Getting to Know Julie Zuckerberg

Who is Julie Zuckerberg and what makes her excel above other recruitment leads? Has her education played a major role in shaping her, or is it a matter of luck? What are some of the companies that Julie has worked for and what was her role in these companies? One thing is for sure, Julie Zuckerberg is one of the most experienced recruitment experts in the world. She has over 10 years of experience and has been involved with several companies. At the moment, Julie Zuckerberg is plying her trade with a company called the Deutsche Bank where she is the talent acquisition leader as well as the executive recruitment lead. She currently resides in New York.



Julie has been shaped by her educational background. She is a graduate of City University of New York-York Brooklyn College where she graduated with a degree in philosophy. She furthered her education at New York Law School where she graduated with a law degree.


Career and success

Soon after graduating with a degree in law, Julie got a job with the Hudson Company and held the position of director of candidate placement. She was involved with this company for five years. Her major responsibilities at the Hudson included recruiting case managers, paralegals, support staffs as well as attorneys and other employees within the firm. She also had the responsibility of making the employees know their benefits, opportunities for promotion as well as the working conditions they will be subjected to. He was also responsible for resolving workplace conflicts, and counseling employees on various issues.


After five years with Hudson, Julie Zuckerberg moved to the Citi Global Consumer Bank as the executive recruiter. The responsibilities at this company included negotiating fees for new employees, candidate vetting and engaging candidates from different parts of the globe. She was also responsible for negotiating for complex job offers on behalf of the company. This included issues like clawbacks, equity buyouts as well as relocation, deferred awards, and immigration. She achieved this with the help of other people in the human resource department. Finally, in this capacity, she was responsible for advising the senior management on several issues such as competitive markets, compensation trends and recruiting strategies available.


She advised the management on several recruiting methods such as direct sourcing, internet search, employee referrals and social media. He was charged with working with the diversity team to ensure that the MD slate process is successful. This included managing and promoting internal mobility within the institution. After six years with Citi Global, Julie left to join New York Life Insurance Company. In this company, her main responsibility was partnering with senior management to understand the needs of the client and come up with a creative business solution for them. She was also in-charge of the whole recruitment process.


At Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg is responsible for advising the top leadership on best recruitment practices and hiring governance.



Julie is a fan of one of the following causes. Animal welfare, culture, and arts as well as civil rights and economic empowerment.