredited with the National Council of Architectural Boards (NCARB) and is a licensed member of the The American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Brian Bonar is an insightful business visionary with a keen interest in development and natural outgrowth of several industries; besides his lead role with MG2 partners, he has been involved in the financial services industry for over three decades.

In 2010, Bonar was selected for Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Executives are chosen for this award based on excellent performance during the previous year in the areas of business efficacy, leadership, and professional and academic achievements. Brian Bonar financial career has span over 30 years, including seventeen years with Dalrada.

After working for others, in 2013 Brian Bonar began a very new business adventure in prestigious area of San Diego, Escondido. Escondido is known for attracting the “crème de la crème,” of architects; most prefer the destination for the provincial assortment of retail and dining establishments.

While most come to shop and eat, Bonar’s sharp intellect lead to planning and development of his first high-end restaurant. Bonar opened a bistro in the area, which is one of several other restaurants he now owns in Escondido. The largest procurement by Bonar to date is an expansive ranch/restaurant that extends for a total of 144 acres. It’s this property, the Ranch at Bandy Canyon, which serves as the anchor of his growing organization of world class eateries. Read more:  Brian Bonar | Whitepages

What’s most impressive about Brian Bonar is that he initially began in the financial industry and his broaden his outreach to now include entrepreneur and restaurateur. According to an article published in July, 2013 in San Diego magazine, Bonar has established quite a presence in the area; known for catering to the demand for aesthetics and excellent fine dining.

For his bistro dining establishment, Bellamy’s, Bonar spared no expense in hiring the top talent. He selected a Master Chef of France to make the dining experience worthy of its decors; which features Coppertone interiors with opulent seating and polished jazz paintings.

Brian Bonar excelled in the financial industry and maintained the positions as Chairman of the Board, CEO and President for several successful organizations. But, it’s his innovation as an entrepreneur that is serving as his namesake. Bonar’s bistro is known for the remarkable service staff and a menu filled with delectable items, offering fine dining at its best.

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