Desiree Perez Leads Roc Nation to Quick Success

The year 2018 will mark the end of the 10-year deal that Jay-Z signed in 2008 with Live Nation. Although Live Nation wishes to work with Jay-Z on tours, they will not be handling his recorded music after the deal. It is not yet clear what will happen after that. It is possible that Jay-Z will only focus on his company, Roc Nation. He founded Roc Nation in 2008. It has since become one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world.  Additional article on

Desiree Perez is Jay’s close business associate. They have been working together for approximately 20 years. The pair recently met the CEO and chairman of Universal Music Group (UMG). It has been said that UMG could be interested in investing in Roc Nation. If this is the case, Roc Nation will benefit a lot. It will enable the company to have more artists and consequently more gains.  Read more about Dez, hop over to

There is news that UMG has invested in Roc Nation. If UMG is willing to invest more, they will gain more from Roc Nation. According to UMG, it has been good working with Jay-Z. They reckon that it would be better if both parties did more business together. Whether UMG will invest more in Roc Nation or not will depend on Jay Z’s deal with Live Nation. Related article on

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Desiree Perez has been very successful in business. Roc Nation has benefited a lot from her previous experience as well as her negotiation skills. Desiree is said to be the one behind Roc Nation’s success a few years after it was founded. She is known for getting the best deals in the business. Rihanna, who is also signed to Roc Nation, got a deal with Samsung through Desiree. Desiree plays a crucial role in Roc Nation. Her role in the company involves publishing and management.  Check her latest tweets on twitter@desireeperez01

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