With the ongoing trend about dogs eating tasty and delicious meals, the dog food industry has now resorted to designing the fanciest diets for dogs. Dogs are also beginning to realize the need to stick to only fancy and tasty meals. One cannot think of feeding a dog with stale food anymore. The dogs are intelligent and understand the difference that is there between stale and delicious meals. Pet owners and pet food manufacturers have equally contributed to this state whereby the dog is being fed better meal than humans. The highest skill is being employed by dog food manufacturers so as to see to it that the products from their companies beat those that are produced by human food manufacturers.

There are many companies who are trying to give the pet owner a reason to pay more. Companies like Purina are doing this by improving their production quality. Dogs are being manufactured using many advanced principles that had earlier been seen to work only in the human food manufacturing sector. Most dieticians are now using their skills and professionalism to bring new recipes for dogs. This industry has proved to be more paying than the human food manufacturing sector because dog owners are willing to cash out more for the fanciest dog diet.

Beneful has diets that can help dog owners to practice weight control and keep their dogs fit. The mixture of different food varieties brings about the most balanced and delicious diet for the dog. There is an impromptu tasting of meals at baneful which is aimed to check on the quality and determine whether the production achieves its goal. The goal of the production in Beneful is to manufacture dry dog food that beats human food. The slogan is ‘Dogs eating like their owners.’ This implies that the food manufacturers should fit and surpass human consumption. Beneful and other modern companies are therefore striving to give the dog a fancy bite that is better than that of the owner.