Doe Deere Is Inspiring People All Over The World

In a recent interview, Doe Deere sat down to give the inside scoop on how she became the self-proclaimed Queen of the Unicorns. She goes into detail about her childhood and how she was always surrounding herself with color and unique fashion. She said she was always enticing her friends to experiment with makeup at sleepovers and that they would pile on the makeup. She said this was the start of her long time relationship with color. She dyes her her all of the colors of the rainbow and has a constantly colorful appearance.

During the interview, she encourages anyone that has a dream to pursue it and to never give up. She is living proof that no matter where you start out or who you are if you are determined then you can achieve your dreams. She said that she feels like she is never working because she loves what she does and feels incredibly fortunate to be able to bring color to the masses in the form of high-quality makeup.

The company has seen a great deal of success considering its humble beginnings. She said that she began making her own makeup when she was having trouble finding quality makeup in the colors that she desired. This issue prompted her to create her own and sell it on Ebay. She said that she had to come up with a name so she named it after her favorite color and then added the word Crime because it rhymed with Lime. The makeup brand Lime Crime was born and has had a steady solid fan base ever since its creation.

Over the course of time, the company has expanded into a makeup brand giant that is pretty much a household name now. Doe Deere is highly involved in every aspect of the creation and marketing of the Lime Crime products. She can be found in the lab helping to create and name each of the new products that they company creates. She also personally oversees the marketing campaigns for the product. She believes in being hands-on and getting completely involved with her company. Doe Deere is truly inspiring to many young people that are chasing a dream and hoping to have as much success as she has enjoyed. Her hard work and determination have really paid off and she hopes that her fans can see that dreams can come true if you try hard enough and never give up.

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Doe Deere and The Birth Of Lime Crime

Doe Deere has built her ultra-successful Lime Crime brand from the ground up. She got her initial inspiration from a DIY fashion line that she sold on Ebay. She has touted her makeup line as a form of self expression and freedom, rather than a way to cover up imperfections.

Her makeup brand was launched in 2008 and is based on an array of colorful lipsticks and eyeshadows. The colors are heavily pigmented and are perfect for a dramatic look. Doe has stated that beauty is not defined soley on what’s natural or “looks best” but rather what feels right in the present. She also proudly states that her cosmetics are not tested on animals.

Doe has become a successful female entrepenuer and has achieved many great things. She also provides support and advice to other women attempting to build their own brand. She has given motivational speeches at public events such as the PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour.

Doe starts off her day by having a meeting with the creative director of her team to discuss up and coming projects and ideas. She continues to have meetings with other staff at the company to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Doe stated that it is important to her that all of her staff get treated with the utmost respect and encouragement to ensure their best work efforts.

When developing products, Doe states that sometimes inspiration is scarce. However once she gets an idea she acts quickly. She tries all of the products on herself first before developing them and putting them up for sale.

According to Doe there is an advantage for selling cosmetics online because you get a wider variety and more possibilities for creativity. Experts initially told her that selling lipstick online was not a good idea because women wanted physically try it on first. However, advertising her lipstick colors on actual lip models enabled consumers have a better idea of what the color would look like on themselves. Other cosmetic companies use this same technique to sell their lipstick colors online as well.

Back in 2014 Doe experienced a security breach with her website due to hackers. She said that this was one of her biggest failures with the company although it was not her fault. She said it was a challenge to gain the trust back of her costumers but it all eventually worked itself out.

She stated that her husband is currently the president of her company and the biggest source of her inspiration. The met 16 years ago being apart of the same rock band together and have been inseparable ever since. She states that he is funny, insightful and intelligent.

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Doe Deere Helps Users Find Their Own Unique Look

When it comes to makeup companies, there is only one CEO and founder that makes a bold statement like no one else. I’m talking about the founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere. She’s a woman who has always spoken her mind and been passionate about makeup. She’s a firm believer in the power of makeup and that everyone should be able to express themselves. She sees makeup as an art form. Deere doesn’t feel like everyone should look the same and do their makeup the same. That’s why she’s created a unique line of makeup products.

One of the best parts about Deere’s company Lime Crime is that it doesn’t discriminate. Her makeup is for men and women of any age. She’s created a line of makeup that has fun colors and styles. She specializes in having a line of lip products that are every color. She’s got blues, pinks, reds, oranges, and all different shades. Deere decided very early on in her company that she didn’t want to be like the others.

If you ever see Doe Deere out and about, you will see that she truly represents her products. Deere always looks flawless in her makeup. She’s got a pale complexion which makes it easy for her to rock an array of colors. Not only is Deere talented with her makeup, she also has great hair! Deere likes to rock a bright color that usually coincides with her makeup choice. That’s why Lime Crime even sells hair chalk so people can get the fun color that matches their mood.

Deere is also very outspoken. She will say what’s on her mind and fight to uphold the reputation of her makeup. She has a makeup line that is known to be for those who are on the creative side. But the beauty of Lime Crime and Doe Deere, is that anyone can enjoy her products. Her makeup products are actually vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. They are long lasting, vibrant colors, and affordable! Deere has even put together a lookbook on her Lime Crime website to help those out who struggle to find their look. It’s full of people who have used the Lime Crime line and created a unique look. People can see what eyeshadows go with what lipsticks and how to expertly apply any shade. Deere has made all of this possible because she firmly believes in her product and she wants everyone to look great.

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Doe Deere ‘s Cosmetics Company Vision

Once upon a time, all the major makeup brands were gravitating towards beige. For a while there, it seemed as though all that was offered was various makeups and lipsticks in varying shades of beige. Yes, the “nude and natural” look was in, but what about women who craved something with real color in it?

Luckily for makeup-loving women everywhere, an entrepreneur named Doe Deere decided it was time to make a bold move, makeup-wise. Deere launched an online makeup company back in 2008 called Lime Crime, and she used it to make her colorful makeup line dreams come true.

Bold Colors, At Great Prices

The Lime Crime makeup line uses bold and beautiful colors in its lipsticks, blushes and shadows. The effect is stunning, even as some of the colors are unusual. Deere isn’t shy about her love of vibrant colors. Her Unicorn lipsticks from Lime Crime use unusual colors like yellow, orange, blue and green for lip colors, along with many shades of purple and pink. Yes, it is a bold choice to wear these colors (Deere wears all these colors in her hair as well, switching up her look frequently), but when worn with confidence, they are striking and very beautiful.

Instagram Followers

The women who love Lime Crime’s colors are making it known on the Internet. Lime Crime’s Instagram page now has over 2 million followers. One of the keys to the success of the page is its interactive quality. Doe Deere wanted followers to be able to share their looks in Lime Crime makeup, and as they shared their personal photos of themselves wearing the brand’s bold looks, the brand’s online presence skyrocketed.

Product Innovations

Deere is also an innovator as far as her products go. She created the unique Velvetines Lip Color line working in a lab with a dedicated technician. After a long period of trial and error, they were able to create the right combination of ingredients for this liquid to matte lip color. It’s the first of its kind on the market, and it’s all vegan, too. The popularity of this unique lip color is proof positive once again that Deere is an innovator to be reckoned with.

Yes, Doe Deere is someone who has made her dream come true of bringing bold colors into the makeup world. Her many followers are proof that her dream was worth following.

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