Desiree Perez, Close Ally of JayZ, and the 10-Year Contract

JayZ, obviously one of the most famous celebrities of recent history in the U.S., has landmarked a total of $150 million with Live Nation and is once again in the spotlights of celebrity news all over the world. Being the influential artist that he is, there is more to this story than this landmark. According to JayZ, he is thinking about “taking a stake” in the old partner of many artists in the field: Roc Nation, the renowned producer of many top quality tracks and albums.

The $150 million landmark is a contract of ten years with Live Nation that went live in 2008. The deal will end in 2018, in the first half of next year, and news outlets are already mentioning this topic as it could be a significant competition on who JayZ will sign up with next.  Check this on

Obviously, Live Nation is very much one of the most interested brands in continuing their partnership with the artist, but either one or the other might end up buying the company after the contract ends. However, a few sources say that this contract might be the end of the relationship between JayZ and Live Nation.  Head over to for added reading.

Roc Nation, for anyone that is not acknowledged with the influence of this name, is responsible for producing tracks and quality sound for worldwide-popular personalities like Rihanna.

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Among the important staff that serves Roc Nation and has turned the company into one of the most sought enterprises to work with in the realm of popular music is the producer Desiree Perez, which became famous after she worked on the movie documentary “On the Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay Z,” which depicted the lives of the two artists during one of their biggest tours around the world.  Related article on

Desiree Perez is a close friend and business partner of JayZ and is currently an executive of Roc Nation.  For an update of Dez recent timeline activities, click

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