Norka Luque is a Messenger of Hope

Norka Luque was born on 7th February 1986, in Caracas. She was lucky to have supportive parents, who upon realizing her talents encouraged her to enroll for piano, dance and voice classes, as well as academics. After high school, she proceeded to study business administration in France, where she graduated with a diploma in culinary arts, fashion, and marketing. She improved her music skills by joining a band, which gave her the opportunity to tour the cities and meet very influential people in Europe’s music industry.

Her involvement in music during this period paid off when a renowned music producer, Emilio Estefan, agreed to work with her because of her amazing voice and talent in 2008. Estefan, together with others like Luigi Giraldo assisted Norka Luque in coming up with the song, “Milagro.” The message of the song was that change is possible when one really needs it, and no situation is permanent. The beautiful message led to the warm reception of the song in 2012, especially in the United States. It became an instant hit in Latin music billboards.

On 5th October 2012, she was quoted by a Latino show magazine saying that artists have the greatest responsibility of passing the right messages to their fans. She believes this is possible because music has the power to reach the inner soul, and change the emotions of people. She went further to say that the changes in genres and rhythms should not mean that messages must stop being informative and motivating. She also dedicated her song, Milagro to all the people who are facing personal problems and may feel like giving up. She urged them to never give up, but to keep on trying because their situations would never remain the same forever. Such are the messages that should come from music artist because they have the ability to influence many people.

In 2016, she released another song,”Tomorrowland”. Her producer, Emilio junior, remains her mentor and motivates her to continue touching lives through her beautiful voice. The messages she passes out to her fans are meant to improve their situation. Other artists should emulate this young lady. Singing is a talent that when used properly can bring joy in the lives of sad people. It can also bring hope to the hopeless. It is the hope of every fan of this great singer that she would continue singing and changing lives for many years to come.

Why Did Talk Fusion Release A New Recorder?

People who have not heard of Talk Fusion before might not be aware of how their platform works. People pay a fee every month to use the service for video chat and video email. It is an easy service to use, and it is something that anyone can use at any time because it is so simple. PR NewsWire is reporting that Talk Fusion now has a much more advanced recorder for all their videos, and it will prove to make their service the best in the world.

Talk Fusion is releasing a new recorder because they want to have the best video quality in the world. They are trying to help their business clients create videos that have unreal clarity, and they want to offer the recorder for more purposes than chatting and video email. The recorder can be used to record video chat sessions, and it will prove to be more effective than any other.

Someone who is paying every month for the Talk Fusion service can make their own video emails, and they can send them to anyone who needs them. They can share their ideas without typing everything out, and they can store the videos in the system. Talk Fusion will connect people from across the world with video chats that all happen over the same server. Chatting over the video service at Talk Fusion makes people feel like they are all in the same office, and it is important for every person who signs up to get all their friends or colleagues to join.

Talk Fusion’s new recorder also helps people make presentations for business that look professional. There are a lot of presentations that cannot be done in person, but it is hard to make a good impression when the video is grainy and hard to see. The new recorder from Talk Fusion makes videos that feel like they were shot on professional gear, and they send just as easily. A video email can be made for the team, or a video chat can be set up for the presentation. In essence, business gets much easier with Talk Fusion.