How has OSI Industries Survived the Competitive Meat Industry for Over A Century?

Most businesses don’t survive incubation and the few that do often fail a few years after take-off. However, OSI Industries has for the past 100 years overcome numerous growth-impeding challenges as well as competition to emerge top among the world’s top meat producers and distributors.

Having started as a migrant-run butchery in Chicago, the meat distributor currently boasts of an established presence in 17 countries across the world where the company employees over 20,000 employees to run its 65 facilities. But how did the company survive for a century in this highly competitive market?

Through innovation

OSI Industries attributes most of its success to continued innovation in all its spheres of operation. To a large extent, this involves the adoption of cutting-edge technology in the processing and distribution of company products. The food processor first embraced used advanced technology as a method of cutting down on operating costs but sustained the idea of constantly evolving, technologically, as it impacted the company’s overall efficiency.

Able leadership

The food processor has faced numerous challenges that threatened the existence and sustainability of the OSI brand. These ranged from financial crisis to loss of critical markets, but its management has always found a way to overcome either. For instance, the company once lost a key meat supply deal with McDonalds. The company’s leadership under Otto’s Sons and its current CEO Sheldon Lavin found a way of recapturing and expanding this market tenfold.

Diversification and expansion

Surviving the competitive market and making to the list of top ten meat processors and distributors in the world also demanded that the company diversifies and expands operations. At first, OSI Industries would settle on a key market and lay down plans on how to establish new facilities and groundwork for market capture. However, competition would soon force the company to reconsider this expansionary technique and instead bank on acquiring already established brands in the new markets.

Bottom line

Apart from internal challenges like capital and technology, OSI Industries has also faced numerous other challenges inherent to the global meat market. However, it has withered them all and lived to celebrate a century since its start of operations as a corner butcher shop in downtown Chicago.

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What Does OSI Group Plan To Launch Next

Tremendous and rapid growth is nothing new to OSI Group. The past decade has been ten years full of development and growth with many kinds of products but never forgetting the signature hamburger patty that made the company famous. New territory has been a mission for the food supplier. Impressively, the company has expanded into parts of Asia and Europe at an incredibly fast rate. The company is now working to launch its non meat products. Since the start of the 2010’s, OSI Group has been opening new facilities across Asia. In Japan, the meat production company launched a production facility to manage the Asian markets. The year of 2012 was a rather successful year for the company. Many new facilities were opened.

One was opened in in Bangalore, another in Pubjab and two were opened in India. For five years now, OSI Group has worked very hard to create a large presence in Europe through the use of opening facilities to better meet the demands of the European market. In 2013, the company opened a facility in Poland that would act as a plant for beef production facility. The year of 2014 was a year of joint ventures. The food production company launched partnerships with a supermarket chain in Germany and the United Kingdom. The company has worked to create a new platform that enables global trading.

This platform benefits the food supplier due to how it allows the company to run an efficient and effective supply chain of poultry from Brazil to Thailand. OSI Group is creating a broad selection of food due to its introduction of meat based protein products to the food lineup. The majority of these products will be produced in its Riverside, California processing plant facility. Beans, salsa and tofu will be produced here. An Indian facility owned by the company will be responsible for the production of vegetable products. All of these new facilities and operations will be done in a way that is better for the environment. The company is working on becoming a leading sustainable food company that has social responsibilities.

From Meat Market To Meat Giant: OSI Group

To go from being a small meat market to being a meat giant is no easy task. OSI Group knows exactly what it takes to scale a company from small beginnings to being one of the largest food companies on earth. It took several decades, thousands of workers, dozens of factories but mostly the ethics and principles that first began the company. What OSI Group is today is because of hard work and determination. The food supplier has many partnerships with retail brands and food service brands around the world. The food supplier aims to create solutions for all of their partners. Bringing food to the table from concept is what this company does best. The passion for entrepreneurship and innovation keeps the company moving forward.

They are always working on launching something new. Because of this, this company reigns at the top of the food production industry. The company has experienced many various phases that has propelled it into a dominant company. In the beginning, it was the hope and dream of an immigrant to build a business into success. Decades later after expansion and a love from the community as a favorite butcher shop, the company was passed down to the next generation. This generation was able to establish big time partnerships with McDonalds. They became the burger restaurant chain’s number one supplier. That was because the company created a classic and consistent piece of meat.

The beef meat patty that made this family owned company a hit with McDonalds became the product that launched OSI Group. Today, twenty thousand people are employed by the same company that was once started by an immigrant new to America just trying to make a life for himself. Nearly every continent on the planet is home to one of the company operated facilities. Seventeen countries have OSI Group operations currently running in them. But that is not the end for this big time food supplier. They have plans of opening more facilities in more countries. They want to introduce non meat products. In addition, they want to move towards sustainably in their operations.

