Matt Badiali’s Natural Resources Wealth

Matt Badiali is a well known name when it comes to natural resource investing. He is the editor of “Real Wealth Strategist“, an investment publication that covers natural resources and provides information on which are the best commodities. He is also the editor of “Front Line Profits” which is another investing publication. Mr. Badiali is the Chief Resource Investment Expert at Banyan Hill Publishing in the area of natural resources. He is also a regular natural resources and his investments contributor on

About Matt Badiali holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences from Penn State. And he received his Masters of Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He worked as a geologist and this has given him much insight into natural resources and mining. He uses this background to help people invest in those natural resources industry. Currently Zinc is what he has termed the “Magic Metal”. He has provided solid statistics and proof of why investing in Zinc will reap people very nice rewards. Simply put, zinc is used in most things today, including phones and for its rust inhibiting properties. Zinc is in everyone’s daily lives from the food eaten to the parts and pieces used to build houses and other building.

Matt Badiali introduced the business world to ‘freedom checks’. Freedom checks are the returns from master limited partnerships with public stock companies. These MLP’s have a much higher return because of the tax advantages from the limited partnership. They are very lucrative for those who can afford the initial investment. Matt Badiali has a very accessible online presence. You can find his articles not only in the publications he edits and writes for or Banyan Hill Publishing but he also provides information and articles of interest on his Facebook page. If you ever become interested in investing in energy, agriculture or other natural resources his vast knowledge will be invaluable.

Stream Energy Makes the Case for Giving Back

Those who’ve made a home in Texas are stranger to dangerous weather, particularly the occasional intense hurricane. Hurricane Harvey was a monster of a storm that cut a path through Texas, leaving major cities like Houston vulnerable to flooding. The state got assistance from businesses and charitable organizations from all over, looking for ways to assist in recovery. That includes Texas’ Stream Energy, an energy company known for its charitable attitude.

This is a company that has been steeped in charitable activity for years, which has resulted in the establishment of a new foundation, Stream Cares. A decade of philanthropic activity across communities in Texas and other parts of the world, has become intrinsic to the Stream Energy brand. Stream Cares Looks to continue that.

Rather than follow the crowd Stream Energy is looking to approach their philanthropy differently, opting to start their own foundation rather than sticking to working through established organizations. They have standing relationships with certain legacy foundations like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. These kinds of working relationships work to the benefit of those in need. When tornadoes touched down in North Texas, Stream Energy was able to work with Salvation Army to help those who needed it. Having their own foundation will allow them to continue to be an essential player in Texas charities and continue to promote the company in the public eye as one that is invested in their welfare.

Stream Energy has a proud culture that promotes caring down to individual employees, which means there are many causes that are at the forefront of their mind. There are issues that have sizable impact on communities across Texas, like homelessness. In the city of Dallas, Stream Energy’s host company, has seen a spike in homelessness, jumping by 24%. Stream Cares was able to have an impact on this by joining forces with the Hope Supply Co. Together they hosted the Splash of Hope event, providing resources and aid to homeless children and their family.

Senior Event Manager Kimberly Girard sees the foundation as a force for good but also an opportunity to mobilize the state’s business community. If this new foundation can get other companies to become more generous a real effort can be made towards caring for all Texans.

Wall Street Wheel, Paul Mampilly, Gets Off The Highway And Visits The City And Suburban Streets With His “Profits Unlimited” Newsletter, Published by Banyan Publishing

Is it fun living the Wall-Street life, surrounded 24/7 by wealthy movers and shakers? Well, according to Paul Mampilly, it can get stale. Which is why Mampilly is now happily working at Banyan Hills publishing, sharing his accrued financial wisdom as a senior editor and resident technological expert.

Although he did eventually tire of running with the bulls on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly did have a rousing good run of it, keeping the pace alive for two decades. While still a child, Mampilly spent his younger years in India before coming to the U.S. Once here, he acquired degrees in business from Montclair University, Seton Hall University and Fordham Graduate School of Business.

After Fordham, Mampilly took a post as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. From there he moved to the position of money manager, a position which placed him squarely at the helm of multi-million dollar accounts. From there he moved on, acquiring spots as a portfolio manager and research analyst for the Frankfurt-based world-wide investment bank, Deutsche Bank. Paul Mampilly was also a research analyst for the Dutch financial group, ING. In 2006, he joined Kinetics, a major provider of self-service technology, specific to the travel industry, to manage their hedge fund. While under Mampilly’s care, the Kinetics hedge fund averaged gains of more than 25% annually and qualified as one of Barron’s, “World’s Best” hedge funds.

Though the Kinetics account blew up into a 25 billion dollar concern, the long hours needed to keep the pace going were starting to wear on Mampilly. In 2016, he stopped the whirligig permanently and made the transition from Wall Street to Main Street, by joining Banyan Hill Publishing, where he Paul Mampilly edits the publisher’s prestigious “Profits Unlimited” newsletter.

Though only around for two years, Mampilly’s recommendations have done well, many gaining a at least a 50% return for investors. A year into the creation of “Profits Unlimited,” Paul Mampilly pointed out that were his picks part of an actual portfolio they would in fact be beating the Standard & Poor 500 by about three times over.

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Freedom Checks: Ultimate Income Investing

While cryptocurrencies have been all the rage in the investment community, Matt Badiali shocked many in the financial world when he introduced “Freedom Checks” as a low-risk investment strategy that individuals of all ages can take part in and get a regular quarterly income. He claimed that the program was going to pay out over $34 billion due to the money companies would save with the current tax plan and that now was the time for individuals to position themselves if they wanted to take advantage of this investment opportunity. There are currently over 500 companies that meet the criteria required to pay “Freedom Checks” to its shareholders.

While Matt Badiali made “Freedom Checks” seem like this was the newest investment idea, the strategy is simply to invest in a “Master Limited Partnership”. Many MLP’s are involved in the oil and gas production. Transportation and storage industries. Companies that meet the standards to be considered MLP’s distribute their profits to their shareholders and this enables them to be tax-free businesses. These companies must distribute 90 percent of their earnings to shareholders.

Investing in MLP’s and receiving “Freedom Checks” is extremely easy. It involves having a brokerage account and buying company shares of an MLP. Investors will have the payments made directly to their account or have a check mailed to them. Investors can spend the “Freedom Checks’ or they can reinvest the funds to buy more shares of the company. A shareholder can expect both share appreciation as well as increased distribution payments over time. A benefit to this investment strategy is investors are not required to pay taxes on these distribution payments and if they decide to sell the Master Limited Partnership shares, they are only required to pay capital gains taxes. Paying the capital gains taxes is usually lower than the income tax rate.

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