SKOUT is Celebrating Superheroes And Making A Difference


When we think of superheroes we usually think of fictional characters such as Batman or Captain America. But SKOUT, the global app that helps people meet from all corners of the globe, is on a mission to celebrate real life superheroes that are helping make their communities a better place to live in.

According to an article published on PRnewswire, SKOUT teamed up with the Make A Wish foundation in the Greater Bay Area to help grant wishes to children who really deserve it. They did this in honor of National Superhero Day, which took place on April 28th.

To make this happen SKOUT used their virtual gift feature. Every time a user gave a friend a superhero-themed virtual gift within the app, SKOUT made a donation to Make A Wish. They continue to make donations until a wish has been fully funded.

Over the last few years SKOUT has used the virtual gift feature on many different occasions to help give back to the community. They have donated to a variety of different organizations including food banks, animal shelters and now the Make A Wish foundation.

Over the last year over 400,000 virtual gifts have been given through the SKOUT app to help support various charitable causes. Each of those virtual gifts has turned into a donation that will help change someones life.

SKOUT’s efforts to bring awareness to important causes has been a huge success. To date they have helped feed more than 30,000 people in the San Francisco-Marin area. They have also helped senior dogs get wellness exams and cats get adopted by loving families.

To help celebrate National Superhero Day, the team at SKOUT decided they would have a little fun by running a superhero-inspired survey. The results of the survey were quite interesting.

Three out of four people said helping those in need is what makes a person a hero. Even better is the fact 80% of those surveyed said they want to be a superhero in real life.

You can get full survey results by visiting the SKOUT blog.

When it comes to meeting new people and expanding ones social circle, SKOUT is the app that can help you do that. To learn more about the app visit

Original Source: SKOUT Celebrates Real Life Superheroes on National Superhero Day

Talk About Communication, Talk Fusion Has It All

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. As this company grew, they built a strong commitment to helping family, community, and the environment. When they launched the first ever Instant Pay Compensation Plan, they knew they would achieve great success. With innovative products and marketing strategies, they soon developed a stellar reputation.

Talk Fusion is a global leader when it comes to marketing solutions, especially when video is incorporated. They help nurture and develop businesses through this video technology.

Recently, they launched a video chat app and the results have been amazing. Ranking high all over the globe, this video chat is compatible with all other devices. It’s HD quality is remarkable. It allows people all over the world, with different forms of technology, to communicate and collaborate. The results have been so overwhelming, that Talk Fusion has decided to add a 30 day free trial so everyone can see how wonderful this app is. It doesn’t matter what devise you have, you can down load the app through I Tunes and get started using it with no risk involved. If you find that you wish to continue using this app, then you follow the outlined procedures for purchasing the app.

Talk Fusion is so excited about this app, they are considering putting many of their other apps on a Free Trial basis so people can see just how innovative and productive these apps are.


Securus Technologies Comes Up With Another Communication Technology To Serve And Connect

Video visitation app is the new application released by Securus Technologies as a solution to the improper connectivity and communication in most inmate correction centers. The company launched the application for Android smartphones and Apple devices and has already recorded 60,000 downloads for the Android smartphone app and 5000 downloads for the Apple devices. Securus video app is an efficient and free application to download also easy to use. After downloading and installing the app, one is only required to synchronize their calendar to the application and will constantly receive notifications of scheduled video visit communication. Download the Google Play app here or find it in the App Store for Apple products.

Not only connecting but reconnecting has Securus done to many families especially those whose incarcerated friends and relatives are in correction agencies far away from them. All one is required to have is to connect to a Wi-Fi network and work with a device with high-quality video. Video communication will help pass messages and feelings that mere inmate phone calls are not enough to do. It also prevents families from facing the wrath and rigidity of many prisons when visiting the inmates. Inmate’s safety too is enhanced as harmful materials and substances cannot be passed over to the inmates. Now the prisoners can play a part in important family events like birthdays and holidays.


Securus a firm located in Dallas, Texas has managed to serve 3,450 correctional agencies in safety promotion and more than 1,200,000 prisoners. The company has also created solutions that are not only promoting safety but rehabilitating the prisoners through technology. Prisoners can now learn more about technology, and they will be able to use it when out of prison to get themselves a job. Securus services have been for more than 30 years especially all over North America and have even made the work of prison agencies very easy.

Through technological solutions, Securus conducts public safety, monitoring of products, information management, inmate communication and criminal investigation. The firm has also promoted the connection of emergency situations to the required safety providers and share information on delicate issues to the required safety providers. Securus manages all the services through a team of patents, sales persons, software developers, customer service reps, engineers, and programmers. Their leaders are also on the toe on matters of innovation and creativity; it is the most and only outstanding firm concentrating on communication with the incarcerated and prisons.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the Securus product on Amazon nor is it affiliated with the Securus America website.