Securus Technology, they aim to Protect and Serve

It is somewhat unfortunate that as much as people live in peaceful co-existence in different societies, there are those individuals who break the law. They do this by either wronging a fellow citizen or committing a felony. When this happens, such people are arrested and arraigned in court. When found guilty, they are sent to different correctional facilities to serve different terms. Although other people may not know his, I believe that lawbreakers are human beings, therefore; they are entitled to some rights, and the least that can be done is allow them to speak with their families. Securus Technologies is that inmate communication provider that is making prisons a home far from home for the inmates.


Securus has continuously offered an avenue for inmates and their families to communicate in different correctional facilities. Due to their enhanced technology, they can prevent and at the same time curb crime in prisons. Initially, other prison warders received a gift from the prisoners in return to them sneaking phones and other illegal stuff. Since Securus technologies stepped up their game, very many prisons that seek their services are at peace. Remember that they are the number one communication providers.


Securus is making other avenues like video calling at an affordable price. Asides from communication, Securus helps in simulating other services like access to law libraries, work on visitation schedules, different forms of entertainment and religious texts. Despite how awesome their functions remain to be, the cost continues very affordably. Richard Smith, the CEO of Securus technologies is promising even better provisions.

With the several comments posted by the public and prisons officials, it continuously helps to put Securus on toes in knowing what to improve. For instance, given the company keep tabs on communication that is underway in prisons has helped fish out corrupt prison officials. All in all, Securus technologies does a tremendous job and it ought to be commended. Also, other inmate communication providers can learn a thing or two.


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