Wes Edens Creating A Name for Himself

Wesley Robert Edens, or more commonly known as, Wes Edens is a man of many talents. At the age of 56 he has connections to 12 boards in12 different organizations across 30 different industries. Two of his most noteworthy are Fortress Investment Group one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers and Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. Wes Edens is a co-founder, principal, and co-chief executive officer based in New York for Fortress Investment. Prior to 1998, the founding of Fortress Investment, Edens studied at Oregon State University receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. He would then move on to becoming a partner and managing director at Lehman Brothers; along with working as a partner and managing director with BlackRock Financial Management. Today Wes Edens is still very involved with his company overseeing Fortress’s private equity and publicly traded alternative investment businesses. Edens is also an appreciated member of the Milwaukee Bucks’ ownership group. Speaking out on how the Bucks don’t really belong to anyone but the fans. Working with the team, fans, owners, and town to get a better arena for games and an overall better experience. Edens admits he is a competitive guy and wants to help the team and state to victory, it wouldn’t just be good for the owners it would be good for everyone involved. Wes Edens has been able to balance all his business life along with having a wonderful home life. With a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters Edens has made quite a life for himself in all areas. A hard working and determined individual who shows no sign of stopping has made a great name for himself. Edens has plans for the future for all of the projects he is involved in and hopes to reach new heights.

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Freedom Checks is Matt Badiali’s Investor Call for Huge Profit

Freedom Checks are the output from a solid investment in what it is known as an MLP. Companies that deal in MLPs do so because of the advantages they create. They are able to generate good working capital and they are also able to enjoy tax benefits. MLP stands for master limited partnership, and it acts as a tradeable investment commodity which is why companies benefit from it. It has no purpose other than to grant a percentage of said company onto the person that purchases it. One part of the MLP process is that companies have to disburse most of their cash revenue to their stakeholders before partaking in taxes. This leaves 10% of their income taxable, as 90% goes straight to investors. Over 500 companies currently participate in the process, many of them natural resource companies. Matt Badiali’s freedom checks are both a notification and invitation into the market.

A Freedom Check is actually personal checks. Issued to stakeholder for return of capital. They can be cheaply purchased, are open to anyone regardless of age, and bring in a percentage related to the amount purchased. Freedom Checks are regularly delivered in monthly to quarterly payouts depending on the company. As a legitimate investment the stakes only fare as well as the company itself, but the provision of benefit an be staggering depending on the market.

This is one reason why Badiali is so adamant about Freedom Checks, because recent developments are bringing increased profits to American natural oil and gas companies. Primarily legislation and declining oil rates in the Middle East. This means more business for American resource companies, higher volume, and much more profit. Profit that can be allocated to smart stakeholders who secure their percentages in a timely fashion. Freedom Checks are a call to arms, or rather a “come and get it” for a big pile of money.

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Madison Street Capital Releases The 2016 Overview For Hedge Fund and M&A Transactions and Opportunities.

The much-anticipated release of the 4th edition, 2016 overview for Hedge Fund M&A by Madison Street Capital, LLC is finally out. The overview extensively covers M&A opportunities and transaction activity. Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based global boutique investment firm that primarily offers commercial monetary consultative services, expertise in mergers and acquisitions, financial views and valuation services to privately and publicly held enterprises.

The report states that a record 42 Hedge Fund deals were successful closed worldwide in the year 2015 compared to the previous year which recorded closure of 32 transactions. Furthermore, a report by AUM indicated that the 2015 trade volumes were up 27% compare with 2014. Therefore, 2016 promises to be a year of record turnover regarding Hedge Fund and M&A transactions mainly attributed to the impetus provided by the 2015 fourth quarter wave of deals.

In brief, the report suggests that the hedge fund assets are still riding high in spite of the fact that performance is well below the set strategy standards of 2015. Despite the lag in performance, the company investors are continuously allocating investments to other optional asset management areas in the dream of realizing greater and necessary profits to match up the ever rising liabilities. Attracting new capital has become daunting to smaller hedge funder managers hence they are forced to operate below the best possible portfolio ability levels. On the whole, small hedge fund managers are forced to work on higher costs and experience downward pressure on fees altogether. These variables are driving hedge fund managers of all calibers to seek alternative strategic options.

In 2015, the hedge fund industry environment was a little bit stronger, and it’s projected that 2016 will be a much more active year. Regarding structure, a lot of deal mechanisms use is continually witnessed to house both sellers and buyers. The managing director at Madison Street Capital notes that the exceedingly patchy hedge fund industry will frequently see substantial consolidation, more specifically partnerships that leverage opportunities to bridge the gap between distribution and product offering.
Bottom-line: Madison Street Capital is fully committed to integrity, leadership, Excellency and impeccable service delivery. The firm tops in providing business-oriented financial advisory services to clients across the globe with the utmost professionalism, high level of experience and timely results. To read this article, go to PR.com for an expanded version.

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Martin Lustgarten Finds Success In Investment Banking

The role of the investment banker is one that is difficult for many people to understand as the activities of these individuals and financial institutions are often seen as mysterious. In fact, the role of investment banking institutions is one that is easy to follow and includes the use of research, finding buyers for stocks and shares, and acting as an advisor for buyers and sellers in any investment being made.

Matrin Lustgarten is a good example of how successful the world of investment banking can be for those who reach the highest levels of success in this industry; as the founder and CEO of Lustgarten, the Florida resident finds himself as one of the most sought after investment bankers in the U.S. In recent years, Martin Lustgarten has been attempting to secure a series of successes in the alternative share issuance market.

The success of Martin Lustgarten has led to his investment banking organization becoming a global company linked to partnerships in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Panama. Over the course of his career the needs of a wide range of investors and business people have become a concern for Lustgarten, who has looked to assist those struggling to find high levels of funding for their business in achieving their goals.

Many companies looking to issue stocks or shares will contact an investment banking specialist to gain a value of their company and information on how their future transactions will appear. Other options see an investment bank discuss the needs of a company looking to issue shares and compare that to the value of the company; an investment may offer to buy all the shares of the company before selling them to investors in a bid to make a large profit as they make sure the company has their financial needs met in a simple and secure way.

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