Kim Dao Shows Her Australian Friends Around Ikebukuro

Karaoke is a major part of modern Japanese culture. If you want to see what this phenomenon is all about in the “Land of the Rising Sun,” you need to check out Kim Dao’s vlog, “Japan Vlog: Pokerap in JAPANESE (lol) | Driving in Japan | Rambling | KimDao in JAPAN.


At the start of this vlog, Kim Dao tells us it’s 4:30pm and she has big plans later in the day. A few of Kim’s friends from Australia are visiting in Tokyo at the time of this vlog, so Kim Dao is going to show them a good time in Ikebukuro.


Before Kim Dao heads out, she has to do some work editing videos for her main channel. She also has to book a rental car for an upcoming beach trip. Anyone interested in learning about how to rent a car in Japan should listen to Kim Dao’s tips closely at this part of the video. Learn more:


In the next shot, Kim Dao shows us the restaurant where she and her friends are eating dinner. Her restaurant has a set menu where you order an appetizer, main dish, drink, and dish for only $15.


When Kim Dao walks around the nearby park, everyone is standing around like zombies playing “Pokémon Go.” Kim Dao also opens her app and tries to capture a Magikarp. Learn more:


Finally, Kim Dao takes her friends to an authentic Japanese karaoke bar. One of Kim Dao’s friends actually sings a Japanese Pokémon rap. Kim Dao laughs hysterically at this song’s ludicrous lyrics. Learn more: