Doe Deere and The Pidgin Doll


The modern makeup industry is a highly competitive field and it’s clear now that the art world is also a highly competitive industry as well. Case in point: The recent sale of a photo of Lime Crime Cosmetics CEO Doe Deere with a doll created by her friend, designer Joshua David McKenney.

The captivating photo in question shows lovely Ms. Deere sporting bright blue hair and burgundy lips (courtesy Lime Crime lipstick) and holding a lookalike doll created by McKenney. Ms. Deere posted the photo on her Instagram Lime Crime account, which has over 2 million followers. She posted it as a way to bring attention to Mr. McKenney’s fine work as a doll maker. Richard Prince of The Gagosian Gallery in New York City edited out the credits on the photo and sold a print of it for $90,000 at a New York art fair.

Ms. Deere, who started her “from the ground up” makeup line as an online company, was understandably upset to have the photos of her and her friend’s doll sold with no credit given. She is moving on, however, and so is McKenney. Ms. Deere told that while she was dismayed to have someone profit from the photo with giving credit, she is happy to see Mr. McKenney’s “Pidgin” dolls recognized as works of art.

McKenney calls his line of hand-crafted dolls “Pidgin” after the common language used by people who speak different languages. He feels the art of these dolls communicates something from deep inside himself, just as Kermit the Frog communicated feelings for his creator, Jim Henson.

Meanwhile, Ms. Deere is moving forward and has posted more photos of the lovely and lovingly detailed Pidgin dolls on her Lime Crime Instagram page. The beautifully detailed dolls are pretty as can be and are a perfect symbol for the delicate and colorful styles offered by Deere’s Lime Crime makeup line. Obviously, Ms. Deere and Mr. McKenney are both highly creative artists whose work can’t be stopped, even after the dismaying experience of having their work used without permission. For Deere, it’s all about keeping on with the work, and embracing the joy and magic of the creative experience.

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