Jose Borghi is a Unique Advertising Talent

One of the most critical needs of any business in the world today is advertising. Nearly every market is oversaturated with businesses offering similar products. What’s more, mediums like social media make advertising more accessible and therefore widely used by nearly every business. In this kind of business landscape, it becomes even more important for companies to use advertising to reach their customers. Without exposure to the public, specifically concerning the services and products that ad companies offer, it is difficult for companies to compete in this market.

One of the top ways to increase exposure in the commercial world is with advertising. However, advertising is far more complex than the average person or company realizes. Even getting your advertising out in the public is not a guarantee that the ads you create will produce results. Advertising requires a well thought out plan and a way to implement this plan. This is why many companies employ advertising agencies like Mullen Lowe, who have decades of experience, to handle their advertising initiatives.

Advertising agencies specialize in tailoring a message for your company and product and getting it to the people. These agencies know what it takes to produce successful advertising results for your business. In Brazil, one of the most respected advertising agencies is Mullen Lowe Brasil. Their agency has an exceptional reputation, cultivated over many years, across the advertising world. Their President of Mullen Lowe Jose Borghi is one of the men credited for their incredible success.

Jose Borghi is one of the best advertisers in Brazil and is well known in advertising all over the world. Borghi has had a storied advertising career and is known as an innovator in the industry who has a unique talent for understanding the advertising business and more information click here .

Contrucap Helping Brazilians Own Property

The process of buying property can be very overwhelming. But aligning yourself with a real estate developer, such as Construcap, can make the process a little bit easy. They will provide you with various designs that fit into your budget and preferences. Unlike most companies who only hold properties at exorbitant prices on, Contrucap is different. They have everything for everyone, regardless of the budget limit. The company started small and so they understand the needs of the middle class buyers. Construcap have even gone the extra mile to have an in-house financing. This clearly shows how passionate they are about helping the people of Brazil own property, especially at these harsh times.

Construcap was founded in the year 1944, meaning that they have over 7 decades of experience in the industry. That being the case, they definitely are the best choice if you are looking to have a new property. Their services range from construction, financing, designing to engineering.

Currently, Construcap is one of the biggest construction companies in North America, both in terms of market share and the value of assets owned. They are known for having constructed some of the biggest properties in the area. Among their most notable clients include InnovaCare, based in Dallas Texas. They are also responsible for constructing the Mineirão stadium.

Another factor that makes Construcap a leading construction company in Brazil and beyond is the fact that they are certified and have even received certification for their safety standards on They create a great environment for their employees to work in so that they deliver you quality. They are also known to empower their employees through training. They especially accept illiterate adults and give them the basic education. If they pass, they are further trained to work in their sites.

Construcap reaches a larger market share by licensing subsidiaries. InovaSaude at is one of the major subsidiaries of Construcap. InovaSaude has a 17 years licensing to build health facilities for Construcap. They are also responsible for supplying the health facilities that they build in Sao Paulo, Sorocaba and San Jose Campos, with equipment needed.

David Osio’s New and Innovative Real Estate Application

Recently, Davos Real Estate Group’s executive team, led by David Osio, said they were launching a new application for mobile phones known as Davos Cap Calculator. This application aims at assisting clients estimate their returns on real estate investments in a more accurate and convenient manner. Davos Real Estate Group (Davos REG) serves as one of the independent subsidiaries that form Davos Financial Group. For more than two decades, Davos Financial Group has been the leading firm in the large American market. This company provides comprehensive financial advice to different clients internationally. Furthermore, it focuses on formulating high quality investment strategies that meet the needs and expectations of clients.



Significance of the Application



For a period of six months, Mr. Gonzalez who is the executive director of Davos Real Estate Group, has been working hand in hand with the firm Tecknolution on the development and design of this useful tool. Davos Cap Calculator is designed to help clients calculate their capitalization rate, cash flow as well as net income for various investments in real estate. This application can be accessed on iPhones and Android devices since it is created using the latest and most advanced technology. Davos Cap Calculator is a clear reflection of Davos REG’s determination and commitment to fulfil its great mission of providing financial solutions to its clientele. This company looks forward to creating a series of unique and amazing applications in the near future to complement Davos Cap Calculator. According to Mr. Osio this application is a perfect fulfilment of the firm’s objective. On the other hand, Gerald Gonzalez contends that this great tool will allow investors have a clearer financial mission and vision when purchasing real estate properties.



