Marc Sparks Success Journey And Involvement In The Spark Tank Program

One of the best personalities Dallas has to offer is Marc Sparks. The reason behind him being the best in Dallas is the fact that he is an individual who can be described by many is an all rounded person. He is a business entrepreneur, philanthropist, venture capitalist and a business guru.

According to Marc, he believes that through giving and sharing what you receive, you earn more. This is what drives Marc to share his wealth with the less fortunate as he trusts he shouldn’t be selfish with what he gets. Not many wealthy individuals share their wealth with the less fortunate, but Marc enjoys doing it.

According to Marc Sparks, helping and empowering doesn’t entail giving them money, building structure or establishing programs and saying you have helped them. It involves sharing your success story with the aim of motivating them to become better people.

Through sharing your story, you might end up changing a person’s life completely even without knowing. This is why Marc decided to share his success story with his fellow entrepreneurs through Spark Tank.

He also ended up publishing a book for people to read his success journey and understand the strategies he employed for him to become successful.

Marc’s passion has always been helping the less privileged and telecommunication. He has a passion for the telecommunication industry something that has led to him opening nearly three telecom companies.

Sparks is well known for taking advantage of every opportunity that comes his way, and this is why he is always ready to venture into various business industries. Apart from telecommunication, Marc has ventured in numerous investment programs which have helped different people become successful.

As a Venture capitalist, Marc Sparks offers capital to startup firms that he believes will be successful in the future. He is able to do this through his speculative nature something not many people lack and this is why they don’t venture in the capitalist business.

His latest venture has been Spark Tank with the aim of pursuing social excellence. Through Spark Tank, Marc aims at assisting future entrepreneurs in his community benefit and access funding by establishing funding grants.

He understands that some people lack the urge to pursue their idea due to insufficient funds. For one to become one of the beneficiaries of Spark tank, he/she has to apply online where you wait for the results to see if you qualify.

Experts are involved in choosing the finalists who are later interviewed and given time to express their idea. Through this, Spark believes he will be able to assist numerous people to become successful.

Financing Real Estate Investments

The economy of Brazil is on fire right now. With that growth, a lot of people want to get to the next level with their money. Real estate on has always been a great place for investors to start looking for ways to build wealth for the future. If you want to invest in a great area, one of the best places to start is real estate. Not only that, but you can start to see what kind of impact you will make on your finances in a short time. Before you buy a property, you need to spend a lot of time picking out the right real estate loan for your situation. A lot of people struggle to find the right balance of paying now versus in the future. Construcap has experience in this area and can help you with whatever needs that you have.

When Construcap was started, the economy of Brazil was much different. Not only that, but a lot of people are excited about the changes that are taking place in the country. Construcap is having to adapt their business model to serve as many people as possible. Many people are excited about working with the company because of the wide range of their financing options at If you want to take things to the next level in your life, this is a great company to work with. Always make sure to think about the long term when it comes to your financing options.

If you are ready to start investing in real estate on, you need a financing plan that you can afford. A lot of people like to borrow as much money as possible in an attempt to get to the next level in a variety of areas. Although this may seem like a good idea, in fact you can end up spending much more money than you originally planned to. Financing your investments can help you build wealth on, but this is only true if you spend the right amount of time finding what is right for you and your situation in life.

In Pursuit Of Greatness & OSI Group

Greatness comes in many forms throughout the world. It can be in the form of a person, location, or business. In this case, OSI Group is the topic of discussion as it has redefined food solutions in this modern day society and here is how it achieved it’s high status.

OSI Group produces some of the very best food products. These high quality items that line the shelves of supermarkets, restaurants, and other food selling retailers. Though there are many different brands to choose from, most brands tend to get their food products from the same source. The company has been around for well over 100 years. It was once a small meat processing company back in the day, but today is the worldwide leader in it’s class. OSI Group covers all bases such as development, management, processing, and distribution.

The company does a great job with producing custom food products as well. Whatever a client can think up, OSI can most likely turn it into a reality and the company will work directly with all clients to create what’s needed. Types of foods? Check out the list below for a better idea on what is being served.