Sheldon Lavin’s Prowess as a Leader Leads OSI Group to Unimaginable Heights

In business, progress is all that matters. As for Otto Kolschowsky, he is the man behind the founding the company that is currently known as OSI Group. Initially, Otto just launched a small butcher shop after settling in Chicago, Illinois with his fellow immigrants. The butcher shop prospered and currently, the company is operating on a global scale. With time, the company also added various revered onto their team. The various leaders are such as Sheldon Lavin, the current serving CEO at OSI Group.

Background Check

The company that started out as a butcher shop is currently operating on a global scale. With a strong team of a dedicated leader such as Sheldon Lavin, the company has been able to prosper indefinitely. Nevertheless, the transitions were quite many over the years, from being a butcher shop that was only operated by one, Otto Kolschowsky, the business later turned into a family enterprise. The family enterprise would later be known as Otto & Sons.Otto & Sons would, later on, become the primary supplier of meat products to the McDonald’s restaurant. As McDonald’s grew, the company Otto & Sons also grew due to the enormous profits that would accrue from working with McDonald’s. McDonald’s also went global, and Otto & sons followed suit.

Additional Information

A time came when Otto & Sons had to expand their company by building more plants to serve their clientele more efficiently. Some financial hitches came in, and Sheldon Lavin helped Otto & Sons to get a hold of capital that would help them complete the construction of the various plants that were meant to serve the McDonald’s entity.Sheldon Lavin would later join the company as the CEO in 1975. During the same period, Otto & Sons changed their identity to OSI Group. Through Mr. Lavin’s expertise, they were able to expand on a global scale.


Sheldon Lavin is not only a good leader, but he is also a man who understands matters about finance very well. With such expertise, OSI Group has been able to prosper indefinitely. Far from that, Mr. Lavin Serves at OSI Group passionately.

OSI Food Solutions expansion plans

OSI Food Solutions is a company that is pushing for food production capacity in the world to be improved. The company which has a plant in Toledo, Spain has increased its chicken production capacity as a way of countering the high demand of chicken products that has been witnessed in the past few years. From statistics, the demand has been going up and up every year, placing the company in a position where it might be overwhelmed by the high demand. The company has however moved with speed to stop the matter before it gets any worse. It has expanded the plant in such a way that it is now producing double the amount it has been producing. From 12,000 tons of chicken products, the company is now producing 24,000 tons. There will also be an increase in the total production from the plant.

The OSI Food Solutions plant has increased its floor space by 22,600 square feet. This space will provide more space for operations within the facility. There will be more working space which will reduce congestion. The facility has also been built with a special test kitchen which will be used to create new products depending on the taste and preferences of the people

OSI Food Solutions has built this facility because they want them products to spread to a global audience. This is not the only project that they have executed in recent years especially in Europe. They are on a plan of being the biggest food production company in Europe they have acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Europe as they try to take over control of the food business.

OSI Food Solutions has made sure that they incorporate the latest technology in the new facility. The facility has been installed with state-of-the-art equipment which will improve efficiency in the facility. There are security cameras and fire suppression system which have been incorporated. The facility has also been built in such a way that it is going to lower the energy consumed by 20 percent.

According to David McDonald, the president of OSI Group, LLC, the move taken by the company will increase food security in the region as well as creating job opportunities.

OSI Group – The Leading Global Food Solution Services

OSI Group is the chief global food provider which works together with the leading retail food firms and foodservice brands to satisfy the needs of clients all over the world. With the establishment and fiscal resources of one of the greatest autonomously possessed food providers, OSI Group gives clients different wide products with the company having broad ability to produce, source, develop and deliver custom food solutions and services across the world.

At the focal point of the association are an entrepreneurial eagerness and spryness that brings intrigue and a can-do ethic to customer composed endeavors. You can rely on OSI Group for new approaches to bring cutting edge food solutions. OSI furnish clients with custom food plans made to your correct needs, effective and tried inventory stock system capacity, and special culinary ability and global flavor information. The company also ensures, innovative research and design facilities that assist in coming up with a new menu and meal ideas, quality assured exercises and top notch food security practices, and maintainability all through the firm’s wide framework.

OSI Group serves its customers by holding fast to different core values such as acting with integrity, accomplishing the best for the company, working together as a team, coming up with innovative solutions, continuous improving services and seeking of partnering associations.

OSI Group ensures custom food taking care of, which incorporates vegetables, proteins, meats, and natural products. At OSI, all that is made is in line with the request of the customers’ amazing solicitations, correct particulars, and operational essentials. Click here to know more.

OSI Group has a great time providing pork, pizza, seafood, hamburger, poultry, baked items and different commodities to the market far and wide. The organization point is to guarantee that all items provided to customers meet their extremely needed necessities. The organization works as an inseparable unit with you to guarantee they convey custom food products as ordered.

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