How White Shark Media has Streamlined Operations Through Customer Complaints

White Shark Media is an established digital marketing agency that offers marketing solutions through online channels. The company has been mentioned as one of the fastest growing agencies in North America, deriving growth from the positive reputation that has been earned over the years. However, these achievements have not been without complaints from customers. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Of course, every business receives complaints, but this is not to mean bad news since how the information is handled is what matters the most. White Shark Media has managed to successfully turn customer complaints into successful strategies and here are few examples.

Adequacy of reporting procedures

At the very beginning, White Shark Media offered few reporting procedures, so customers could not understand what was going on in their small businesses. This raised several complaints, something that encouraged the company to respond with a solution.

Therefore, White Shark Media introduced a new system that would allow customers to receive in-depth explanations about their marketing strategies and to offer information about the progress of their businesses. There are several sections that offer information about certain keywords used in a marketing campaign and the user can get information about the performance of the keyword over time.

Communication streamlined
At establishment, White Shark Media was still in the process of developing their system to fully accommodate the needs of all their users. Communication is one of the things that many users found quite unreliable, so they had to post complaints about the lack of a proper system. The company was careful about how users were handled, so this information came as an idea to help develop the company.

More communication features were made available to serve the needs and suggestions posted by customers. It is now easer to reach and engage support since there are many active channels for customers.

AdWords performance tracking
Additionally, many questions were raised regarding how one could effectively track the performance of AdWords, because to some people the campaign would appear so confusing without real statistics. With this complaint, White Shark Media implemented the conversion tracking and Google Analytics features, which would be available to customers free of charge.

This was done to help users better track the performance of their results and to help in the optimization of AdWords campaigns to yield better performance. All these useful additions to the company have been as a result of the complaints posted by customers, which White Shark Media has utilized to streamline the system.