The Need to Know on The Davos CAP Calculator and Davos Real Estate Group

Have you been wondering what the DREG is doing? If you have then you have come to the right place. One of the developments that has been made by this business is the real estate application that is a calculator for investors. Want to know more about this application? Well, this application really is pretty amazing, it gives the user the ability to calculate how much around the income of an investment in real estate would gather. This would of course be going off the place/location that the user of the application has chosen to look more into.


Want to know what the business DREG is all about? That can be pretty easy to figure out if you look into the heritage of the business. Being that the business is branch of the DFG it would be easy to find all that you need to know on them. The latter of the two businesses is a business that focuses on giving out to their clients financial advice that is comprehensive. If you were to take a look at the life of Gerard González, who happens to be a DREG Executive Director, you would find that in the past 6 months he has been pretty busy with the developing of the real estate calculator. You would also see that during that time he had been working alongside Tecknolution for the whole with the application.


People that used the application have found that it is very nifty. Mostly everyone is able to use the application right now, being that it is now used on the iPhone and of course any Android device. This application is however just one of many applications that will be getting put out there as a part of series.


Need to Know on Founder David Osio


If you have ever heard of the DFG you have probably heard the name David Osio mentioned quite a few times. That would be because he is the Founder and Executive Director of the business. During the time of him being invested in financial work Osio has had the time to get all the resources and information he has needed in order to succeed at what he does in his business. What was Mr. Osio before his time spent with his business? While, to find that out all you would have to do is look at the history behind him. He went a university within the location of Venezuela when he was younger and he studied way into the world of law.


Following the studies he did he was able to get a job in a very well-known law firm as a Director. There he was put to work using his advising skills and helped clients when it came to legal advice. After all of that was over he was listed as a student with another university, this one being in New York instead of Venezuela. This university gave him the much needed time to study what he needed to in order to learn about things like banking. 1993 Was the year that David ended up founding his business and since that period in time has learned what he has needed to in order to make sure his clients stay happy and that his business succeeds.


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