A Man with Great Insight



David Osio is a graduate of Catholic University Andres Bello, a prominent university in Venezuela where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in law. With a deep passion in education, he enrolled at Finance Institute New York where he focused in studying equity portfolio management. Upon graduation, he began his career as a legal advisor at MGO, a law firm situated in Caracas. Additionally, he worked at Miami-based Commercial Banking for Banco as the vice president before founding his own company in 1993.



Under his direction, Davos Financial Group has grown to become one of the successful firms in the world. With dedication and hard work, he has been able to assist the company raise its income levels and enhance its expansion objectives. Currently, Davos REG has several offices located in Miami, Lisbon, Geneva and New York among others.






Sam Boraie: A Pillar in NJ

Few words come to mind when Sam Boraie’s name is mentioned: a real estate business, a philanthropist, and a visionary. Having grown up watching his father, Omar Boraie, build a well-respected real estate firm, Boraie Development, Sam realized early that he wanted to follow his footsteps. It only makes sense to join Boraie Development: a Pillar in New Jersey that has renovated shoddy neighborhoods with high crime rates and turned them into gems. 2013 was an especially remarkable year when Sam Boraie and his team at Boraie Development were able to collaborate with former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal to build a 23-story complex, housing 169 apartments as well as retail stores in Newark, NJ. The partnership continued when O’Neal desired to also build a cinema complex with Sam. The continued collaboration shows the charismatic relationship that Sam has with his partners. Other notable buildings that Sam has helped to develop include The Aspire in New Brunswick, NJ and The Estates at Waverly Place in Montgomery, NJ.

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The Aspire was built with younger people in mind; close to Rutgers University, Sam, and his team did a great job in constructing the building with a combination of luxury apartments and two bedroom apartments for students as well as for fresh graduates and young professionals. Though the intention was to build for a younger crowd with not much room in their budget, Sam did not compromise on quality and vouched to build with the reputable Tishman Construction (they built the World Trade Center) to include luxury add-ons such as gourmet kitchens, wooden floors, and high ceilings, just to name a few. The price range, however, even with such amenities, ranges from $1,750 to $2,750 monthly. The Estates at Waverly Place, on the other hand, are built with a completely different intention. Based in Montgomery, New Jersey, these states are geared towards families looking for custom-built estate-style homes near one of the best school districts in New Jersey. Montgomery is also home to many shopping centers, cinema centers, and hospitals–and ideal suburban community. See:

Sam Boraie, besides expanding Boraie Development’s real estate market, is also deeply passionate about fundraising and philanthropic ventures; in 2014, he helped raise nearly $800,000 for the State Theater in New Brunswick and was recognized as one of only four honorees. He also cares about children and the education they receive, supporting various artistic and academic programs. A special non-profit near and dear to Sam is Elijah’s Promise, which aids in delivering healthy meals to people unable to afford them in New Brunswick, NJ.

This is just the beginning. Sam Boraie, having watched his father build an empire and help the community in the process, hopes to walk along a similar path and has already accomplished so much at a young age. This is a true mark of a visionary, and it will be exciting to see what more is in store for Sam Boraie and Boraie Development for the future of the company and also for the communities in New Jersey.

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The Need to Know on The Davos CAP Calculator and Davos Real Estate Group

Have you been wondering what the DREG is doing? If you have then you have come to the right place. One of the developments that has been made by this business is the real estate application that is a calculator for investors. Want to know more about this application? Well, this application really is pretty amazing, it gives the user the ability to calculate how much around the income of an investment in real estate would gather. This would of course be going off the place/location that the user of the application has chosen to look more into.


Want to know what the business DREG is all about? That can be pretty easy to figure out if you look into the heritage of the business. Being that the business is branch of the DFG it would be easy to find all that you need to know on them. The latter of the two businesses is a business that focuses on giving out to their clients financial advice that is comprehensive. If you were to take a look at the life of Gerard González, who happens to be a DREG Executive Director, you would find that in the past 6 months he has been pretty busy with the developing of the real estate calculator. You would also see that during that time he had been working alongside Tecknolution for the whole with the application.


People that used the application have found that it is very nifty. Mostly everyone is able to use the application right now, being that it is now used on the iPhone and of course any Android device. This application is however just one of many applications that will be getting put out there as a part of series.


