Nine9’s Inspiring Success Stories

Nine9 is an agency known for providing only the best support to guide young actors build their careers. Nine9 started their mission back in 2003, and today they have numerous people reaching their dreams. This agency is like no other, and they can guide anybody to achieve their dreams in commercial, film, runway, print, commercial, and every possible modeling there is.

Nine9’s latest success story comes from Daniel C. who recently joined the agency. Getting his first gig in a new Kevin Hart movie, Untouchables, he got the chance to work on a movie set. He is also on the list for more runway opportunities and modeling.

Vanessa J. is another talent a part of their database who has seen some fairly fast success. She was cast in the Thornetta Davis music video, background extra in multiple commercials, and even got cast for a featured lead role in Love Thy Neighbor.

Kennay M. is the definition of a newbie who got started off on the right track. She joined this site with the genuine intention to finally be seen by casting directors, and she got that exact chance after joining. She landed several auditions right off the bat, and she got the opportunity to finally get callbacks.

In the world of acting and modeling, it’s tough to find auditions and find the right agent. Nine9 Talent Agency makes it a simple process. They could work with you to get on the right path to landing more auditions that suit your type, get seen by casting directors, and actually get jobs. Nine9 is like no other agency of its kind. They recognize the talent that anybody has, and they surely know how to prepare anybody to get on right path. They can guide any aspiring model or actor get the right auditions and land future jobs.



Norka Luque is a Messenger of Hope

Norka Luque was born on 7th February 1986, in Caracas. She was lucky to have supportive parents, who upon realizing her talents encouraged her to enroll for piano, dance and voice classes, as well as academics. After high school, she proceeded to study business administration in France, where she graduated with a diploma in culinary arts, fashion, and marketing. She improved her music skills by joining a band, which gave her the opportunity to tour the cities and meet very influential people in Europe’s music industry.

Her involvement in music during this period paid off when a renowned music producer, Emilio Estefan, agreed to work with her because of her amazing voice and talent in 2008. Estefan, together with others like Luigi Giraldo assisted Norka Luque in coming up with the song, “Milagro.” The message of the song was that change is possible when one really needs it, and no situation is permanent. The beautiful message led to the warm reception of the song in 2012, especially in the United States. It became an instant hit in Latin music billboards.

On 5th October 2012, she was quoted by a Latino show magazine saying that artists have the greatest responsibility of passing the right messages to their fans. She believes this is possible because music has the power to reach the inner soul, and change the emotions of people. She went further to say that the changes in genres and rhythms should not mean that messages must stop being informative and motivating. She also dedicated her song, Milagro to all the people who are facing personal problems and may feel like giving up. She urged them to never give up, but to keep on trying because their situations would never remain the same forever. Such are the messages that should come from music artist because they have the ability to influence many people.

In 2016, she released another song,”Tomorrowland”. Her producer, Emilio junior, remains her mentor and motivates her to continue touching lives through her beautiful voice. The messages she passes out to her fans are meant to improve their situation. Other artists should emulate this young lady. Singing is a talent that when used properly can bring joy in the lives of sad people. It can also bring hope to the hopeless. It is the hope of every fan of this great singer that she would continue singing and changing lives for many years to come.

The Ambitious Norka Martinez Luque

The words sung in the songs we listen to are a powerful magic. They have the ability to connect us with our emotions on a level that one cannot truly understand or measure. Norka Martinez Luque, a Venezuelan singer knows this. It is for this reason, among others, that her goal since childhood has been to bring motivational and inspirational lyrics to her fans.

Norka was born in Venezuela in 1986, and her music is produced by Emilio Estefan. Estefan is very famous for his work as a music producer, and many of the world’s most famous artists have had the pleasure of working with him. Norka was nominated for Best Female Pop Artist after releasing her first song. She has released her songs in different styles, such as her song “Milagro”, which had pop, urban and even a dance mix in English. Her music is constantly charting in any genre she releases music in.

Her newest track is available on all of the digital music stores and apps for smartphones and tablets. Thoughtfully titled “Tomorrowland”, the track channels all of her positive energies and funnels it into one beautifully crafted song. New music is being written for release in 2016.

Norka is not one to abandon her hopes and aspirations, and it is this constitution that she hopes to share with her fans. She knows that music has a powerful effect on our psychology. Knowing this, she empowers her fans with music that is both lyrically inspirational and uplifting but also intricately beautiful.

Norka Luque learned to play the piano and dance ballet as a child. When her parents realized her love of music, especially singing, they noticed her talent for it and paid for vocal training. Norka also study flamenco dance. She kept a busy creative childhood without letting it effect her studies at school.

When Norka moved to France to attend university, she ended up joining a band and meeting Emilio Estefan. Her college career earned her degrees in Fashion, Marketing, Business Administration and Culinary Arts. Needless to say, Norka is an intelligent woman with an unstoppable drive that she wants to share with the world. To Norka, there is nothing that she, and us all, cannot accomplish if we put our minds to it and never quit.

Norka’s music is inspirational and it stems from her own personal way of life. She has spent her life in the pursuit of her goals and dreams. Without letting small failures discourage her, she has been able to achieve her highest ambitions and is now ready to share them with her fans.