Dough Products
Cooked Sausages
Chicken Nuggets
Beef Patties
And many more

This only scratches the surface of what the company can produce. Food safety and quality assurance is taken serious here also. Providing the very best food products is the companies ultimate goal as long as it’s safe to eat. With up to 65 facilities that span across 17 countries, OSI Group is a great employer for those who have a passion for culinary. This is the recipe of success and OSI Group epitomizes it the best.

Find jobs on OSI Group at

Inside the Lives of Famous Rappers


Kanye West is a famous rapper most known for his fashion line and for being married to socialite Kim Kardashian. He is 39 years old and has 2 children with Kardashian. In the early 2000’s, West was a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records. To date, Kanye West has released seven albums, with mixed reviews from critics. Kanye West is also known for his sometimes inappropriate behavior at shows and on social media, and for his outspoken viewpoints. Currently, he is one of the best selling musical artists of all time. He has launched his own clothing line and has worked with high end designers such as Louis Vuitton and Giuseppe Zanotti. He has also had shoe deals with both Addidas and Nike.

Drake is another famous rapper who was initially an actor on a teen drama television show. Drake is known for being an excellent rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. He has won several Grammy and Juno Awards for his music. Drake also works as a music producer and is global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors. With an impressive 27 Grammy Nominations, Drake has several triple platinum songs and many positive reviews of his first four albums. He has also gotten the number one spot three times on the “Best Rapper Alive” list.

Drake has his own record label which is distributed by Warner Bros. Records, which he started in 2012.

Drake started his career at the young age of 15, and states that he did it because he needed income to provide for his very sick mother.  He’s also one of the absolute favorite black people twitter celebs.

The Ambitious and Determined Lori Senecal Appointed For the New Role at CP+B

Following the creation of the new Global CEO position at CP+B in 2015,, Lori Senecal was named as the holder of the new post. As the Global CEO, Lori will work directly with Chuck Porter, the firm’s chief strategist. Her roles will include overseeing the company’s global growth as well as coordinating the company’s nine international offices.

Speaking after her appointment,, Lori said that she was greatly honored to be appointed, and especially to get the chance to work alongside the talented Chuck Porter. She promised to work towards achieving the firm’s global growth.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a prominent American entrepreneur mostly respected for her remarkable marketing, advertising and leadership skills. According to her fast company bio, she holds a bachelor of commerce degree, marketing, and finance option from McGill University.

Prior to her appointment to the Global CEO position at CP+B, Lori was working at MDC Partners. She served as the chairperson and CEO of the firm for two years and as the Global executive chairperson for seven months. Under her leadership, MDC achieved both domestic and global excellence.

When the McCann-Erickson Worldwide organization opened its flagship office in New York, Lori was contracted to hold managerial positions in different areas, including innovation, account leadership, and planning. She also briefly served as the president. In 2014, Lori was working at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners.

Lori’s Awards

Lori’s leadership and management skills have helped her achieve a lot professionally, leading to her being recognized with several prestigious awards. Most notable of all, she was honored with the Quantum Leap Award for leadership and innovation at the Game Changer Awards. For two consecutive years, she was honored to chair the jury for the Isaac Awards. In 2016, she was named as one of the four Agency Executives to Watch by Advertising Age. The organization also named Lori’s CP+B as one of the Creativity Innovators of the Year.

Lori’s interview with HuffPost

Earlier this year, HuffPost’s Laura Dunn had an exclusive interview with Lori Senecal. In the interview, she revealed that being her mom’s last-born daughter; she grew up trying to outsmart her elder sisters with the aim of proving that she was not inferior to them. This hard work, ambition, and determination largely contributed to shaping the leader that she is today. Lori advised the readers to work extra hard since according to her, nothing good comes easy.


