How Cancer Treatment Centers of America Is Innovating Treatment

Cancer is one of the largest killers worldwide. Now, there is a one medical research group that is innovating the way cancer is treated in patients. A recent article on WebMD revealed how Cancer Treatment Centers of America is getting results and making progress in the fight against cancer.

The first treatment mentioned was advanced genomic testing. This type of testing procedure helps to find the specific mutations in the DNA of cancerous cells. If doctors can find the source of the mutation, then a precision treatment can be performed.

The second treatment mentioned was targeted therapies. This type of treatment tries to find which genes or proteins are unique to the cancer cells. With this information, physicians can target the cancer cells and kill it. Or they can perform targeted chemotherapy treatment that will result in better survival rate and quicker recovery time, and

The final treatment mentioned in the WebMD article was immunotherapy. While the immune system is effective in fighting and destroying foreign invaders, cancer cells are composed of human cells which makes it difficult for the immune system to fight them. The cancer cells are able to “pass” the checkpoint put up by the immune system. However, immunotherapy drugs can introduce “checkpoint inhibitors” that allow the immune system to fight and kill the cancer cells. Immunotherapy can only be used on certain cancer patients as of this time. However, the continuing research is opening up the potential for immunotherapy to be used in a wider scope of cases.

While cancer cells are extremely adaptable, the physicians and researchers at Cancer Treatment Centers of America are even more resilient in their fight against the deadly disease. By implementing the three treatment strategies mentioned above, and expanding their research, the doctors and scientist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America are looking towards making lasting progress and

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