Here’s A Review Of The Great FreedomPop Services

Listed here will be a FreedomPop review of their different services, and it’s completely up to the potential customer to decide if they are interested in the services or not. FreedomPop has been in business for several years now and joined with Sprint to widen the range of people they would be able to service across the United States. Working with Sprint proved to be an excellent decision because they’ve been able to get millions of customers, compared to when they used to have a smaller network. Also, great data coverage is available because of their merger with Sprint.

Cell phone service is the most popular service from FreedomPop, and just about anyone can use their services. Those who previously had Sprint service can still FreedomPop as well as those who have an unlocked phone that takes a sim card. Even persons who want to use their phones internationally can still get a calling plan from FreedomPop to make phone calls when they are in many countries around the world. FreedomPop exists in the UK as well, which is a very popular country that’s frequented by those who are from the United States, so using cell phone services there will be easy for FreedomPop users.

International calling is also available, and those who want to can add an international calling plan onto their regular cell phone plan, no matter which one they choose. FreedomPop offers free plans, a paid plan, and several unlimited plans that also have 4G LTE data. The $20 plan that’s unlimited is by far the most popular plan, but additional plans that have more 4G LTE data is also available. The free plan that’s offered is completely free of charge and includes text messages, data, and minutes. Those who need home Internet service can obtain it from FreedomPop as well.

The home Internet service will include 1 GB of free data every month, and the service can be used with a hub that provides Wi-Fi too. Those that need Wi-Fi service away from home can download FreedomPop’s application that gives unlimited Wi-Fi service wherever it’s available around the USA for only five dollars each month. Anyone who’s in need of a portable hotspot can find several of these hotspots that are extremely small and pocket-sized from FreedomPop, and 500 MB of data is also included. The portable hotspots are also enabled to get up to 4G LTE speeds.

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