Ricardo Tosto: A Commercial Litigator Who Stands Out in Brazil’s Crowded Legal Sector

Known for its monumental number of law schools, Brazil had 1,024 law schools in 2007, compared to just 180 in the United States for the same year. Once a person graduates from law program in Brazil, which typically takes five years, he or she must pass the challenging bar examination before beginning their career. Once a new lawyer passes the bar examination, he or may practice in any Brazilian state, in any specialty that they choose.

While Brazil’s practice of not requiring lawyers to prove their proficiency in their specialty makes it challenging for people seeking a lawyer, several major law firms stand out in their area of expertise. Astute lawyers frequently take additional classes to improve their knowledge of their client’s industry.

While prominent lawyer Ricardo Tosto graduated from Mackenzie University with his degree in law, he took a business administration extension course as well, since his firm,

Leite, Tosto e Barros primarily serves corporate clients and political figures. Ricardo Tosto, one of the law firm’s founders, specializes in commercial litigation, while other attorneys at the firm have their own specialties. Recently, Ricardo Tostoa commented on Law 13,303, which primarily affects state-owned enterprises and how they solicit bids and award contracts. He also points out that the law directly affects contractors who work for state companies. Frequently sought after by the media for a quote or commentary, Ricardo Tosto has the ability to explain even the most complex legal issues in a straightforward way, which is why he often speaks on behalf of his firm.

In early 2017, Leite, Tosto e Barros and founders Ricardo Tosto and Zanon de Paula Barros celebrated 25 years of outstanding performance. The celebration also included the firm’s and Tostos’ recommendation from Latin Lawyer 250 as excellent litigation attorneys for the 10th consecutive year.

Quincy Still Reeling Over Recent Crimes

New Brunswick law enforcement continue to search for suspects in the recent crime spree in the Quincy area, a relatively low-crime community. Following the armed robbery of a pizza delivery man at a Quincy Circle apartment complex on November 30, 2012, the community saw a non-fatal shooting at a the Quincy New Brunswick Apartments on Commercial Street in October of 2015.


South Brunswick police, in May of 2013, charged 21-year-old Parysh Wood with robbery for his role as leader of the three-man crew that robbed the pizza delivery man at gunpoint at the N building of the complex. The man attempted to deliver pizza to a resident, who claimed never to have ordered the pizza. When walking back to his delivery van, the three male suspects approached the man, saying that they had ordered the pizza. When going to his van to get the pizza, the suspects put a gun to his head, and stole his wallet and the pizza, before making their getaway in a dark-colored minivan. According to police, Det. Ron Seaman linked cellphone site information around the time and location of the robbery, which he then linked to Wood.


At around 9:30 p.m. on October 5, 2015, police reported that three or four shots rang out in the vicinity of Building 1 of the New Brunswick Apartments. Captain J.T. Miller of the New Brunswick Police Department reported that an “individual walked into” the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital not long after the shooting “with a non-life threatening gun shot wound.” The apartment complex, owned by a limited liability firm in North Quincy, MA, stands across the street from the Rutgers University Police Department’s headquarters.


Police continue to investigate both cases.




A Review of the Water Quality at Squaw Valley Upper Mountain

The Water Quality at Squaw Valley Upper Mountain has been the subject of intense scrutiny in recent months. Not only are residents concerned for their health safety, but daily chores have also been affected in unexpected ways. Such outcry can only be attributed to an unusually severe downpour experienced last October, which adversely affected numerous water systems in Placer County. According to verified reports, such uncommon rainstorm ultimately contributed to unexpected floods on the recently upgraded water systems installed at Gold Coast and High Camp during the summer. Based on such floods, contamination on such water systems eventually occurred within a few hours.


Once collected samples tested positive, water quality experts immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Board and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Immediate steps entailed consultations with various water quality experts upon which, adequate measures have been taken to safeguard citizens from potential infection. Alternatively, sufficient resources and manpower have been diverted to lower water systems to normal levels as well as disinfect affected water systems.


