A Review of the Water Quality at Squaw Valley Upper Mountain

The Water Quality at Squaw Valley Upper Mountain has been the subject of intense scrutiny in recent months. Not only are residents concerned for their health safety, but daily chores have also been affected in unexpected ways. Such outcry can only be attributed to an unusually severe downpour experienced last October, which adversely affected numerous water systems in Placer County. According to verified reports, such uncommon rainstorm ultimately contributed to unexpected floods on the recently upgraded water systems installed at Gold Coast and High Camp during the summer. Based on such floods, contamination on such water systems eventually occurred within a few hours.


Once collected samples tested positive, water quality experts immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Board and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Immediate steps entailed consultations with various water quality experts upon which, adequate measures have been taken to safeguard citizens from potential infection. Alternatively, sufficient resources and manpower have been diverted to lower water systems to normal levels as well as disinfect affected water systems.


Ensuring Safety of the Citizens


In light of such a phenomenon, city officials have advised citizens both at Gold Coast and High Camp to exercise adequate caution and limit water consumption until normalcy is restored sooner rather than later. Ensuring the safety of people is paramount to city officials. As such they have pulled all the stops to ensure the safety of the citizens. Basic measures currently in force include the provision of free bottled drinking water and the dissemination of preventive drugs. Alternatively, city officials have also issued a closure directive to all restaurants as a preventive measure to protect all residents.


Public awareness is a vital component that primarily determines the safety levels of citizens during a disease outbreak. As such, Squaw Valley residents have been adequately informed on the recent water systems contamination, and the intended safety measures. As a potentially affected resident, you might want to adhere to such regulations immediately, lest infection catches up with you. According to water quality specialists, such guidelines are only enforceable during the grace period, after which normalcy can resume.