Securus Technologies Inmate Telephone System Thwarts Illegal Scheme at U.S. Correctional Institution

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of correctional technological solutions in business today. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies reports that it maintains contracts with over 2,600 correctional institutions in the United States today.


One of the widely utilized Securus Technologies services is its inmate telephone systems. Indeed, at this point in time, the Securus Technologies inmate telephone systems are the most widely utilized in North America.


The Securus Technologies inmate telephone systems provide a vital means of contact between incarcerated men and women and their loved ones in the outside world. Studies reveal that offenders who are able to maintain consistent contact with their loved ones while incarcerated are less likely to reoffend when then are released back into society. The Securus Technologies inmate telephone systems are considered to be important solutions when it comes to lowering the offender recidivism rate in the United States.


The Securus Technologies inmate telephone systems also assist in enhancing the security of correctional institutions. Through the Securus Technologies inmate telephone systems, the telephone calls of incarcerated individuals can be monitored appropriately and as needed.


The head of a correctional institution in the United States reported how a Securus Technologies inmate telephone system foiled a scheme to bring contraband into the facility. In this case, the scheme involved not only an incarcerated individual but a member of the correctional institution’s staff as well.


By monitoring an inmate’s telephone calls, the institution was able to obtain enough preliminary information and evidence to obtain a warrant. With the warrant, the institutional staff was able to confront the suspected staff member. Through this process, additional evidence was obtained. Ultimately, the staff member involved in the illegal scheme was arrested. The staff member now faces criminal prosecution. Moreover, illicit contraband was kept out of the correctional institution thanks in part to the Securus Technologies inmate telephone system.


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