Creatively Unsettling Horror Anime


While there are plenty of classic, well known horror movies out there, when it comes to anime, horror is a genre some don’t consider looking into, despite the wide variety. For horror fanatics who don’t mind gore or twisted characters, Higurashi When They Cry is set in a rural Japanese village with a dark, mysterious secret. When protagonist Keiichi Maebara moves there and befriends some of the kind girls he goes to school with, he soon finds out they may not be as nice as he once perceived, especially after news of a local murder spreads.  Definitively one of the best horror anime.


Horror and zombies tend to go hand in hand, which makes Tokyo Ghoul the perfect anime for viewers interested in both. When Ken Kaneki goes on a date with the alluring Rize, Kaneki is thrown for a loop when she turns out to be a flesh-eating ghoul. After an accident, Rize’s organs are transplanted into Kaneki’s body, making him a human-ghoul hybrid who must choose between his morals and his new desire for human flesh.


Another theme commonly associated with horror is the human psyche and Paranoia Agent is no exception. The psychological horror anime revolves around the social phenomenon of a serial assailant by the name of “Lil’ Slugger,” an elementary school boy on rollerblades, armed only with a baseball bat. The plot focuses on a number of characters affected by him and his attacks, including the detectives trying to apprehend him.