Contrucap Helping Brazilians Own Property

The process of buying property can be very overwhelming. But aligning yourself with a real estate developer, such as Construcap, can make the process a little bit easy. They will provide you with various designs that fit into your budget and preferences. Unlike most companies who only hold properties at exorbitant prices on, Contrucap is different. They have everything for everyone, regardless of the budget limit. The company started small and so they understand the needs of the middle class buyers. Construcap have even gone the extra mile to have an in-house financing. This clearly shows how passionate they are about helping the people of Brazil own property, especially at these harsh times.

Construcap was founded in the year 1944, meaning that they have over 7 decades of experience in the industry. That being the case, they definitely are the best choice if you are looking to have a new property. Their services range from construction, financing, designing to engineering.

Currently, Construcap is one of the biggest construction companies in North America, both in terms of market share and the value of assets owned. They are known for having constructed some of the biggest properties in the area. Among their most notable clients include InnovaCare, based in Dallas Texas. They are also responsible for constructing the Mineirão stadium.

Another factor that makes Construcap a leading construction company in Brazil and beyond is the fact that they are certified and have even received certification for their safety standards on They create a great environment for their employees to work in so that they deliver you quality. They are also known to empower their employees through training. They especially accept illiterate adults and give them the basic education. If they pass, they are further trained to work in their sites.

Construcap reaches a larger market share by licensing subsidiaries. InovaSaude at is one of the major subsidiaries of Construcap. InovaSaude has a 17 years licensing to build health facilities for Construcap. They are also responsible for supplying the health facilities that they build in Sao Paulo, Sorocaba and San Jose Campos, with equipment needed.

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