Need to Know on Founder David Osio


If you have ever heard of the DFG you have probably heard the name David Osio mentioned quite a few times. That would be because he is the Founder and Executive Director of the business. During the time of him being invested in financial work Osio has had the time to get all the resources and information he has needed in order to succeed at what he does in his business. What was Mr. Osio before his time spent with his business? While, to find that out all you would have to do is look at the history behind him. He went a university within the location of Venezuela when he was younger and he studied way into the world of law.


Following the studies he did he was able to get a job in a very well-known law firm as a Director. There he was put to work using his advising skills and helped clients when it came to legal advice. After all of that was over he was listed as a student with another university, this one being in New York instead of Venezuela. This university gave him the much needed time to study what he needed to in order to learn about things like banking. 1993 Was the year that David ended up founding his business and since that period in time has learned what he has needed to in order to make sure his clients stay happy and that his business succeeds.


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Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a businessperson from Switzerland who is the current founder of Swiss Start Up Factory. In recent years, Mike has developed one of the more innovative companies in the world. With his company, he has helped a number of businesses throughout Switzerland get established and reach their potential. Before, Mike was running his own company; he worked in the banking industry for over two decades. He would then quit the banking industry to begin investing in numerous start up companies, During this time, he worked with a number of business owners and helped them get the funding necessary to start and expand their businesses. Over the course of his career, Mike Baur has won a number of awards which demonstrate his record of achievement.


At the beginning of his career, Mike Baur was working in the banking field. While he was in banking, he would often meet with business owners and discuss their financial needs. They would often request financing for their business start up or expansion. If the businesses were financially stable, Mike would arrange financing for their objectives. During this time, Mike would begin putting together an idea for his own business. After working in this industry for over twenty years, Mike decided to start his own company.


Baur began his company Swiss Start Up Factory to create an alternative to traditional bank financing. The company Swiss Start Up Factory has helped provide coaching, advisory and mentoring to many different businesses. Since there are a number of businesses looking to get funding to start up, Mike saw a demand that he could meet. His company holds events on a regular basis to evaluate business ideas. He then chooses the business idea that has the most potential and agrees to finance it as well as provide assistance to entrepreneurs. With his company, Mike has been able to help make a very positive impact on the Swiss economy.


With all of his accomplishments, Mike Baur has established himself as one of the most successful business people in all of Switzerland. As a result of reaching high levels of success, Mike has won numerous awards as recognition for his achievements. As someone in the banking industry, he was able to help a number of businesses find ways to grow and succeed. He then used his experience to start up a company which provides the same kind of financial support and guidance for businesses.

Leading Professionals For Classified Security Operatives

A strong group and men and women from IAP Worldwide Services are there to help their clients with mission support from around the globe. They have put together a strong team of professionals with your goals in mind. They’re available to their clients from several remote locations headquartered across the globe. This means a faster response time with government subcontractor agreements on their aircraft and vehicles. Customers never have to face a crisis on their own because they have a brave community of leaders by their side. They believe the success of their company is backed by building a strong team.

Building a strong team has helped them prepare for many of their mission support operations. In fact, disaster relief is one of their main program options. Their services are specifically designed to meet the needs of your desired outcome. A briefing with your team of professionals will help you determine your objectives. They take the pressure off of their clients and take control of any situation including a small community environment. Clients have compared their expertise to a small army. You decide if and when you need them and they are trained in a high level of classified program acknowledgement options.

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They have been the industry leaders for over 50 years. Major corporations and high end professionals have been able to depend on IAP Worldwide Services. A recent merger with DRS Technologies and Tactical Communication Solutions has proven to be a lucrative merger. Their goal is to improve strategy growth and response time with innovative logistics. They are responsible for improving aircraft that has helped thousands of people globally. IAP can be dispatched when and where you need them. They pride themselves in the highest level of customer service excellency. Discover what program options work best for you.

They have worked with naval based to improve their energy costs and maximize the effects of equipment that is no longer being used. A recent program management mission involved temperature control to save on energy cost. They have the highest level of customer service satisfaction in the industry. They are committed to building and deploying a strong leadership group for their clients. IAP started out as a small group of corporations that wanted to make a difference. Today, IAP Worldwide employees over 2,000+ highly trained men and women. Visit their exclusive website for more details and programs under the trusted name of IAP Worldwide.

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Doe Deere and The Pidgin Doll


The modern makeup industry is a highly competitive field and it’s clear now that the art world is also a highly competitive industry as well. Case in point: The recent sale of a photo of Lime Crime Cosmetics CEO Doe Deere with a doll created by her friend, designer Joshua David McKenney.

The captivating photo in question shows lovely Ms. Deere sporting bright blue hair and burgundy lips (courtesy Lime Crime lipstick) and holding a lookalike doll created by McKenney. Ms. Deere posted the photo on her Instagram Lime Crime account, which has over 2 million followers. She posted it as a way to bring attention to Mr. McKenney’s fine work as a doll maker. Richard Prince of The Gagosian Gallery in New York City edited out the credits on the photo and sold a print of it for $90,000 at a New York art fair.

Ms. Deere, who started her “from the ground up” makeup line as an online company, was understandably upset to have the photos of her and her friend’s doll sold with no credit given. She is moving on, however, and so is McKenney. Ms. Deere told that while she was dismayed to have someone profit from the photo with giving credit, she is happy to see Mr. McKenney’s “Pidgin” dolls recognized as works of art.

McKenney calls his line of hand-crafted dolls “Pidgin” after the common language used by people who speak different languages. He feels the art of these dolls communicates something from deep inside himself, just as Kermit the Frog communicated feelings for his creator, Jim Henson.

Meanwhile, Ms. Deere is moving forward and has posted more photos of the lovely and lovingly detailed Pidgin dolls on her Lime Crime Instagram page. The beautifully detailed dolls are pretty as can be and are a perfect symbol for the delicate and colorful styles offered by Deere’s Lime Crime makeup line. Obviously, Ms. Deere and Mr. McKenney are both highly creative artists whose work can’t be stopped, even after the dismaying experience of having their work used without permission. For Deere, it’s all about keeping on with the work, and embracing the joy and magic of the creative experience.

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Martin Lustgarten Finds Success In Investment Banking

The role of the investment banker is one that is difficult for many people to understand as the activities of these individuals and financial institutions are often seen as mysterious. In fact, the role of investment banking institutions is one that is easy to follow and includes the use of research, finding buyers for stocks and shares, and acting as an advisor for buyers and sellers in any investment being made.

Matrin Lustgarten is a good example of how successful the world of investment banking can be for those who reach the highest levels of success in this industry; as the founder and CEO of Lustgarten, the Florida resident finds himself as one of the most sought after investment bankers in the U.S. In recent years, Martin Lustgarten has been attempting to secure a series of successes in the alternative share issuance market.

The success of Martin Lustgarten has led to his investment banking organization becoming a global company linked to partnerships in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Panama. Over the course of his career the needs of a wide range of investors and business people have become a concern for Lustgarten, who has looked to assist those struggling to find high levels of funding for their business in achieving their goals.

Many companies looking to issue stocks or shares will contact an investment banking specialist to gain a value of their company and information on how their future transactions will appear. Other options see an investment bank discuss the needs of a company looking to issue shares and compare that to the value of the company; an investment may offer to buy all the shares of the company before selling them to investors in a bid to make a large profit as they make sure the company has their financial needs met in a simple and secure way.

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Keith Mann Gives Money For A Scholarship For Brooklyn Teens

Brooklyn teens are going to need all the help they can get going to college, and Keith Mann is going to pay $5000 for one teen every year. His Scholarship for Professional Achievement is going to help kids going to college, and it had its first look in Business Wire. The idea behind the scholarship is to help kids who thought they were not going to go to college, and it is going to give them hope of having a place to go. Someone who needs help can get it, and Keith reads over all the applications himself.

He knows that a lot of people got help when they needed it, and the help that he has given people has shown them that they will be able to go on with their lives and do great things. Keith wants to get to know the people who win the scholarship every year so that he can help them in the future, and he wants to get in touch with the people who are going on to do great things with his scholarship.

The best part of the scholarship is that it comes with friendship from Keith Mann. He and his wife and fully invested in the scholarship, and they want to create a communities of kids who have been helped by the program.

These kids have a dream of college that could really be helped by the $5000 they get from the scholarship, and Keith wants to show these kids that they can get out of their neighborhoods to do great things. They may not make a lot of money in the future, but they are going to go on to change the world. Keith Mann knows that anyone can do anything if they really want to, and he wants to have a chance to get kids to colleges that will help.