OSI Group Ranks at the Top of Food Processing Industry

OSI group is a privately-owned food processing company, located in Aurora, IL. They provide protein items and other products to retail companies and other food service companies. They offer bacon, hot dogs, cooked beef items, smoked meats, chicken products, pizza and dough products, cooked beef patties and other items to the food industry. Their products are used to make meals, entrees, desserts and snacks. OSI Group was started in 1909.

OSI spent $7.4 million dollars in 2015, to buy Tyson Foods, Chicago facility. The plant is in the Back-of -the-Yards neighborhood, and provides an additional 200,000 square feet of space to OSI. They plan to use it for future growth of the company. Currently the firm has over 60 plants in 16 countries.

OSI’s UK division received the Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour Awards from the British Safety Council, for their efforts to improve health and safety practices at their factories, as well as focusing on eco-friendly operating methods. Their Scunthrope plant makes sausage and beef products that are used in the restaurant sector.

OSI is a family owned and operated business, with the goal of providing the top services and products possible to their customers. They try to help their clients keep their overall costs low, while still providing high-quality food products for them. Over the years, they have developed and maintained a reputation for being reliable and honest.

In addition to helping provide their customers with high-quality products, they help their own suppliers maximize their farming processes and therefore, their profits. They are experts at processing food and help companies and people at all levels of the food chain

OSI focuses their business on sustainability. There is a limited amount of space to grow food, and there are many people who are starving in the world. Using the strategy of sustainability, allows them to provide a steady supply of food to customers. You will rarely have to wait for your order to be filled. Working with OSI will give you the best quality products at the lowest prices available. This is why they are ranked in the top 100 food companies in the U.S.

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