Here are Three Things Rocketship Education Relies on to Boost Students’ Performance

CEO Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education alongside John Danner in the Golden State one decade ago. Rocketship Education (RSED) is currently a network of eighteen public charter schools, administrated independently of metropolitan areas’ school boards, allowing its particular students to obtain the education they deserve. RSED has schools all across the United States, from Washington DC to the San Francisco Bay Area. Unlike most public schools suited in low-income, impoverished regions, RSED’s students consistently contribute high test scores, achieved through a number of unique strategies not employed by most other educators.

So, what are these strategies?

Parents must be included in regular schooling functions

Administrators, teachers, and students are the three central groups directly involved in schooling. Although parents and guardians learn lots about students’ experiences at school, along with their thoughts about teachers and peers, many schools don’t value their inputs. One of the many ways Rocketship Education’s eighteen schools sticks out among competitors is through involving parents in the interview process.

Each year, every facility that plans on hiring new instructors asks several parents to conduct group interviews with applicants. They’re first trained to carry out panel-style interviews, each applicant being reviewed by an average of six parents, then administrators solicit notes taken and the opinions parents have towards potential candidates. While parents don’t control the hiring process, their opinions are as heavily valued, if not more than, administrators’ opinions.

Staying away from stowing away special students

Far more students than most people realize have learning, social, or developmental disabilities. Rather than leaving students within their normal, everyday, generalized education classrooms other educators require students to spend a bulk of their time at school with special education teachers. While RSED employs these special education instructors at every facility, more than 80% of their days are spent in their normal classrooms, facilitating a normalized, confidence-boosting learning experience.

Teachers are subject to certain standards

An important function of teachers at Rocketship Education is to visit each child’s home at least once a year, helping detail personalized education plans. Instructors must also be pliable and receptive to criticism, as parents’, students’, and administrators’ feedback is a key aspect of what makes RSED, Rocketship Education.