Ensuring Safety of the Citizens


In light of such a phenomenon, city officials have advised citizens both at Gold Coast and High Camp to exercise adequate caution and limit water consumption until normalcy is restored sooner rather than later. Ensuring the safety of people is paramount to city officials. As such they have pulled all the stops to ensure the safety of the citizens. Basic measures currently in force include the provision of free bottled drinking water and the dissemination of preventive drugs. Alternatively, city officials have also issued a closure directive to all restaurants as a preventive measure to protect all residents.


Public awareness is a vital component that primarily determines the safety levels of citizens during a disease outbreak. As such, Squaw Valley residents have been adequately informed on the recent water systems contamination, and the intended safety measures. As a potentially affected resident, you might want to adhere to such regulations immediately, lest infection catches up with you. According to water quality specialists, such guidelines are only enforceable during the grace period, after which normalcy can resume.

Williamson County Gets Traffic Solution Offers from Transportation Experts

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is an autonomous state organization established in 2012 to address the transportation challenges in Williamson and Travis counties. The Authority’s mission is to use innovative, multi-modal transportation alternatives that address congestion and develop transportation options that improve the quality of life and economic productivity.



Mike Heiligenstein continues to be the Executive Director of the Authority. He also works at International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association as the group’s President. He is a member of Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Advisory Board. He has served the people of Williamson County for over two decades as a public official.



Williamson County Growth Summit



On December 15, 2016, Williamson County Growth Summit was held to discuss the transportation challenges around Austin. The panelist included Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director, CTRMA, Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout LLC, Leandre Johns, the Uber Technologies, Inc.’s Texas External Affairs Director, and Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign. The meeting focused on the role of technology in addressing various transportation challenges.



Heiligenstein noted that Austin needs to build more and better roads to benefit from the various technological innovations like driverless cars and ridesharing apps. Most suburbs in Williamson County are facing rapid growths. He said construction of more and better roads is critical in addressing the transportation challenges in the area as a result of these growths.



Round Rock Mayor Alan McGraw wanted to know what policymakers are supposed to do to get ready for future transportation needs. Ficklin said there is a need of having a flexible building and land-use codes to meet future transportation needs. He said parking garages and roads are going to be relevant even with new innovations.



According, to Heiligenstein, the adoption of driverless cars is not high. Consequently, there is a need to enhance the capacity of roads and buses. He also noted that Austin is facing a high rate of growth that will nullify any improvement in transportation. He said Austin’s U.S. Highway 183 and State Highway 290 would need to be upgraded to 12 lanes.



Uber’s Johns emphasized the need for first- and last-mile solutions to encourage public transit. People should be provided with options to get them to the bus stop easily. Companies like Uber are providing individuals with this service.


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The Lantern on the Long Road to Success: Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is “illuminating” the path to the perfect career for medical and legal professionals. As President of Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC), Brian has been connecting thousands of professionals across his massive online and offline networks.

HCRC offers services for both legal and medical professionals, as well as, legal and medical employers. Whether you are looking for the right candidate or the right career, Brian has got you covered.

Additionally, Brian offers his multitude of expert experiences and advice through HCRC’s professional consulting. If you are an prospective employee seeking better ways to market yourself, HCRC can help. If you are an employer searching for a way to improve your workflow and/or striving to achieve the perfect staff balance, HCRC can help you. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

Prior to his current role at HCRC, Brian Torchin was a practicing chiropractor for a short time. He understands the struggles medical providers encounter throughout the lifetime of their practice. He truly understands what it takes to create and maintain a successful medical practice.

Everyone in the legal and medical field can benefit from the variety of useful knowledge, resources and experience that HCRC and Brian Torchin provide. Check out Brian’s Facebook page to view, almost daily, posts related to legal and medical professionals. You will see what companies are hiring, resume tips and tricks, and other useful bits of information to assist you.

Be sure to follow Brian Torchin on Facebook and Twitter. Stay ahead of the rest by gaining access to real-time job vacancy updates via HCRC. According to Postings, Brian Torchin’s Facebook page is basically its own job board for legal and medical professionals. A very useful resource for those looking for employment.

Check out and see for yourself how Brian can “illuminate” the right path for you or your office with Health Care Recruitment Counselors.