NGP VAN and The Valuable Creative Solutions It Offers For Campaign Managers

Companies that understand the value of growth and providing invaluable solutions to other companies most likely succeed. The companies that address the most difficult problems in various industries are also the ones whose longevity of operations is sustained and even expanded. One example of such company today that offers valuable services to its clients is NGP VAN, and its real value comes in the form of helping organizations with their campaigns and fundraising programs using state-of-the-art technology.

In a recent blog post from NGP VAN’s website, it is revealed that one powerful tool from NGP VAN that helps its clients and the campaigns that it supports is the VoteBuilder platform. This tool is a fantastic addition in improving the already promising tools for any Democratic campaign that will be organized. The good thing about the new tool is that it has the ability to publish events and canvass shifts automatically and without the added costs.

People can also phone banks publicly and get a more transparent system of generating donations. This also gives volunteers the ability to sign themselves with the use of an online form, making it easy for them to do their work in the best way possible. This addition also enables any volunteer to create a fundraising event just by simply checking a checkbox, with no need to use the other main digital tools in NGP VAN’s pipeline. This new tool is indeed giving more people access to what NGP VAN can offer without the technical expertise and knowledge reserved mostly for experts.


The Bloomberg website has everything one needs to know about NGP VAN Inc. For starters, it is there that people can learn that NGP VAN Inc. is now a leading technology provider that both operates and develops integrated platforms for any type of fundraising and social campaign.

Some of the main tools that are in the pipeline of NGP VAN Inc. include solutions for social network integration, compliance reporting, online actions, fundraising, targeted email and online contributions.

Formerly known as Voter Activation Network, Inc, NGP VAN was founded in 2001 but just recently changed its name last January 2011. It is based in Washington, District of Columbia, with its additional location coming from Somerville, Massachusetts. The CEO of the company is Mr. Stuart Trevelyan and its founder is Mark L. Sullivan. The managing partner of NGP VAN is Jim St. George, and its Chief Technology Officer is John Lee.