What Does OSI Group Plan To Launch Next

Tremendous and rapid growth is nothing new to OSI Group. The past decade has been ten years full of development and growth with many kinds of products but never forgetting the signature hamburger patty that made the company famous. New territory has been a mission for the food supplier. Impressively, the company has expanded into parts of Asia and Europe at an incredibly fast rate. The company is now working to launch its non meat products. Since the start of the 2010’s, OSI Group has been opening new facilities across Asia. In Japan, the meat production company launched a production facility to manage the Asian markets. The year of 2012 was a rather successful year for the company. Many new facilities were opened.

One was opened in in Bangalore, another in Pubjab and two were opened in India. For five years now, OSI Group has worked very hard to create a large presence in Europe through the use of opening facilities to better meet the demands of the European market. In 2013, the company opened a facility in Poland that would act as a plant for beef production facility. The year of 2014 was a year of joint ventures. The food production company launched partnerships with a supermarket chain in Germany and the United Kingdom. The company has worked to create a new platform that enables global trading.

This platform benefits the food supplier due to how it allows the company to run an efficient and effective supply chain of poultry from Brazil to Thailand. OSI Group is creating a broad selection of food due to its introduction of meat based protein products to the food lineup. The majority of these products will be produced in its Riverside, California processing plant facility. Beans, salsa and tofu will be produced here. An Indian facility owned by the company will be responsible for the production of vegetable products. All of these new facilities and operations will be done in a way that is better for the environment. The company is working on becoming a leading sustainable food company that has social responsibilities.

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