FreedomPop Lands Fundraising Landmark

For years the world of mobile cell phones has been evolving in a rapid but relatively linear way. Cell phone companies are now at the point where they are packaging exorbitant data plans with their expensive cell phones in order to lure customers into long contracts. These long contracts and expensive monthly fees might be the death knell of an industry, but freemium phone carrier FreedomPop had other plans. FreedomPop is an L.A. based start up with eyes on changing the phone industry in a dramatic fashion. FreedomPop recently offset talks of a merger and raised a huge chunk of change, $30 million to be exact, in a sign of things to come.

Fundamentally what FreedomPop offers their customers is simple: a chance to get a cell phone plan that offers everything they could need without any of the excess baggage of huge monthly bills. FreedomPop offers their core line up of limited data, talk, and text completely free. The only time that customers are ever expected to pay into the plan is when they use in excess of the limitations on their account. If you aren’t a heavy phone user or can curtail your needs then you’ll never spend a cent on your phone. Sounds pretty nice, right?

At face value what FreedomPop is offering is pretty astounding and it has brought in customers from all over the country. CEO Stephen Stokols has been in the public eye for years as he has crafted a route to success for his company. Of late there have been rumors of a merger going around and Stokols was quick to face up to the rumors. Stokols said, “It would be premature to sell at this point”. Stokols expounded by saying that his goal was to guide FreedomPop into becoming a billion dollar company as their success continues to be elevated throughout the United States and overseas. Stokols claims that their decision not to merge was done in order to maintain independent control and the freedom that goes with it to grow FreedomPop how they wish.

We’ve seen FreedomPop expand their market share by creating other products to give to customers. A WiFi network has been spread across the United States over the past year and it will allow customers to buy into a WiFi only plan. This is just one of the few decisions that FreedomPop has made in order to help grow their company in a different way.

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