From Meat Market To Meat Giant: OSI Group

To go from being a small meat market to being a meat giant is no easy task. OSI Group knows exactly what it takes to scale a company from small beginnings to being one of the largest food companies on earth. It took several decades, thousands of workers, dozens of factories but mostly the ethics and principles that first began the company. What OSI Group is today is because of hard work and determination. The food supplier has many partnerships with retail brands and food service brands around the world. The food supplier aims to create solutions for all of their partners. Bringing food to the table from concept is what this company does best. The passion for entrepreneurship and innovation keeps the company moving forward.

They are always working on launching something new. Because of this, this company reigns at the top of the food production industry. The company has experienced many various phases that has propelled it into a dominant company. In the beginning, it was the hope and dream of an immigrant to build a business into success. Decades later after expansion and a love from the community as a favorite butcher shop, the company was passed down to the next generation. This generation was able to establish big time partnerships with McDonalds. They became the burger restaurant chain’s number one supplier. That was because the company created a classic and consistent piece of meat.

The beef meat patty that made this family owned company a hit with McDonalds became the product that launched OSI Group. Today, twenty thousand people are employed by the same company that was once started by an immigrant new to America just trying to make a life for himself. Nearly every continent on the planet is home to one of the company operated facilities. Seventeen countries have OSI Group operations currently running in them. But that is not the end for this big time food supplier. They have plans of opening more facilities in more countries. They want to introduce non meat products. In addition, they want to move towards sustainably in their operations.

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