With Christmas looming, Securus raises awareness of video visitation

Over the last decade, leading inmate communications firm Securus Technologies has been rolling out its innovative video visitation system. This system is a quantum leap over in-person visits and has enabled many inmates to stay connected to their families and loved ones who would otherwise have not had the opportunity to do so. As Christmas nears, Securus recognizes the vital importance this new technology plays in connecting inmates with their families during a tough time of year.



No place like home


For many families, the first few holidays during which a loved one is incarcerated can be particularly hard. Younger children have difficulty understanding why their fathers aren’t around and even for the grown-ups, knowing that they’ll someday be reunited can be little comfort during a traditional time of togetherness.


Making matters worse, many families with incarcerated loved ones simply don’t have the funds to come visit them at the prison. Video visitation from Securus solves these problems. The relatively low cost video visitation system allows for inmates to spend virtually unlimited time with family over a high quality video phone connection. Whereas all in-person visits are time-limited, video visitations are subject only to the inmate’s privileges and money on their calling plan. This makes a video call the next best thing to being there in person.


Because of the enormous psychological benefits of inmates being able to participate in the lives of their loved ones over the holidays, Securus has undertaken a campaign throughout all of its institutions to spread the word about the many benefits of video visitations. They’ve put together mailing campaigns to family members and have even done a number of touching, real-life video visitation testimonials such as this one.


Jail is a hard enough place to be. Securus believes in second chances, that most inmates just made a few mistakes and deserve to be treated in a respectful and humane way. There’s no better way to diminish the chances of recidivism than to allow inmates to be an ongoing part of their families lives. Hope will keep them going on the inside and it will keep them from going back once out.



About Securus


Securus Technologies is a diversified prison services company specializing in inmate communications and prison operations and management solutions. It has an extensive range of high tech products. With over 700 patents, Securus Technologies is the market leader in the U.S. prison services space. For more information please see securustech.net.



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